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29 March, 2020

Antwerp - London City Airport route will restart on May 4th 2020 says Air Antwerp

Air Antwerp has confirmed it plans to restart its route to London City Airport on May 4th 2020, despite the airport currently being closed, with no firm date to reopen. 

Due to the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, the London docklands' airport closed to all private and commercial flights and had hoped to be open at the end of April.  Yet according to some health officials, this could be right in the middle of when UK's capital will reach peak contagion levels leaving the authorities and national health service struggling to cope.

Air Antwerp suspended its operations temporarily as of 22 March, but confirmed in a statement it "will resume operations on the route on Monday 4 May 2020".

Passengers who hold an Air Antwerp booking (WP code) on a flight between now and May 3rd‚ can change or cancel their reservation free of charge by contacting Air Antwerp Customer Services 

(Photos Air Antwerp)
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