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21 May, 2020

Delta to fly final MD-88, MD-90 flights June 2

Delta's MD-88s and MD-90s will depart on their last scheduled revenue flights on June 2, as Delta officially retires the "Mad Dog" jets from the fleet.

In a nod to the T-tail jet's name, Delta Flight 88, a McDonnell Douglas MD-88, will depart on its last scheduled revenue flight on the morning of Tuesday, June 2, from Washington-Dulles International Airport to our hub in Atlanta. Earlier that same morning, Delta Flight 90, operated by an MD-90 aircraft, will fly from Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston to ATL.

Once on the ground in Atlanta, the aircraft will join several other MD-88s and MD-90s as they fly to Blytheville, Ark., where they will be officially retired from the fleet.

Last month Delta announced its plans to retire the MD-88 and MD-90 fleet earlier than previously planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on travel demand. Delta has been able to react quickly to the COVID-19 crisis by parking aircraft and considering early retirements of older, less efficient airplanes. Delta continues to evaluate its broader fleet plan and will consider additional aircraft retirements to focus on a modern, simpler fleet going forward.

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02 May, 2020

Delta get ready to say goodbye to the 'mad dogs'........MD88, MD90 fleets to be retired in June

Photo Delta Air Lines
As a direct result of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic Delta, like virtually every airline around the world has seen passenger demand drop more dramatically than at any other time in history.  Delta has been forced to reduce capacity right across its route network, which in turn means it will need to slice is fleet by about half, parking more than 600 mainline and regional aircraft in the last two months alone.

The airline has confirmed this week that it will retire the MD-88 and MD-90 aircraft earlier than previously planned, with both aircraft types exiting the fleet effective June 2020.  The 149-seat MD-88 was previously set to retire by the end of 2020. As of February this year, prior to the coronavirus-driven fleet reduction, there were 47 MD-88s and 29 MD-90s operating.

Both aircraft operated across much of Delta’s domestic network and have been workhorses for the airline.