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01 September, 2018

Airline at centre of Cuba crash allowed to fly again

The airline at the centre of the Cuban air crash in Havana on 18th  May this year that claimed the lives of over 100 people has been allowed to take to the skies again,

Global Air from Mexico has been given the authorisation to be able to resume air flights some three months after a fatal crash of one of its Boeing 737-200 aircraft.  An administrative court in Mexico City passed a ruling at the end of last month that the suspension of Global Air's service could end. This followed a technical safety audit of the airline by the Mexican civil aviation authority DGAC on 15th August.

The DGAC had criticised Global Air’s management team during in July this year after the airline apparently leaked details from the accident investigation, which had reportedly blamed the pilot for the crash, categorising the accident as "human error". The final report on the crash has not yet been made public by Cuba’s civil aviation authority IACC.