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28 December, 2020

Montenegro Airlines forced to close

The Government of Montenegro made a surprising move on Christmas Day this year and pulled the plug on its ailing national carrier Montenegro Airlines after 23 years of flying operations.

The airline said the decision to end its flying, instigated by the government was totally unexpected and prevented them from giving advance notice to passengers and the firm's bank accounts were blocked by the tax administration which halted the airline's ability to provide refunds or assistance to stranded passengers. "As of December 25, the company has no funds on the account with which it could refund any purchased and unused tickets. In addition to this, the partner companies have decided not to accept the passengers with our tickets on their flights, and the so-called involuntary rerouting procedure cannot be applied." Montenegro Airlines said in a statement posted to its website. 

"We are immensely sorry that you find yourself in a situation like this." the statement reads and at present, it is unknown if the government will provide funds to recompense those passengers with cancelled bookings,  worthless tickets or those having to find alternative means of returning home. 

28 May, 2020

Serbia bans Montenegro flights amid escalating tensions

Serbia bans Montenegro flights amid escalating tensions

Serbian authorities have banned Montenegro’s national carrier from operating flights out of Belgrade after the small nation’s government excluded Serbia from a list of countries with which Montenegro will reopen its borders after declaring an end to its coronavirus outbreak, reports AP's Dusan Stojanovic.

The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate said Montenegro Airlines planes cannot land at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport as of Wednesday. The aviation agency said unrestricted travel between the two countries has been “seriously violated” by Montenegro’s decision to ban Serbs from entering Montenegro.

The flight and border entry bans come amid deepening tensions between the former Balkan allies, which existed as one state before Montenegro split off through a 2006 referendum.

Montenegro Airlines planned to resume flights to the Serbian capital on June 1. Air Serbia, still has plans to fly to two destinations in Montenegro starting June 7.