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16 January, 2023

Yeti Airlines crash, no survivors found.

Both the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder have been collected from the crash site of a Yeti Airlines ATR72-500 that crashed yesterday on a flight from Kathmandu to the tourist town of Pokhara.
The authorities have stated that the crew of the doomed aircraft didn't report "anything untoward" as they approached the airport, and the "mountains were clear and visibility was good" at the time of the incident with just a light wind and "no issue with the weather".

Nepal's deadliest aircraft in 30 years appears to have claimed the lives of all 72 passengers and crew that were aboard the Yeti Airlines aircraft.

According to officials at the newly opened airport, the pilot asked to change from the assigned runway 30 to runway 12, which was granted by control staff and the aircraft was given clearance to land.   

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations (IFALPA) said it was closely monitoring the developments related to the Yeti Airlines crash on final approach to Pokhara airport. 'Our thoughts are with the families of the reported 68 passengers and 4 crew members who were onboard the aircraft.' the association that represents more than 100,000 pilots in nearly 100 countries said in a statement.  "Whilst emergency and recovery efforts are taking place, IFALPA stresses the need to avoid speculation and theories as to what happened to the aircraft. The Federation is reaching out to its network of Accredited Accident Investigators in the Region and will offer its expertise to the relevant Accident Investigation Bodies to help gather facts and any other safety and security information which may be pertinent to this occurrence."

Anju Khatiwada, the co-pilot of ill-fated aircraft lost her husband Dipak Pokhrel in an air crash in 2006 it has been revealed by local media and whilst Khatiwada's remains have not yet been identified she is believed to be within the 68 bodies that have thus far been recovered from the crash site. 

15 January, 2023

At least 40 killed in Nepal plane crash

An ATR 72 aircraft operated by Nepal's Yeti Airlines carrying 72 people has crashed near an airport in central Nepal killing at least 40 people according to local authorities. 

The Yeti Airlines aircraft was operating a flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara an appears to have crashed whilst on approach to landing and caught fire, hampering rescue efforts, just under a mile from the airport. 

In videos that have surfaced on social media appear to show the plane flying low over a built-up area before falling sideways out of control. Scores of Nepalese soldiers are reported to be involved in rescue and recovery operations at the crash site in a gorge by the Seti River. 

According to Sudarshan Bartaula,  a spokesperson for the carrier,  there were 72 people on the ATR 72 aircraft at the time of the accident including two infants, four crew members and 10 foreign nationals. 
Plane maker ATR issued a short statement, "ATR has been informed that an accident occurred in Nepal involving an ATR 72-500. Our first thoughts are with all the individuals affected by this. The ATR specialists are fully engaged to support both the investigation and the customer."

The Prime Minister called an emergency meeting earlier and the country will observe a national day of mourning tomorrow. 

13 April, 2019

Ticketing specialists add more airlines to its global network

Hahn Air, the German airline and ticketing specialist already integrated ten new carriers into its global network of more than 350 air, rail and shuttle partners by the end of March of this year.

Among the new partnerships, two are new interline agreements. The flights of the Thai low-cost airline Nok Air (DD) and of Precision Air (PW) from Tanzania can now be issued on the insolvency-safe HR-169 ticket. Travel agents can find and book their flights under the airlines’ own two-letter-codes in selected GDSs even in markets where the carriers are not members of the local payment systems (BSPs).

03 September, 2018

Yeti Airlines Jetstream 41 suffers collapsed nose-wheel in runway excursion

A Yeti Airlines BAe jetstream 41 suffered serious damage when it made a runway excursion at Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport, Nepal on 1st September.

The aircraft, registration 9N-AHW, was operating flight 1424 when it went off the runway at around 2030 on Saturday.  There were 21 passengers and 3 crew members onboard the aircraft at the time of the incident and it is understood that 5 people sustained some minor injuries. 

The nose landing gear collapsed as the aircraft came to a stop in the grass near taxiways D and E which closed the airport for 12 hours before with the help of the army, the aircraft was moved to a safe location. 

Yeti Airlines used social media to issue the following statement -