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14 May, 2024

Schiphol, KLM and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee satisfied with May holiday

Schiphol, KLM and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee look back on the May holiday with satisfaction. All three praise the joint efforts and cooperation that ensured travellers had a pleasant journey.

'A top performance by everyone who works at the airport'

Patricia Vitalis, Executive Director Airport Operations at Schiphol said "It's fantastic to see that all our joint efforts helped the May holiday to go smoothly. Thanks to the good flow of travellers, many of them will have probably not even realised how incredibly busy it was. We were well prepared, but so were our travellers. I am proud of all the employees who contributed to this great result. We've made a good start to the holiday season and I'm looking forward to the summer."

Maarten Stienen, COO & Managing Director at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines said "The May holiday is becoming an increasingly popular time to go on holiday among Dutch people. Our aircraft were full. Thanks to the efforts of all KLM employees, as well as those working for Schiphol, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and LVNL, we were able to give passengers a pleasant journey from the airport. This was our first peak moment before the busy summer holidays. I am pleased with how it went, and I am confident we will have a good summer."

13 May, 2023

KLM Cityhopper Embraer woes continue.

The Dutch regional airline KLM Cityhopper is continuing to have mechanical issues with its fleet of new Embraer E195 E2 jets and their Pratt & Whitney engines. 

As a result of the ongoing difficulties, KLM Cithopper will not hand back a number of the older model E190s when their leases expire and in some cases cancel and amend its flying schedule to mitigate some of the disruption. The airline is also wet-leasing in other aircraft to fill in for the missing E195 E2s.

The airline said it was making minor adjustments to its summer timetable which will affect flights scheduled to depart several months from now, thereby allowing customers to be rebooked onto alternative flights well in advance.

'Due to technical issues, KLM Cityhopper is having difficulty fully deploying the E2. KLM Cityhopper is consulting with Embraer and engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney to seek a solution for these issues, which have no impact on flight safety.'

It is understood that six of the airline's E195 E2s are currently grounded because of engine-related issues with another scheduled to come in for routine maintenance in the coming weeks, which will further compound scheduling difficulties. 

KLM is also experiencing a shortage of staff within its engineering department which is also a contributory factor in returning planes to their operating scheduled flying from routine checks and maintenance. The Dutch Union NVLT has already warned that the skilled staff shortage will have a negative impact on the nation's aviation industry, possibly leading to stagnation. 

Another KLM subsidiary, Transavia is also experiencing fleet problems that has caused the cancellation of dozens of flights and looks set to continue through the summer.   According to local reports, at least eight Transavia aircraft are currently out of action with maintenance problems, including lightening and bird strikes.  

10 October, 2022

KLM names Maarten Koopmans as new managing director of KLM Cityhopper

Maarten Koopmans
KLM has named, Maarten Koopmans as the new managing director of KLM Cityhopper.  He'll take up the post from 15th November and replaces Warner Rootliep, who becomes Vice President of Internal Audit.

Koopmans joined KLM in 1998. He has held a range of positions during that time, giving him a broad experience of KLM. He is currently Vice President of Component Services at Engineering & Maintenance, where he bears responsibility for KLM's component business, which serves more than 50 airlines.

Maarten Stienen, COO of KLM said "I would like to thank Warner Rootliep for everything he did at KLM Cityhopper. With him at the helm, KLC welcomed its latest Embraer, the E2, to its fleet. I'd also like to welcome Maarten Koopmans to the KLM Operations Team."

Maarten Koopmans said: "I am honoured to be able to continue my career at KLM as Managing Director of KLM Cityhopper. Our KLC colleagues are under immense pressure, especially now we face daily disruptions to operations. This will, of course, receive my full attention. I am also looking forward to working with KLM to take further steps towards more sustainable aviation."

11 July, 2022

Delay and disruption mitigation measures introduced by KLM

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is making some changes to ensure that customers who book a flight with KLM get their summer holidays off to a good start, despite persistent operational challenges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol due to the shortage of airport security staff. 

Every day until 28th August, KLM will cancel 10 to 20 return flights to European destinations. It has also instigated seat sales restrictions on many KLM and KLM Cityhopper flights to European destinations, which frees up space for customers who are rebooked from cancelled flights. 

Customers who can’t fly will be informed in a timely manner and rebooked onto a different flight. In most cases, this flight will depart on the same day or as close as possible to the original booking. 

In a major move, cargo will not longer be booked and loaded onto KLM Cityhopper flights, which should mean less work for ground staff and help to ensure on-time departures.  

KLM we will also close the belly hold compartment for loose packages and mail bags aboard flights bound for intercontinental destinations. This loose bulk freight will be placed in containers, which will be brought in via the apron, making them easier to load onto the aircraft. These moves will last until 29th October.

25 February, 2021

KLM's first Embraer E195-E2 lands at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport

The first Embraer 195-E2 from Brazil arrived at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
this afternoon. The new aircraft type is both quieter and more economical than its predecessor the Embraer 190. The 195-E2 uses 9% less fuel per flight and therefore emits 31% less CO2 per passenger in comparison with the E-190. This new type is also 63% quieter than the Embraer 190. Fleet renewal forms an important part of KLM’s approach towards making its operations more sustainable. Seven new aircraft of this type will be joining the KLM Cityhopper fleet this year. KLM has ordered a total of 25.

The latest addition to the fleet will be taken into operation on 1 March for destinations within the European network. The aircraft can carry 132 passengers, making it the biggest in the KLM Cityhopper fleet, which now consists of 32 Embraer 190s and 17 Embraer 175s. In addition to remarkably little noise in the cabin, passengers get to enjoy the special mood lighting, ergonomically designed seats, extra legroom, USB connections and bigger baggage bins.

