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28 June, 2020

The ARJ21 arrives for China's big three!

The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has announced the delivery of three brand new ARJ21 aircraft to three of China's biggest airlines in a special joint delivery ceremony.

The ARJ21 first entered commercial operations around four years ago and is China’s first home-produced commercial passenger jet.  ARJ21 aircraft is a new turbofan regional jet independently developed by China and thus far a total of 28 ARJ21 aircraft have been delivered to and operated by three commercial customers including Chengdu Airlines, Genghis Khan Airlines and Jiangxi Air. Up to now, ARJ21 aircraft have successively operated in more than 55 routes in more than 55 cities in the regions such as North China, Northeast China and Southwest China, and carried more than 860,000 passengers.

Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines have now received the aircraft, which has a seating capacity of between 78 to 90 and a range of 2,225 to 3,700 kilometres.

Earlier this month COMAC confirmed an order for 100 aircraft, split between the ARJ21 and larger C919 models from China Express Airlines, with deliveries for the smaller aircraft to start towards the end of this year.

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06 November, 2018

Urumqi Air will take delivery of five ARJ21-700 aircraft by the end of 2019

Urumqi Air, the regional Chinese carrier has agreed with Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) that the airline will take delivery of two ARJ21-700s by the end of this year and plans to receive three additional ARJ21-700s in 2019.  The arrangements were finalised at the 12th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 and follows on from the letter of intent signed by the HNA Group with COMAC at this years Farnborough International Airshow held back in July 2018.

 "The purchase of the new model is expected to inject new impetus into Urumqi Air and to help the airline expand its regional air network," Han Luhai, Chairman of Urumqi Air said on November 6th. 

With outstanding performance in extremely cold and high-elevation environments, the ARJ21 can accommodate the somewhat harsh conditions at airports in the central and western regions of China and navigate the complicated air routes in the regions that Urumqi Air serve. 

Last month, COMAC signed a deal with new regional start-up Genghis Khan Airlines of Mongolia to provide them with a number of ARJ21's from the end of this year, ready to enter service early next year when the airline launches operations. Genghis Khan Airlines has ambitious plans to operate a fleet of 25 aircraft within five years, serving at least forty different destinations.  operating 60 services to 40 destinations within five years. It also plans to double the fleet within eight years of starting and expand its route network to more than 70 destinations. 

17 July, 2018

HNA orders 20 COMAC ARJ21's

The HNA Group and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd known as COMAC have signed a deal for the airline group to buy 20 of COMAC's ARJ21 aircraft at Farnborough International Air Show and will be used by Urumqi Air. 

These new AJR21's are China's first turbofan regional jet developed in accordance with international airworthiness standards and excels in five major areas according to the manufacturers, including: product adaptability, passenger comfort and cost efficiencies, as well as universality of parts and materials not only across the model suite but also with other commonly built aircraft, all of which help the model meet the operational requirements of taking off and landing at the airports located across the western plateau of China, a region frequently beset by high temperatures, and surmounting obstacles on complex routes, making the aircraft an ideal choice for routes and airports in Western China.