16 June, 2021

Sentient Jet continues its global expansion

Sentient Jet continues its international expansion programme that it started in May with new offerings and initiatives to meet anticipated demand from its Jet Card Owners.  

On the heels of its Transatlantic Programme, which launched last month and offers Jet Card Owners guaranteed availability for one-way trips between New York and London, Sentient Jet is continuing to expand internationally by introducing guaranteed hourly pricing to destinations worldwide. This new service offers Jet Card Owners more global accessibility at a competitive, fixed international rate and leverages Sentient Jet’s London office to offer easy access to international territories, guaranteed with 72 hours notice (within zones). As with all of their flights, Sentient Jet’s guaranteed international pricing ensures the price, jet, mechanical recovery, insurance, and client service are all locked in at one rate that is simply debited from the flyer’s Jet Card. The combination of the Transatlantic Program and this new international offering allows Jet Card Owners to fly direct from New York to London at a fixed rate, and from there continue onward to worldwide destinations such as Geneva or Moscow at a guaranteed rate on a Light, Mid, Super-Mid or Large Cabin aircraft.

As Sentient Jet broadens its international operations, it is also sharpening its focus on sustainably. Since January 2021, every Sentient Jet flight flown is both carbon and emissions neutral. This goes beyond most common carbon offset programs by offsetting all aviation emissions, including water vapor, aerosols, and nitrous oxide, which together account for two thirds of emissions an aircraft produces when flying. Through its new sustainability initiative, and at no expense to Jet Card Owners, Sentient Jet is offsetting all flights 300% to account for other, non-CO2 emissions by funding a multitude of carbon offset projects like forestry and renewable energy that reduce emissions equivalent to those from flying. Sentient Jet has teamed with environmental leader 4AIR to review its flight volumes, shared impact in the skies, and various options to drive its new sustainability initiative forward.

“Sentient Jet’s continued international expansion and guaranteed pricing to international territories will offer our Jet Card Owners a more seamless way to fly globally this summer as the world opens up and people look forward to reconnecting with friends and family,” said Andrew Collins, President and CEO of Sentient Jet. “We’re excited about the outlook for Sentient Jet for 2021, which is shaping up to be our busiest year on record. Our flight volume this summer is expected to exceed pre-pandemic summers by 30-50%, a trend we anticipate will continue into the fall as our Jet Card Owners keep embracing private aviation as a utility to travel safely. With that said, we are proud to accommodate this surge responsibly with the addition of our sustainability program.”

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