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27 July, 2023

Britian's spy chief speaks about the current focus of the secret intelligence service and the value of the “human factor” in the age of AI.

On 19th July at the British Embassy in Prague, Sir Richard Moore, the current head of the Secret Intelligence Service, spoke about the current focus of the Service and the value of the human factor in the age of AI.

Sir Richard, who took over the top job at the service commonly known as MI6 at the start of October 2020 and was previously the Director General for Political Affairs, at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. He is also a former British ambassador to Turkey, cited Graham Greene's book The Human Factor as a fine novel about the spying profession even if it isn't particularly flattering. Moore highlighted the notion that MI6 exists to create and nurture extraordinary and highly charged human relationships between agents overseas and the intelligence officers who work. 

In a surprising amount of candor, Sir Richard confirmed that even despite its horredious invasion of Ukraine, Russia was not the main focus of attention for MI6. No, the service now devotes far more resources and effort on China and the activities of the Chinese authorities. This perhaps reflects China’s increasing global significance and echoing the UK's Foreign Secretary words, he aserted the UK would robustly defend the national security and values.

Artificial Intligence was a key feature of the speech, including insights into MI6's use of AI which is helping officers enhance "their own judgement about how people might act in various situations. They are combining their skills with AI and bulk data to identify and disrupt the flow of weapons to Russia for use against Ukraine."

Read the fill speech below.