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17 July, 2022

Cargo plane carrying weapons crashes in Greece


Residents within a two-mile radius of an aircraft crash in Greece have been told to stay indoors because of the weapons the cargo jet was carrying at the time of the disaster.

The Antonov AN-12  belonging to Meridian, one of the first private cargo airlines in Ukrainian, founded in 2003, was transporting nearly 11 tonnes of weapons made in Serbian to Bangladesh according to Serbian officials.   

The aircraft had been due to make technical stops in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and India before arriving at its final stop in Dhaka. It is understood that all eight of the crew on board the aircraft died in the crash.

Lieutenant General Marios Apostolidis, of the Northern Greece Fire Service, told local media, "The measurements at the moment have not shown anything but nonetheless instability in the field was observed. - In other words, intense smoke and heat, as well as a white substance that we do not recognise, so a special armed forces team has to inform us what it is and whether we can enter the field."

Drones were used to survey the sense on Sunday morning and members of the Greek Atomic Energy Commission, Army and various explosives experts were ready to investigate when the site is considered safe to enter.  

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