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24 May, 2024

Gloucestershire Airport cutting air traffic control services this summer....

This summer Gloucestershire Airport will not provide an Air Traffic Control Service (ATC) for 10 days across a 10-week period, the airport confirmed this week. They also warned that on the days when ATC cover is provided, the service will begin 30 minutes later than published and end 30 minutes earlier.

The airport has been forced to make this drastic step because a number of Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) leaving the Airport for new roles elsewhere. In response to this the Airport has already recruited or promoted 5 new ATCOs but the earliest any of them will be fully trained is not in time to prevent these changes to ATC service provision.

Airport Managing Director, Jason Ivey confirms, “This does not mean the Airport is totally shut as operators based here will still be able to take off and land using our indemnity scheme. Additional support on these days is also being investigated.

We’ve spent considerable time consulting those that operate from Gloucestershire Airport and have implemented as many of their suggestions as possible, within the bounds of the Civil Aviation Authority
(CAA) regulations and individual contracts.

The revised opening times in place for July, August and part of September have meant many of our ATC
team have had to cancel leave and change their own family arrangements, for which we are extremely grateful.”  

The new Senior Leadership Team (SLT) put in place a full manpower plan for Air Traffic Control several months ago, covering recruitment, training and succession planning to ensure this difficult situation will not happen in future. 

This plan included the introduction of the new ATCO pay scales to help with recruitment and retention and the airport has also initiated a £500,000 investment in Air Traffic Control Tower equipment to improve the working environment and service.  

Gloucestershire was the busiest General Aviation Airport in the UK last year, and this, plus the variety and complexity of movements makes it an ideal location for ATCOs to get extensive experience in a short space of time and therefore be able to advance their careers.

Chris Brian, Manager, of Air Traffic Services explains; "There is a shortage of Air Traffic Controllers throughout the UK at the moment. This has led to unprecedented demand from larger airfields for more ATCOs and has made it increasingly difficult for airports like ours to recruit new and retain existing staff. Despite our best efforts to counter these challenges we now find ourselves without enough controllers to always provide an ATC service. Having said that, I am extremely proud of the efforts and sacrifices that our ATC staff are making to ensure we do everything possible to support our customers and recover from this situation in the shortest feasible time frame. I could not ask any more of this remarkable team."

Graham Carter, General Manager at Castle Air commented:   "As an operator at Gloucestershire Airport, we at Castle Air Academy appreciate the opportunity to provide a ‘user-based’ perspective on this difficult situation and to have been consulted throughout the decision-making process to support the conclusion that has been reached in terms of ATC opening hours.  The future-proofing of ATC is essential for the growth of our organisation over the next 12 months and it is good to hear that the SLT have a plan in place for this.”

Kerry Evans, Technical Director at RGV agrees; “We’ve had the opportunity to feed in our thoughts and
help shape what is a difficult situation for those that use the airport. The management team have tried to
accommodate all operator's needs and the future plan for ATC sounds as if this won't happen again, after this interim period to train up the new ATCOs.”

Jason Ivey, Managing Director concludes, “We recognise that this situation is extremely regrettable but
would like to thank the operators for their understanding, support, and for the many messages we have
received from those who believe that the new team are doing everything they can to ensure a professional and well-managed aviation hub.”      

The new hours come into force on the 8th of July and will be published on the Airport website shortly.


21 May, 2024

April 2024 passenger traffic for Corporación América Airports S.A.

Corporación América Airports S.A.  one of the leading private airport operators in the world, has released its latest figures which show a 4.8% decrease in passenger traffic in April 2024, compared to 2023. 

Passenger Traffic Overview

Total passenger traffic declined 4.8% compared to the same month of 2023, or 2.2% when adjusting for the discontinuation of the Natal airport. Domestic passenger traffic was down 13.8% year-over-year (YoY), or 9.9% when excluding Natal, mainly impacted by weaker performances in Argentina and Ecuador. International traffic was up 6.3%, mainly driven by Argentina and Italy and, to a lesser extent, Ecuador and Uruguay.

In Argentina, total passenger traffic declined 5.2% YoY, driven by weaker performance in domestic traffic, which was down 11.0% YoY. Domestic traffic, which last year included incentives from a government program (called 'Previaje') to boost domestic tourism, was also impacted by some flight cancellations and the temporary suspension of a few routes operated by Aerolíneas Argentinas. In addition, Bariloche Airport was closed for four days due to maintenance works. International passenger traffic continued to perform well and increased 9.3% YoY.

