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18 August, 2017

737-Max For Kish Airlines

Photo Kish Airlines  Fokker F100

Iran’s Kish Airlines and Boeing are undstood to have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) this week for the purchase of 10 new 737-Max aircraft. 

Mohammad Taghi Jadidi, Kish Airlines’ managing director told local media that the MoU for purchasing 10 Boeing-737-MAX airplanes was signed following the negotiations with the representative of the US company this week. 

Kish Airlines is currently actively seeking a financing invester to help it complete the deal for the new fuel efficent aircraft which would dramatically enchance and upgrade the carriers exsisting fleet. 

Capt Jadidi also told reporters that, Kish Air will purchase six Airbus A-320 family jets by the end of the current Iranian fiscal year (March 2018), explaining that these aircraft are ones that have been from other airlines by banks.

The Kish fleet currently includes -

2 Airbus A320-200
2 Airbus A321-200
4 MD83
3 MD82
3 Fokker F100

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