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09 May, 2024

Transair plane suffered runway excursion on take off in Senegal

A Boeing 737 jet suffered a runway excursion in Senegal, injuring at least 10 people, 4 of them seriously with 6 others taken to hospital for checkups. 

The aircraft belonged to Transair, operating a charter flight for  Air Senegal was carrying 78 passengers plus a flight crew of 6 at the time of the incident. The jet was headed for the Malian capital Bamako and according to initial reports, the jet left the runway during its take-off run around 1:00am GMT.  

Early reports indicate the aircraft may have experienced a hydraulic leak during the acceleration as it commenced its take-off run at Blaise Diagne International Airport, approximately 30 miles from Dakar.  

The near 30-year-old aircraft, registration 6V-AJE had originally been delivered Tarom of Romania in 1994 and joined the Transair fleet towards the end of December last year. 

Another Boeing 737 also suffered damage today, Thursday 9 May, when an aircraft belonging to Corendon Airlines, registration 9H-TJF arrived at Gazipasa experienced a burst tyre on its nose gear. The aircraft was operating flight XC1031 between Germany and Turkey Gazipasa, Turkey and the wheel was damaged during the incident. 

A Boeing 767-300ER was approximately four hours into a transatlantic rotation from London To Newark when the flight crew declared an emergency today and the plane returned to London. The aircraft, of United Airlines, registration N685UA is understood to have suffered a broken windscreen during the flight, which required a turnaround. The crew landed the aircraft safely at Heathrow just after 15:00 this afternoon. 

Yesterday, a cargo Boeing 767-300F of FedEx operating a flight between Paris and Istanbul experienced a nose gear issue, when the wheels failed to deploy prior to landing.  The crew performed a low pass over the runway and a visual inspection took place.  The front gear could not be lowered and the crew performed a textbook landing with the nose gear retracted. 

03 July, 2021

Cargo plane makes emergency water crash landing - pilots rescued.

The crew of a 46-year-old Boeing 737-200 cargo aircraft were forced to make a controlled crash landing in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Honolulu, Hawaii on Friday following reported engine malfunctions.

According to initial reports, the two pilots onboard the aircraft, belonging to Hawaiian cargo airline Transair, operating flight number 810, informed air traffic control they had an engine malfunction and needed assistance just moments before impacting with the water. 

The two pilots were the only people on the jet and both have been found, according to coast guard Lt. Commander Karin Evelyn "One was on the tail and the other clinging to packages," who then advised that as the agency helicopter got close, "the aeroplane began to sink putting the individual on the tail in the water. The crews hoisted them safely on the aircraft. The rescue swimmer then assisted the other individual." The crew have been taken to hospital with reported serious injuries, local media have stated the 58-year-old captain was considered to be in a critical condition, while a 50-year-old pilot was in serious condition suffering multiple lacerations and a head injury.