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29 June, 2022

Russia reverting to domestic aircraft production with new investment.......

Photo Aeroflot 
As sanctions on western made aircraft continue to bite, the Russia Government has announced plans to invest 770 billion roubles – roughly $14.5 billion in domestically-manufactured aircraft by the end of the decade.

Despite getting Airbus spare parts from the United Arab Emirates Russian airlines are finding it increasingly difficult to keep western aircraft in a serviceable condition to operate within Russia and a limited international route network.

Many aircraft leasing firms are still trying to get aircraft that had been leased to Russian Airlines back, with legal action being taken. Moscow passed a law allowing some of those aircraft to be registered on the Russian aircraft registry to avoid them being repossessed.

Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov said: "The share of domestically produced aircraft in the fleet of Russian airlines should grow to 81% by 2030,"

For many years the Russian authorities had been trying to restart the once gigantic aircraft industry but had only limited success. The Sukhoi Superjet regional plane experienced many problems in its development and hasn’t constructed as many aircraft as first envisioned. The programme is now struggling as it has a significant number of components, including engine parts are imported which are now embargoed under current sanctions.

Photo Aeroflot

There are plans to mass-produce the MC-21 aircraft as soon as alternative sources for some parts can be found, while a long-haul replacement aircraft, the Tu-214, is only having limited construction. 

According to state-controlled media, the national carrier, Aeroflot is to order 300 new aircraft from United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) another state-owned organisation. However, this appears to be just speculation, with neither parties aware of such a deal.  
Photo Irkut 

19 February, 2020

Russia's United Aircraft Corporation creates Commercial Aviation Division

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) forges corporate and business processes to form the Commercial Aviation Division. In accordance with the decision of the UAC’ Board of Directors, JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft and LLC UAC - Aggregation Center will join the PJSC Irkut Corporation as subsidiaries. As part of the Division, subsidiaries retain core competencies in the development and production of aircraft.

The main efforts of the Division in the near future will be focused, first of all, on the completion of MC-21-300 tests and the serial production establishment, modernization of Superjet 100 and its business version, the creation of a unified system of MRO and marketing.

Consolidation of the main scientific and production capacities of civil aircraft industry will allow more efficient implementation of existing programs and development of prospective projects.

It is planned to achieve significant progress in the field of after-sales support service, optimize operational processes and, ultimately, significantly increase the attractiveness of Russian commercial aircraft in the market. Measures to resolve existing intra-group obligations and accomplishing of the formation of the share capital structure will be implemented during 2020.

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26 June, 2019

2019 Report on IRKUT MC-21 - The First Next Generation Narrow Body: Technology & Capabilities, Market Size & Drivers, Comparative Economics

The "IRKUT MC-21 The First Next-Generation Narrow Body" report has been added to's offering.
Photo Irkut

The IRKUT MC-21 is a clean-sheet design narrow-body aircraft family that seats between 132-175 passengers in two-class configurations. As an all-new design, the aircraft competes favourably in operating economics with the narrow-body models from Airbus and Boeing.