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30 January, 2021

US Air Carrier Association both for and against measures to help stop the spread of coronavirus in the US

A U.S aviation association has gone on record of both supporting curbs to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the US as well as actively fighting against them at the same time.

The National Air Carrier Association  -NACA, says it strongly supports the Center for Disease Control's efforts to diminish the spread of the virus, still tearing the soul out of many American communities, with the wearing of masks. But is equally against pre-flight COVID testing on domestic flights. 

The association that boasts the budget carriers Allegiant, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Sun Country Airlines as members cites the Harvard Aviation Public Health Initiative's recent small survey that suggests that air travel is as safe as, or safer than — the routine activities people undertake during these times, including commuting, eating out and grocery shopping.

“We believe the implementation of such a requirement would be extremely difficult given the high cost and continuing low availability of COVID-19 testing in the United States. Furthermore, such a proposal would disproportionately impact aviation." NACA said in a statement, concluding that airline profits were more important to it than passenger safety saying "Imposing such a testing requirement domestically would be devastating to the U.S. airline industry and airline workers by further depressing U.S. air passenger volumes, which reached a six-month low yesterday in terms of TSA traveler screenings." 

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