In Italy, passenger traffic grew by 12.0% compared to the same month in 2023. International passenger traffic, which accounted for over 80% of the total traffic, increased by 14.1% YoY, with strong performances at both Pisa and Florence airports. Domestic passenger traffic increased by 3.6% YoY, impacted by weaker performance at Pisa Airport, where some pre-pandemic domestic destinations have yet to resume.

In Brazil, total passenger traffic decreased by 13.4% YoY, or by 1.0% YoY when adjusting for the discontinuation of Natal Airport. Domestic traffic, which accounted for almost 60% of the total traffic, was down 24.3% YoY, or 7.8% when excluding Natal, while transit passengers were up 12.0% YoY. Traffic in Brazil remained heavily impacted by financial and aircraft constraints in some of the local airlines. As a reminder, following the friendly termination process concluded in February 2024, CAAP no longer operates Natal Airport, effective February 19, 2024. Therefore, statistics for Natal are available up to February 18, 2024.

18 May, 2024

ACO’s bespoke Heathrow escape hatch is a runway success

When an outdoor emergency escape hatch needed replacing at Heathrow Airport, it was vital the solution could be installed quickly to minimise disruptions to air traffic as much as possible. With no escaping the difficulties inherent to projects carried out at the world’s fourth busiest airport, the contractors reached out to ACO to help them hatch a plan.

Time for an upgrade

The escape hatch in question served a plant room below the south runway and, as the one previously in place was reaching the end of its useable life, it needed updating. Intended for emergency use should there be a serious problem in the plant room, the existing hatch featured a grill near ground level which left the inside of the plant room vulnerable to frequent rainwater ingress. Due in large part to the age and outdoor location of the site, the previous hatch had become difficult to open so something more useable was required.

Safety needed to be front of mind – the new hatch needed to be openable with one hand and allow someone on the inside to override the outside locking system so that in emergency situations workers could escape quickly. These operational requirements had to be tempered with the fact that airports are high-security environments so any risk of unauthorised entry via the hatch had to be reduced to practically zero.

The escape hatch installation was contracted to Design Build International (DBI) and headed up by Construction Manager Kelvin Sumner. DBI had just four nights to break out the existing escape hatch, install reinforcements, pour concrete, and install the new hatch.

Flight path pressure

Working at an airport meant there were several constraints specific to the site with security and safety requirements meaning that transport to and from the site took multiple layers of approvals and permits. This restriction meant planning was vital because a forgotten tool or unexpected change would mean having to wait until a member of security was available before making the round-trip to pick up any additional items.

Most of the installation work had to happen at night to avoid interrupting aeroplane landings and take-offs. This also meant that DBI had to be very strict about leaving the site by 4:30am each day. 

Uzbekistan airport operator Air Marakanda announces new CEO

Air Marakanda, which manages Samarkand International Airport (SKD), has named Ulugbek Shamsikulov as its new Chief Executive Officer.  He replaces Anton Khojayan, who is moving to a new position in a state project.

Mr Shamsikulov said: “Under his excellent leadership, Anton has made a significant contribution to the development and modernisation of SKD, including the construction of our stunning new state-of-the-art terminal facility. We wish him every success moving forward.  I look forward to continuing the strategic vision to continue the growth of our airport’s route network and improvement in the quality of service enjoyed by passengers.”

Mr Shamsikulov brings three decades of aviation industry experience, after beginning his professional career as an engineer in Samarkand Airport’s Department of Development and Foreign Economic Relations. Having been promoted through a number of key posts, in 2013 he became a director of the airport, before departing in 2017. He returned a year later to the airport's emergency services and more recently has led the airport's airside ground operations.

The first major airport project in Uzbekistan to be built in a public-private partnership, Samarkand’s international terminal opened in early 2022, and doubled passenger numbers in each of its first two years. One million passengers used the airport for the first time in 2023.

SKD has already enjoyed continuing growth at the start of 2024, with 294,000 passengers using the ultra-modern airport terminal in the first three months of the calendar year, an increase of 39% on the same period of 2023. This helped SKD to report 55% growth in passenger numbers during the autumn-winter period (AWP) season, with 491,000 passengers using the terminal between 29 October 2023 and 30 March 2024. 

