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30 April, 2024

Air cargo growth at East Midlands Airport could lead to more than 12,000 new jobs.......

East Midlands Airport is poised to bolster its pivotal role in powering UK trade, with tens of thousands of jobs and billions in economic value set to be unlocked by growth in its cargo operation.

A new study has shown EMA has a unique combination of strengths that make it perfectly placed to support increased demand for air freight in the years ahead.

These include its central location and close proximity to major road and rail networks, and the fact that 80% of all large-scale warehouse sites are within 125 miles of EMA.

It also specialises in the handling of express air freight - carried in dedicated aircraft, not in the "belly" of passenger planes. It is this fastest-growing type of air cargo that is tipped to account for an ever-increasing share of all goods shipped around the world in the years to come.

And EMA has the capacity to accommodate an increase in cargo flights as the economy grows, while other key airports in the market face constraints.

These factors combine to place EMA in a strong position to build on its status as the UK's most important express air freight hub. A recent example of this growth in action was the move by British cargo airline One Air from Heathrow to East Midlands Airport.

The study - carried out by specialist air travel consultants York Aviation - says that air cargo growth at EMA will support between £687m and £1.8bn in additional GVA and between 2,700 and 12,600 extra jobs by 2030.