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11 July, 2023

Business jet simulators - the changing face of pilot training

With strikes, delays, crowded airports and staff shortages across the aviation industry, the last few years have seen an unparalleled rise in the use of private aviation for both business and pleasure, with clients now seeing it as an essential rather than a luxury expense.

However, private as well as commercial pilots need to complete their training and then re-test regularly in order to keep their licences. Part of this involves training on a simulator identical to the plane they will be flying, but there are now so many different types of private aircraft that getting a slot on a relevant simulator is becoming problematic.

Here, Jim Scott, owner of components solutions specialist Artemis Aerospace, discusses the emergence of 'bespoke' flight simulators in response to this issue and how the company is leading the way in business jet simulator creation.

A simulator, or training device, artificially recreates an aircraft flight. It reacts to internal factors such as the use of flight controls and can reproduce the effects of external ones such as weather, turbulence, air density and wind force.

24 November, 2022

Apache attack helicopter mixed reality trainer now available.......

A new modern and comprehensive training solution for the most survivable multi-role attack helicopter in the world - the Apache is available from Vrgineers and DigiFlight. 

With over 1200 aircraft currently in service, the Advanced Mixed Reality Apache Trainer (AMRAT) will accelerate training pilots with high-fidelity MR solutions and therefore significantly reduce the number of aircraft hours normally required to support training individual and crew tasks.
The AMRAT is built on a proprietary portable platform designed by Vrgineers, which was originally created for the USAF.  It provides the most affordable, immersive, and realistic experience offered on the market today without expensive visual display systems, complicated support systems or unique facility design requirements. The trainer includes two separate but interconnected crew stations, (the pilot and co-pilot gunner station), with replicated switches, panels, flight instruments, and displays connected to a computer and integrated virtual reality image generator. Currently, it is supported by a leading vendor of immersive, flight simulator software, ED Mission Systems.

This novel product is the resultant cooperation between Vrgineers, (an innovative manufacturer of flight training simulators), and Digifight, a technology company with extensive worldwide pilot training experience. "We strongly feel that by combining our skills, we are able to deliver a training device capable of supporting Apache training tasks including individual and crew skills, preparing them to operate in any environment, fulfilling critical mission requirements," explains Marek Polcak, CEO of Vrgineers.

The Future of Possible:

"The possibility to conduct a seamless mixed reality environment with a portable haptic flight seat run by a true-to-life simulation engine ensures the pilots' proficiency, but most importantly delivers the sensation of a unique and genuine experience encompassing complex operational scenarios. This enables our users to save time and effort along with minimizing the cost of training infrastructure and related running hours," says Matthias Techmanski, ED Mission Systems Director and Marek Polcak, Vrgineers CEO, adds: "Similar type of modern trainer is expected to play a crucial role of pilot training in the future. Not only for Apache but for Defiant (LMCO & Boeing) and Valor (Bell) which are currently being developed and competing in future vertical lift program in the U.S."

18 April, 2020

Revolution in aviation: flight training centre at home

Avion Group presents a new perspective

Avion A320 FFS in the flight training centre at Malta                                         (photo Avion Group)

For years, pilots had to travel around the world to get their required training. Now, in troubling times where companies are looking for more reliable and cost-effective ways to train their personnel, Avion Group presents a groundbreaking idea which will change aviation. You can now get your own flight training centre at your doorstep, no investments required.

Erik Varwijk, CEO of Avion Group, gets excited talking about it: “Based on our own flight training centre experience, we can support companies with setting up their own training centre.” The Avion Full Flight Simulators have a unique self-contained design and do not require an access bridge or separate server or aircon rooms. This results in simplified building requirements and therefore lower costs. If needed, Avion Group sees to 24/7 operational support with the selection and training of local maintenance staff. When you can guarantee the hours, Avion Group will set-up and operate the centre for you. It’s even possible to operate a single bay centre. “It’s a quick win, with no more hassle. We give aviation companies of all sizes the opportunity to reduce training costs and minimize travel time of pilots”, Erik Varwijk explains. “But more importantly, we deliver an ultimate training experience that surprisingly excites even the most seasoned pilots in the world.”

28 March, 2020

GA-ASI Installs New Predator Mission Trainer at Flight Test and Training Center (FTTC) in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Photo CAE.
General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA‑ASI) has installed a new Predator Mission Trainer (PMT) at its Flight Test and Training Center (FTTC) in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The aircraft flight simulator, produced by CAE, will be used to train operators of MQ-9 Block 5 Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA). GA-ASI offers a range of pilot and sensor operator training at the FTTC for operators of GA-ASI’s family of RPA systems. The new PMT extends the training capability of the FTTC, which already features a Block 1 simulator and Ground Control Systems (GCS).