17 May, 2024

London Gatwick contributes £5.5 billion to UK economy in 2023 and supports landmark delegation to attract investment into the region

London Gatwick generated £5.5 billion for the UK economy and supported over 76,000 jobs in 2023 –levels close to those pre-pandemic1, according to new research by leading economists Oxera.

The majority of this vital economic activity 2 took place in six local authority areas across the South East – West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Brighton and Hove and Croydon, as below. 

Local authority

Jobs supported


West Sussex












Brighton and Hove



East Sussex



The new data has been published as a landmark delegation from the region prepares to attend UKREiiF – the UK’s leading event to attract investment into UK regions.  London Gatwick is co-funding the delegation to ensure the region is represented – for the first time ever - and has the opportunity to connect with over 10,000 investment decision-makers from across the globe.

Spearheaded by London Gatwick, the delegation will be facilitated in partnership with Gatwick Diamond Initiative and branded under Invest Gatwick Diamond.  It brings together a coalition of county councils, local authorities and private sector affiliates from across Sussex, Surrey, Kent, and South London. 3

Consultation opens on a further proposed change to London Gatwick’s Northern Runway plan

London Gatwick has this week opened a four-week consultation on a further potential change to its Northern Runway plans. 

Airport proposes option to provide an on-airport Wastewater Treatment Works facility.

Four-week public consultation will end on 11 June, 2024.

Northern Runway plan would create around 14,000 new jobs and inject £1 billion into region’s economy every year.


This is the Second Notification of a Proposed Change to the airport’s growth plans.  The airport’s proposals include:

Providing an option to build an on-airport Wastewater Treatment Works facility, located within the area of the existing Self-Park North Terminal Car Park.
This bespoke facility would allow the airport to deal with all wastewater flows from the whole airport onsite, in the unlikely event that these could not be dealt with by Thames Water.
The facilities would be enclosed with roofs to prevent odours escaping.
Full details of the proposed change – including how to respond to the consultation - are available on London Gatwick’s Northern Runway webpage.

The consultation will close at 11.59 on 11 June, 2024, and is an opportunity for the public, landowners and other stakeholders to give their views on the airport’s proposed change to its DCO.

These views will be taken into account before the airport submits a request to amend its DCO application to the Planning Inspectorate. It will be for the Planning Inspectorate to decide if the changes can be made to the application and included in the examination.

16 May, 2024

London City Airport appoints Alison FitzGerald as new CEO

London City Airport confirmed that Alison FitzGerald has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Alison, who held the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at London City Airport since September 2016, assumes the role of CEO with immediate effect. Since January 2024, Alison served as co-CEO of London City Airport alongside Chief Financial Officer, Wilma Allan. The appointment of Alison follows a thorough process by the Board of London City Airport.

Alison began her unique journey at London City Airport over a decade ago, joining as Chief Information Officer (CIO) in January 2014. Since then and in her role as COO, she has been responsible for leading the airport’s success in becoming the first major UK airport to fully deploy next generation CT security scanners for its passengers, enabling travellers to pass through security without removing laptops and liquids from their hand luggage, the implementation of the world’s first major Digital Air Traffic Control Tower, and has worked with aircraft manufacturers and airlines to enable the introduction of next generation aircraft into the airport.

In her new role as CEO, Alison’s key priorities will include continuing to grow the business by working with new and existing airlines to offer new destinations to passengers and build on London City’s excellent punctuality, speed of service and award-winning customer experience.

Ronald Leitch appointed Chief Operating Officer of AGS Airports

AGS Airports Ltd, which owns and operates Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, has confirmed that Ronald Leitch has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer.

Ronald brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the aviation industry having worked in several senior leadership positions at both Aberdeen and Glasgow Airports.

Recently, Ronald had been Interim Chief Operating Officer at AGS Airports and had also been working as Operations Director at Glasgow Airport.

On his appointment Ronald, said: “I am truly honoured and excited to be named Chief Operating Officer of AGS Airports.

“I am eager to contribute to the group’s continued success.

“I look forward to the challenges ahead and working alongside our talented team to deliver exceptional experiences for our passengers and stakeholders.”

In his new position, Ronald will be responsible for overseeing and improving the operational performance of AGS Airports along with capital development and delivery ensuring the highest level of customer service for passengers.

Andy Cliffe, CEO of AGS Airports said: “With his strong leadership skills and strategic vision, Ronald will play a pivotal role at AGS Airports driving innovation, efficiency and growth across all three of our airports.”


London Southend Airport to become easyJet's 10th UK base.....

