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26 August, 2022

CommutAir raises pay for flight deck crew....

CommutAir has announced sweeping increases to pilots' pay that will see new first officers get a starting rate of $72.00/hr whilst incoming captains will start at $100.00/hr. Additionally, new sign-on & retention bonuses are now available up to a total of $25,000 for First Officers and $50,000 for Captain qualified pilots. 

The regional airline says "The opportunities offered by these updates will enable sustained growth for all of our employees. CommutAir pilots will now receive enhanced levels of scheduling, commuting expenses, health insurance, vacation, sick leave and 401k benefits that are among the best in the industry."

Compensation benefits of the agreement include: 

Increase in starting First Officer wages - $72/hr
Increase in starting Captain wages - $100/hr 
Pilot sign-on bonuses and incentives - $25,000 for First Officers and $50,000 for Captain Qualified pilots 
Significant increase to pay override for instructors (Ground, SIM, Line Check Pilots, and Designated Examiners) 
Annual retention bonuses totaling $25,000 for First Officers and $50,000 for Captains for full contract duration 
New Minimum Monthly duty period Guarantee - 76 hours 
Full Compensation for Experience - Longevity credit of 1:1 up to 20 yrs for new hires with prior FAR 121 industry experience 
Increased Commuter hotel allotment for reserve pilots
Industry leading Commuter travel program including flights from home to base
Direct flow to United Airlines through the Aviate Program 

CommutAir is a regional airline operating flights on behalf of United Airlines as a United Express partner. With a fleet of over 70 active Embraer 145 aircraft, CommutAir operates up to 1,500 weekly flights.

CEO Rick Hoefling commented, "We are excited about the opportunities this will provide CommutAir and is one more step towards securing our long-term success in the regional airline industry" 

29 March, 2021

CommutAir Lands in Denver, Continues Expansion of United Express Operation

CommutAir, a United Express carrier, began flying from its new hub in Denver this week, continuing a stretch of remarkable growth.  Just nine months ago, CommutAir had 37 aircraft operating from two hubs. Today, the airline has 168 aircraft, with 60 in revenue service and serves hubs in Denver, Houston, Washington-Dulles, and Newark. The company also has a maintenance base in Albany, New York, and plans to open an additional maintenance base soon.

The Denver hub opening comes only six months after the company opened its largest hub in Houston, which includes a 47,000 square foot maintenance hangar and a 50,000 square foot training centre.

To support its growth, the company has already hired over 200 pilots in the first quarter of 2021 and plans to recruit up to 400 additional new pilots by the end of the year. CommutAir is proud to be a United Express partner for Aviate, United Airlines’ pilot development program. CommutAir pilots who are in Aviate can transition to United as a First Officer upon successful completion of the Aviate program and hiring requirements.

29 July, 2019

Increased demand for captains prompts CommutAir, to increase pilot sign-on bonus

CommutAir, a United Express regional airline, announced it is increasing its sign-on bonus to $50,000 for captain-qualified candidates.

"Our rapid growth continues to drive opportunities across our expanding operation with jet deliveries continuing," said Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Officer. "That rapid growth has increased our demand for experienced leaders in the left seat— so much so that in addition to a $50,000 sign-on incentive, we are offering immediate upgrade slots for captain-eligible pilots."

As one of the fastest-growing regional airlines, CommutAir appeals to pilots who want to move up the seniority list quickly. This also allows for shorter reserve times, so pilots are in the air, doing what they love, more often.

23 December, 2018

CommutAir, a United Express Carrier, Increases Pilot Sign-On Bonus to $45,000 and Offers Immediate Captain Upgrades

CommutAir, a United Express regional carrier, announced it is increasing its pilot sign-on bonus to up to $45,000 for captain-qualified candidates.  In addition, to support its massive growth, the company has immediate captain upgrade opportunities for qualified new hires.

Pilots with 1,000 Part 121/135 applicable hours can take advantage of CommutAir's increased $45,000 sign-on bonus. The Cleveland-based carrier is growing at a record pace and expects to hire or promote 200 captains over the next two years as it continues to grow its all-jet fleet.

04 October, 2018

CommutAir expands into Canada

CommutAir, a United Express carrier expands its route network from today, 4th October as the airline now operates five daily roundtrips from New York/Newark and Washington D.C's Dulles to Montreal's Pierre-Elliot Trudeau International Airport.

Montreal becomes CommutAir's first international destination since transitioning to an all-jet fleet and the airline plans even more cross-border operations. Over the next few months, Commutair will spread its wings to Quebec City and Ottawa. "We're thrilled to add international service into Canada and look forward to watching our route map continue its rapid expansion as monthly aircraft deliveries fuel our growth," said Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Officer.

CommutAir was started in 1989 and operates flights under the United Express brand, using the Embraer ERJ145 aircraft, from bases in Newark, NJ, and Washington-Dulles. The airline flies some 1,000 weekly flights to more than 35 destinations.  During 2019 the airline plans to increase its fleet to 61 Embraer ERJ145's and is therefore currently seeking more than 400 pilots over the next two years. 

01 May, 2018

CommutAir and Ohio University Offer Students First Officer Pathway Program

 CommutAir, a United Express carrier, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Ohio University's Russ College of Engineering and Technology to offer Ohio University's student pilots a direct path to a CommutAir First Officer position.

03 November, 2017

CommutAir Pay First Offices Pilots Pay

 CommutAir, a United Express carrier, reached an agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association to pay its First Officers at Captain scale pay rates one year after their completion of initial training.  Under the agreement, CommutAir will also begin paying quarterly retention bonuses to its Captains.

"Most pilots join us not just for our pay and sign-on bonus, but because our growth story conveys a rapid upgrade to PIC," said Joel Raymond, Chief Operating Officer. "At CommutAir, we have enough confidence in our growth plan to guarantee Captain pay after one year of initial training."

02 September, 2017

Woman hit by propeller at Newark

Photo from rls media
An investigation is underway into an accident that occurred on the ramp at Newark airport that saw a female employee being struck on the head by a moving propeller.

The woman was treated at the scene and then transferred to  University Hospital where she is reported to be in critical but stable condition with serious head injuries.

According to local media, the 54-year-old woman worked for Prime Flight as a cleaner and was struck by a CommutAir aircraft. 

Exactly what happened and how the employee came to be struck remain unclear at this stage, however, an investigation is underway.