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18 October, 2018

Cobalt Collapse - Cypriot low-cost carrier suspends operations...........Blue Air to offer some rescue flights

The Cypriot low-cost airline Cobalt has suspended all operations indefinitely, stranding hundreds of passengers across Europe.   

The airline flew to 23 destinations around Europe - including the London airports of Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick. The airline, that started in 2016, also flew to Manchester and destinations in the Middle East and Russia. 

Cobalt posted a message on its website shortly before midnight yesterday, Wednesday, October 17th advising passengers than it had cancelled all flights future flights and that they should contact their travel agents or credit card providers for a refund.  

According to local media, the airline had been trying to get extra finance for some time, both from its Chinese backers as well as new sources. However, the management had been unsuccessful in that attempt to save the company.  

The airline employed around 200 people and had grown rapidly in the two years since the start of its operations when it filled a gap in the market left when the former Cyprus Airways went bankrupt. However, the airline had faced greatly increased competition from low-cost rivals and the newly formed Cyprus Airways. 

Read on to find out details of Blue Air's special rescue flights and fares for stranded Cobalt passengers.