London Southend Airport is celebrating after one of the biggest budget carriers, easyJet announced it will be basing three aircraft at the airport, making it the 10th UK base for the airline.

From next March easyJet will have three 186-seat Airbus A320neo aircraft at the airport, creating around 130 direct jobs for pilots and crew in the UK and supporting many more indirect jobs. 

Three A320neo aircraft will be based at London Southend, with six new routes launching to popular leisure destinations for summer 2025 

The UK is easyJet’s largest market with 56% of all easyJet passengers flying to and from UK airports and this announcement comes as the airline is set to operate more UK flying than ever before this year with over 57 million seats – a 10% increase versus last year – and has launched 70 new routes from the UK, fuelled by strong consumer demand for easyJet’s flights and holidays. 

The airline already serves international routes from London Southend to popular beach and city destinations Amsterdam, Geneva, Faro, Palma de Mallorca, Malaga and Paris Charles de Gaulle and has flown over seven million customers from London Southend since operations began in 2012. 

The planned addition of more aircraft is already enabling the airline to launch six new routes to Pisa, Gran Canaria, Dalaman and Antalya, Marrakech as well as Enfidha in Tunisia. easyJet holidays will be on sale from tomorrow with departures from 1 May 2025, meaning package holidays from London Southend will be available seven days a week, with flights on sale in the coming months. 

15 May, 2024

Therapy dogs paws-itively delight passengers

Therapy dogs interact with passengers and staff as part of Mental Health Awareness Week
Passengers travelling through London Stansted who are having a ruff day have been able to take advantage of the therapeutic benefits of cuddling a therapy dog to relieve anxiety.

The airport has teamed up with a trio of four-legged friends and their handlers from national charity, Pets As Therapy, to offer de-stressing services in the departure lounge to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.

Bella the black Labrador, Sammy the Samoyed and Cato the Chow Chow, who are trained to ease tension and stress in people, were very much in demand as passengers stopped by to enjoy a stroke and a cuddle.

Stephanie Putt, London Stansted’s Accessibility Manager, said:  “Bella, Sammy and Cato were very special guests and there was no doubt that their presence caught the attention of many passengers. Having the therapy dogs as part of our customer service team was wonderful, and they provided a unique experience for passengers travelling though London Stansted. We are also pleased to offer our colleagues new ways to support their mental health at work, so it was also good for the dogs to meet our terminal security team.”

VINCI Airports inaugurates the first phase of terminal expansion works at Monterrey International Airport

 OMA, of which VINCI Airports is the main shareholder, which holds 13 airports in Mexico, inaugurated the first phase of a 400 million euros investment program at Monterrey International airport.

This delivery is a major milestone of a 5-year expansion program that will bring a significant step in the ongoing expansion of Mexico. The overall objective is to increase by 50% the Monterrey airport passenger service capacity, providing close to 18 million passengers annually. This program has been designed to provide a seamless and enhanced experience for all travelers through: • 70 check-in desks, self-service and bag-drop facilities • 10 000 sqm of commercial plaza at the heart of the building,  • A next-generation and more efficient security check for departing passengers, • An integrated and automatized baggage handling system,  • Two piers for additional seating areas and boarding gates, • New and expanded baggage reclaim areas both national and international.

14 May, 2024

London Stansted sets new passenger and cargo records in first month of summer season

London Stansted’s positive start to 2024 continued into April, as record volumes of both passengers and cargo passed through the airport.

Stansted welcomed 2.48 million passengers during the month to record its busiest ever April, beating the previous high set in 2019 by more than 90,000 passengers, and an increase of 5.5% on April 2023.

The 12-month total to the end of April stood at 28.64 million passengers, an increase of 10.8% on the previous year.

London Stansted’s cargo operation, which provides London and the East of England business communities with convenient access to Europe, USA, the Far and Middle East, also experienced a record-breaking month as more than 27,000 tonnes of freight passed through the airport in April, the highest monthly total ever. 

This global connectivity is vital to the business ecosystem, particularly in the Greater Cambridge area, supporting businesses in a wide range of sectors to trade globally, as well as facilitating international e-commerce.

Operational performance in April remained resilient, with 98% of departing passengers passing through security in 15 minutes or less, and with an average queue time of three minutes during the main departure peaks.

 Gareth Powell, London Stansted’s Managing Director, said:   "April was another very strong month for London Stansted with both passenger and cargo numbers hitting new highs, thanks to our extensive passenger route network, the efficiency and simplicity of the airport’s operation and the global connectivity provided by our cargo carriers.

