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22 February, 2024

Layover Solutions Becomes Part of the BARIG Network

AI-supported platform provides assistance for the coordination of services

Bad weather conditions, labour disputes, or other exceptional circumstances can lead to disruptions in air traffic or cancellations of flights in the worst case. In such situations, it is important to act professionally and flexibly, as passengers should be able to continue their journeys as quickly and easily as possible. The technology company Layover Solutions has taken up this challenge and provides an innovative as well as efficient solution. As a new business partner of the airline association BARIG (Board of Airline Representatives in Germany), the start-up offers AI-supported measures for layover management. 

Layover Solutions has developed a B2B online platform that connects airlines, hotel operators, transportation service providers, and passengers altogether. It makes it possible to coordinate services for travellers in the shortest possible time – from accommodation to transportation. The technology creates significant added value compared to conventional methods by telephone and fax, as both passengers and airline staff can respond more flexibly and quickly. 

“This innovative approach is a good example of how services in air traffic can be further improved in the case of exceptional events,” Michael Hoppe, BARIG Chairman and Executive Director, states. “We are therefore delighted to welcome Layover Solutions as the newest business partner in our network.” 

“Our solution works according to the plug-and-play principle. Layover Solutions offers everyone involved a fast, transparent, and efficient answer to the previously still very complex and analog processes. We are proud that the solution has already been very well received at three German locations and are looking forward to the next milestones,” Isabell Ketteler, Director of Sales at Layover Solutions, says. “The integration into BARIG’s business partner network opens up new opportunities for us to intensively exchange knowledge, which can contribute to the further development of the aviation industry.”

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Lufthansa launches Customer Insight Hub developed in collaboration with TD Reply.

Lufthansa, one of Europe’s leading airlines, has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine customer engagement with the launch of an innovative Customer Insight Hub developed in collaboration with TD Reply

Image TD Reply

This cutting-edge portal enables advanced analytics leveraging specialised Large Language Models (LLM), to empower data-led strategies that refine the customer journey and ultimately optimise the customer experience. 

This strategic project sees TD Reply harnessing the potential of generative AI to understand the expectations and preferences of travellers, thereby elevating the customer experience to a new level. Lufthansa’s countless interaction points with passengers, spanning from online reservations to in-flight engagement and post-travel feedback, provide valuable data to enhance service benchmarks.

At the heart of this initiative lies TD Reply's Customer Insight Hub, an automated nexus for the collection and analysis of customer-related information. The hub boasts an AI-based analytics engine using LLM that streamlines the assessment of customer feedback, automatically classifying it by topic, analysing the sentiment and synthesizing comprehensive customer satisfaction. The combination of qualitative and quantitative data provides a holistic view of the customer experience.