02 November, 2020

KLM Cityhopper introduces Virtual Reality training for pilots

Starting 5 November, KLM Cityhopper will be introducing Virtual Reality (VR) training for pilots flying Embraer 175 and 190 aircraft. Developed in-house, the VR training courses will allow pilots to make more effective use of their training time and will also yield cost savings. KLM Cityhopper is the first airline to integrate VR into its pilot training for Embraer aircraft.

KLM subsidiary KLM Cityhopper has a fleet of Embraers serving European destinations. It decided to investigate the capabilities of VR in an effort to respond more flexibly to pilots’ differing training needs.

“Virtual Reality (VR) makes training more accessible. It is on-demand and site-independent – pilots don’t have to be in a classroom or a simulator at a certain time. What’s more, it invites them to explore, something they can do safely in a virtual environment,” says Sebastian Gerkens, Senior Instructor Embraer at KLM Cityhopper. “VR allows pilots to familiarise themselves with the cockpit in advance, so that they make more effective use of their simulator time.”

15 March, 2020

KLM warns of more late notice cancellations and schedule changes.

KLM has indicated that with many nations introduce travel bans and flight restrictions it will try to operate as many flights as possible. However, whilst the restrictions are sometimes introduced at very short notice, it may have to introduce late notice cancellations or schedule changes.  

If a country bans passengers from entry, but flights are allowed, KLM will operate as much as possible to allow passengers who are in that country to return home.

Passengers are strongly advised to inform themselves about the restrictions applicable to their journey. 

Due to the sheer volume of rebookings required, KLM staff are extremely busy and the airline asks customers to only contact them if their travel is imminent or check their website for details of cancelled flights.

KLM Update page.

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21 November, 2019

KLM Cityhopper orders 21 new Embraer aircraft

KLM Cityhopper orders 21 new Embraer aircraft

KLM Cityhopper has confirmed its order for 21 Embraer 195-E2 aircraft, plus an option for 14 more. In June, KLM Cityhopper announced its intention to buy 35 Embraer 195-E2s, but this order comprised a fixed order for 15 aircraft plus an option for another 20. The fixed part of this order has therefore been raised by six. The first Embraer 195-E2 will be delivered in the first quarter of 2021.

The Embraer 195-E2 will have 132 seats on board, which is 32 more than the Embraer 190, which is currently the largest aircraft in KLM Cityhopper’s fleet. The new aircraft will enable KLM Cityhopper to accommodate growing passenger demand without increasing flight frequency

12 November, 2019

KLM confirms Embraer order

Embraer and KLM Cityhopper have signed a firm order for 21 E195-E2 aircraft, plus 14 purchase rights. The 21 firm positions will be acquired via operating lease from Embraer lessor partners Aircastle and ICBC Aviation Leasing. The order was previously announced as a Letter of Intent for 15 firm orders with 20 purchase rights at the Paris Air Show earlier this year. With all purchase rights exercised the deal would have a value of USD 2.48 billion.

The aircraft for this order will come from the existing backlogs of lessors Aircastle and ICBC Aviation Leasing; each providing KLM with 11 and 10 E195-E2s, respectively.

20 June, 2019

KLM might take 35 E195-E2 jets

Embraer says KLM intends to order up to 35 E195-E2 Jets

Embraer has announced at the 53rd International Paris Air Show that KLM Cityhopper intends to purchase up to 35 E195-E2 jets - which if confirmed would include  15 firm orders with purchase rights for a further 20 aircraft.

The list value of this deal would be USD 2.48 billion but the deal has a real value of just over half that amount and would be added to Embraer's backlog if KLM firm up the deal. "With a fleet of 49 E-Jets, KLM is already the largest Embraer operator in Europe," said John Slattery, President and CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation.

11 March, 2019

An end to Brussels - Amsterdam flights?

It seems an end to one of the shortest commercial jet flights in Europe will be coming to an end after the second chamber of the Dutch Parliament has voted in favour of banning the Brussels - Amsterdam route.

The route between Amsterdam and Brussels is linked by a number of daily flights, however, campaigners have said repeatedly that train journey times are comparable and are far more environmentally sound. The Chamber called on the Dutch Government to work out a way to gradually phase out the flights with the airlines and airports. 

We have approached the Royal Dutch Airline, KLM regarding the future of its service operated by Cityhopper Embraer jets.

25 October, 2018

KLM launches voice assiatnces on Google Home

Now your voice can help you get basic info on your next KLM flight if you live in the Netherlands on Google’s smart speaker and voice assistant, Google Home, starting this week.

The new service started o Wednesday and the airline will offer four voice-activated services in Dutch, with the aim of offering its customers the ultimate travel experience using digital innovation. Two services are completely new and complement two existing KLM voice services, all of which have been developed using artificial intelligence and KLM technology. 

20 December, 2017

KLM Cityhopper welcomes 42nd Embraer

KLM Cityhopper welcomed 42nd Embraer aircraft with the delivery of the a new Embraer E175 jet.

The New aircraft marks another important step forward in KLM Cityhopper's fleet renewal program, which has seen the retirement of the much loved Fokker 70's in October of this year.  The KLM Cityhopper's fleet now consists entirely of Embraer aircraft and the carrier islargest Embraer  operator in Europe.

By the end of 2018, the total KLM Cityhopper fleet will consist of no less than 49 aircraft from the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer. The Embraer are far more environmentally friendly aircraft with a large number of technical features that significantly reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. In comparison with the Fokker 70, the fuel consumption of the new E175 + aircraft is no less than 22 percent lower, plus they look great adorned with beautiful KLM Cityhopper livery.

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