“The Easter holidays at the start of the month were particularly busy, but thanks to the dedication and teamwork shown by colleagues right across the airport, we were able to deliver a smooth airport journey for our passengers.

13 May, 2024

London Stansted gears up for UEFA European Championships - Euro 2024 - with 10 routes to Germany

In just over a month's time, London Stansted will be welcoming thousands of football fans travelling to Germany for the UEFA European Championships.

The airport serves ten German destinations, and all the tournament’s host cities are just a short flight away and easily accessible via public transport.

On June 16, England will play Serbia in Gelsenkirchen, which is about an hour from Dortmund and Cologne, both of which you can reach directly by flying with Ryanair from Stansted.

After that, the three lions will travel to Frankfurt to play Denmark and Cologne to play Slovenia. And if they make the next round, knockout games could take place in Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Munich.

Even Scotland fans can take advantage of Stansted's unrivalled European route network as they can jet down from Edinburgh and Glasgow and pick up flights to the tournament.

Memmingen is hour's train ride to Munich for their first game against the hosts on June 14. While flights to Cologne for the Swiss game on June 19, and Baden-Baden for Hungary on June 23 in Stuttgart are also available from the airport.

Whether you are looking for a last-minute flight to soak up the atmosphere or are lucky enough to have managed to get a ticket, here's how to get to each host city from London Stansted.

Summer season starts strongly for UK’s largest airports group

Traffic across MAG was up 8% year-on-year in April

5.2m passengers travelled through all three airports

Manchester and London Stansted once again saw record monthly passenger volumes

The total for the Group was equal to 101% of traffic seen in April 2019

MAG saw 5.2m passengers pass through its airports in April, up 8% year-on year as the Group marked the beginning of its summer season.

The figures across MAG – which owns and operates Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands Airports – were equal to 101% of passenger numbers seen in April 2019.

London Stansted and Manchester Airports once again recorded record months, serving 2.5m and 2.4m passengers respectively, up 5.5% and 10.9% year-on-year. London Stansted’s traffic was equal to 104% of passengers served in April 2019, and Manchester’s was 101%.

East Midlands Airport saw close to 330,000 passengers pass through its terminal across the month, up 5% year on year, and equal to 83% of traffic in April 2019.

Operational performance across the Group remains consistently strong, and in March 100% of passengers at all three airports passed through security in 15 minutes or less.





London Stansted

East Midlands


Rolling 12-month total to April 24  





12-month total % change year-on-year





April’ 24 total





April’ 24 % change year-on-year








London Stansted

East Midlands

April 2024 total tonnes




April 2024 % change year on year




New features bring benefits to hundreds of thousands of EMA passengers

More changes have been put in place to improve the passenger experience at East Midlands Airport ahead of the spring bank holiday and the busy summer ahead.

The improvements come as latest figures show that 328,000 passengers used the airport just last month, building on the success of the last financial year which saw overall passenger numbers top four million for the first time since the pandemic.

Stylish modern seating has been installed in the departure lounge, along with a tree sculpture which provides customers with charging points. The new-look seating area, providing extra customer seating, is just around the corner from a brand new JD Sports store which has opened in the largest retail unit in the terminal. The smaller unit that JD Sports vacated will be home to The Yard from later this month, a new bar offering more choice as travellers start their holidays.

More than 500 new trolleys are also available for customer use, while revolving front doors into the check-in hall and anti-backtrack doors into the arrivals hall have been replaced and upgraded. New and improved customer wi-fi is scheduled to come on stream across the terminal next month.

These improvements come on top of the refurbished Castle Rock Bar & Kitchen, with its enhanced dining areas and larger bar with extra tills to speed up service, while the toilet facilities nearby have been improved to a high standard. New baby changing facilities, Changing Place toilets and a new prayer room have all also opened in the departure lounge recently.

Swedavia’s traffic statistics for April 2024

Swedavia’s traffic statistics for April 2024

In April, more than 2.6 million passengers chose to fly via Swedavia's ten airports. This represents an increase of almost 1,5 per cent compared with April of last year. This trend continues to be driven by increased demand for international travel, primarily from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The airlines that operate at Swedavia’s airports continue to strengthen Sweden’s connectivity. So far, this year's summer traffic programme has seen the launch of 25 new routes, including 10 brand-new destinations. Airlines have also strengthened their charter offerings ahead of the summer season at four of Swedavia's airports: Malmö Airport, Luleå Airport, Umeå Airport and Östersund Airport.

