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21 July, 2018

Caught on video the crash of a C47 aircraft in Texas

The thirteen passengers have a lucky escape on Saturday morning when the historic C-47 twin-engined aircraft they were on crashed on take off.

The World War II era C-47 Dakota was called the "Bluebonnet Belle" and crashed at the Burnet Municipal Airport in Texas as it was trying to take off and just about made it into the air before lurching to the side where one wing struck the ground. 

According to local media, all 13 passengers on-board at the time were able to vacate the aircraft, however, eight people were injured, seven with minor injuries and one person needed to be airlifted to hospital after suffering significant burns.  

The aircraft caught fire after the crash which also set alight to some of the grass, which was extinguished by the airport's fire service. According to media reports, the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the cause of the crash along with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Video below