"Demand for international travel at our airports continues to increase, while the range of destinations has been strengthened through the summer traffic programme. At the same time, the weaker trend in domestic travel continues, although there are regional differences. Overall, we expect to see a continued increase in travel during the summer season", says Jonas Abrahamsson, Swedavia's president and CEO.

So far, 25 new routes have been launched for the 2024 summer season – including ten brand-new destinations. The charter offering has also been strengthened for the summer season at Malmö Airport, Åre Östersund, Umeå Airport and Luleå Airport.

New routes – May:

Stockholm Arlanda – Hannover with Eurowings
Stockholm Arlanda – Bari with Norwegian
Stockholm Arlanda – Zagreb with Croatian Airlines
Göteborg Landvetter – London (LGW) with Norwegian
Göteborg Landvetter – Nice with Norwegian
Göteborg Landvetter – Dubrovnik with Norwegian

In April, nearly 2.6 million passengers flew via Swedavia's ten airports, which is just over a 1 per cent increase compared to April 2023. International travel increased 4 per cent to nearly 2 million passengers, while domestic travel decreased 5 per cent to just under 660,000 passengers.
Total passenger traffic at Swedavia's airports in April was 82 per cent of pre-pandemic levels in 2019.

30 April, 2024

Hamad International Airport releases quarter 1 2024 figures...

Hamad International Airport (DOH) continues to strengthen its position as a global aviation hub, with Q1 2024 marking its busiest quarter yet, surpassing all previous records set in 2023. This quarter saw a remarkable surge in passenger traffic, recording a 27.6% increase, as well as significant growth in aircraft movements by 23.9% and cargo operations by 15.4%.

Hamad International Airport saw a total of 13,171,540 passengers during the first quarter of 2024 – moving 4,533,212 passengers in January, 4,368,710 passengers in February and 4,269,618 passengers in March. Aircraft movements also experienced an increase compared to the previous year, with a total of 69,959 arriving and departing from the airport – 23,996 in January, 22,736 in February and 23,227 in March.

During the first quarter of 2024, Hamad International Airport handled 626,338 tonnes of cargo and moved 10,457,444 bags through its facility, including 7,210,079 transfer baggage, signaling that the airport is seen as a preferred transfer hub for global passengers.

Further enhancing its global connectivity and solidifying its status as a preferred destination for discerning travelers worldwide, the airport has served 188 cargo and passenger destinations and now connects a network of 48 airlines, 44 of which operated in Q1 and an additional 4 airline partners that joined its network since.  

19 April, 2024

Corporación América Airports released its passenger traffic numbers for March 2024

Corporación América Airports S.A., one of the leading private airport operators in the world, reported today a 0.8% year-on-year (YoY) increase in passenger traffic in March 2024, reaching 92.4% of the levels seen in March 2019. Excluding Natal for comparison purposes, total traffic in March increased by 4.0% YoY, reaching 95.1% of March 2019 levels.

Passenger Traffic Overview

Total passenger traffic grew 0.8% compared to the same month of 2023, or 4.0% when adjusting for the discontinuation of the Natal airport. Compared to March 2019 levels, total traffic stood at 92.4%, or 95.1% ex-Natal. International passenger traffic increased 12.9% year-over-year (YoY) and surpassed pre-pandemic levels by 4.7%, while domestic traffic decreased 6.7% YoY to 86.2% of March 2019 levels.

In Argentina, total passenger traffic continued to recover in March, increasing by 3.8% YoY and reaching 96.6% of pre-pandemic volumes, down from the 98.6% recorded last month. Domestic traffic was 1.1% down YoY and in line with March 2019 levels, while International traffic was 15.0% up YoY, reaching 90.6% of pre-pandemic levels.

In Italy, passenger traffic grew by 18.0% compared to the same month in 2023, exceeding pre-pandemic levels of March 2019 by 8.3%. International passenger traffic, which accounted for over 75% of the total traffic, increased 20.1% YoY and was 15.6% higher than March 2019 levels, while domestic passenger traffic increased 11.2% YoY and was 11.2% below pre-pandemic levels. Florence airport exceeded March 2019 traffic volumes by 17.6% while traffic at Pisa airport, where some pre-pandemic destinations still need to resume, was above pre-pandemic levels for the first time.

In Brazil, total passenger traffic decreased by 13.5% YoY, or increased by 0.3% YoY when adjusting for the discontinuation of the Natal airport. Domestic traffic, which accounted for almost 60% of the total traffic, reached 71.4% of pre-pandemic levels, or 88.1% when adjusting for Natal, while transit passengers improved to 87.0% of March 2019 levels. Traffic in Brazil remained heavily impacted by financial and aircraft constraints in some of the local airlines. As a reminder, following the friendly termination process concluded in February 2024, CAAP no longer operates Natal airport, effective February 19, 2024. Therefore, statistics for Natal are available up to February 18, 2024.

18 April, 2024

VINCI Airports buying major stake in Edinburgh Airport for £1.27 billion......

Global Infrastructure Partners confirmed this week that it was selling just over half of Edinburgh Airport to VINCI Airports for  £1.27 billion.

As part of the agreement, GIP and VINCI will jointly lead investment in, and development of, Edinburgh Airport and establish a long-term strategic partnership for the airport's future development, similar to the successful partnership established in 2019 at Gatwick Airport.

Edinburgh Airport's Chairman Sir John Elvidge and Chief Executive Officer Gordon Dewar will, along with other key leaders, remain in their roles. "We are excited to partner with VINCI, with whom we have a strong and productive strategic relationship, to continue to support Edinburgh Airport's future growth," said Bayo Ogunlesi, Global Infrastructure Partners' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "We remain committed to providing high-quality service to passengers. We are very pleased VINCI shares our vision of Edinburgh Airport's future."

"This partnership underlines our commitment to Scotland and its capital city airport. We are excited to extend our partnership with VINCI to deliver on our shared aspirations for the future of Edinburgh Airport, including our promise to support the airport's 2030 sustainability commitments," said Michael McGhee, Global Infrastructure Partners' Deputy Chairman and Founding Partner. "We are pleased the senior leadership team will remain in place under the chairmanship of Sir John Elvidge. Their focus remains on the long-term growth, modernisation and sustainability of the airport and on continuing to improve passenger service."

"We are delighted to announce the expansion of our successful and strategic partnership with GIP to include Edinburgh Airport," said Nicolas Notebaert, Chief Executive Officer of VINCI Concessions and President of VINCI Airports. "Together with GIP, VINCI Airports will continue the strategy of growing connectivity and developing commercial activities, whilst also leveraging VINCI Airport's international expertise to accelerate decarbonization and continually improving customer experience. This acquisition of a third freehold airport in the UK, in addition to London Gatwick and Belfast International, demonstrates VINCI Airports' long term strategic ambition and continued commitment to the country."

16 April, 2024

New Aerozone and Academy launched at EMA

East Midlands Airport’s Aerozone and Academy are to officially open in new premises this week, heralding a new era of insight into the aviation industry for local students, adult learners and jobs seekers.
East Midlands Airport’s Aerozone and Academy are to officially open in new premises this week, heralding a new era of insight into the aviation industry for local students, adult learners and jobs seekers.

The Aerozone, the airport’s on-site education centre, provides an interactive and inspirational learning environment for children and young people aged 4 to 18 and is free of charge for school and college visits. The Academy offers free adult training including an ‘Introduction to the Aviation Industry’ course, and tailor-made pre-employment and upskilling training for around 200 unemployed or low-income adult learners a year and existing employees.

Previously the Aerozone and Academy were based in a building close to the airport’s main administrative offices but have now been relocated to new premises nearby which will officially open their doors on Friday 19 April.

The occasion will be marked with a special Aerozone visit by a group of 11-13-year-olds from Farnborough Academy in Clifton, along with a cohort of adult learners coming to the end of a two-week Exploring the Aviation Industry course. The aim of the school visit is for the students to learn about the variety of roles at the airport and to experience, through hands-on activities, what it’s like to work at an airport. The Academy course, now provided in partnership with Nottingham College, gives attendees a direct route for career or study progression within the aviation industry.

The students will be greeted by EMA’s Managing Director Steve Griffiths, along with Lilian Greenwood, MP for Clifton’s constituency, Nottingham South.

Steve Griffiths said: “We’re really pleased to open new premises for our Aerozone and Academy. It underlines our ongoing commitment to inspire generations of young people through a range of tailored interactive experiences and activities, along with free training courses to equip people with the skills needed to take up various careers available at EMA.”


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