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Monday 21 February 2022

Sentient Jet Sets New Standards in Sustainability

Sentient Jet, a Directional Aviation company, has prioritized its commitment to the environment and impact by instituting sustainability initiatives that have resulted in record-breaking emission reductions within the industry. The progressive industry leader and category innovator, which has emerged to become a travel utility for their card owners, has had a transformative year having achieved the largest emissions offset by any private aviation company in 2021. Through its partnership with 4AIR, the first and only rating system focused on comprehensive sustainability in private aviation, Sentient Jet will continue to set new industry standards and offer its card owners a more thoughtful way to fly.

“We’ve made strides on the sustainability front in terms of how we are thinking and handling it differently,” said Andrew Collins, President and CEO of Sentient Jet. “Guided by our partnership with 4AIR, the past 12 months were truly transformative, and we're looking forward to continuing our commitment and thoughtful approach to sustainability to meet both market and customer needs."

Sentient Jet has teamed with environmental leader 4AIR to review its flight volumes, shared impact in the skies, and various options to drive its commitment forward. Just 12 months after launching its sustainability initiative, which ensures every flight flown by Jet Card Owners is offset to be carbon neutral and emissions neutral, Sentient Jet has achieved a 300% offset across 30,000 legs flown, equivalent to 541,089 metric tons. Driven by 4AIR, this carbon offset program goes beyond traditional aviation sustainability programs by offsetting all aviation emissions, including water vapor, aerosols, and nitrous oxide, which together account for two thirds of emissions an aircraft produces when flying. Made possible through its initiative with 4AIR, Sentient Jet’s offsets helped support renewable energy worldwide, and forest conservation both locally and globally that not only sequesters carbon, but also supports local communities.

“In light of the continued growth in private aviation, sustainability efforts are essential to achieve industry and climate goals,” says Kennedy Ricci, President, 4AIR. “Sentient Jet’s commitment to the climate goes above and beyond, as they well surpassed emission offset targets, and have emerged as a leader in sustainability offsetting within the private aviation category.”

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Wednesday 16 June 2021

Sentient Jet continues its global expansion

Sentient Jet continues its international expansion programme that it started in May with new offerings and initiatives to meet anticipated demand from its Jet Card Owners.  

On the heels of its Transatlantic Programme, which launched last month and offers Jet Card Owners guaranteed availability for one-way trips between New York and London, Sentient Jet is continuing to expand internationally by introducing guaranteed hourly pricing to destinations worldwide. This new service offers Jet Card Owners more global accessibility at a competitive, fixed international rate and leverages Sentient Jet’s London office to offer easy access to international territories, guaranteed with 72 hours notice (within zones). As with all of their flights, Sentient Jet’s guaranteed international pricing ensures the price, jet, mechanical recovery, insurance, and client service are all locked in at one rate that is simply debited from the flyer’s Jet Card. The combination of the Transatlantic Program and this new international offering allows Jet Card Owners to fly direct from New York to London at a fixed rate, and from there continue onward to worldwide destinations such as Geneva or Moscow at a guaranteed rate on a Light, Mid, Super-Mid or Large Cabin aircraft.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Directional Aviation’s OneSky Flight acquires U.K.-based helicopter travel provider Halo Aviation

Directional Aviation’s OneSky Flight, acquires U.K.-based helicopter travel provider Halo Aviation

Halo Aviation

Luxury fractional jet provider Flexjet and jet card pioneer Sentient Jet,  have a new sister company, Halo Aviation Ltd. -  a leading provider of helicopter transportation services in the United Kingdom. 

Earlier this year the group purchased Associated Aircraft Group (AAG), a provider of executive Sikorsky helicopter services in the Northeastern United States. These moves position Flexjet, Sentient Jet and their sister companies, FXAIR and PrivateFly, on-demand jet charter providers in both the U.S. and Europe, to become leaders in vertical flight, further expanding their offerings and global operations.

Halo and AAG, both manage fleets of some of the finest helicopters in the world and are leading providers of vertical lift and urban mobility services in their respective nations. This move will inject a new group of customers from Flexjet, the second-largest fractional jet provider in the world, and Sentient Jet, which has 8,000 active jet cardholders and will pave the way for a unique end-to-end travel solution not offered by any other provider. The structure of these companies and their relationships to each other will offer differentiators in the market that other brands will not be able to duplicate – from the safety of flying managed fleets to the packaging of end-to-end flight solutions – these acquisitions will rebrand what the private jet traveller will want in a provider.

Sentient Jet expanding internationally with a new transatlantic programme

Sentient Jet is expanding internationally with the launch of a new Transatlantic Programme that offers Jet Card owners fixed one-way rates with guaranteed availability to Europe this summer, the firm announced this week.

Image Sentient Jet

The new Transatlantic Programme was designed in response to travel trends, client needs, and the ongoing shift of private aviation from a lifestyle enhancement to a required utility. Plus, with the European Union planning to open air travel to vaccinated United States-based travellers this summer, Sentient Jet believes its Transatlantic Programme will provide card owners with a new level of flexibility alongside the safety and convenience they have come to expect. 

Now through August, Jet Card owners can book one-way trips in a large cabin aircraft from New York to London at an assured one-way rate of $79,750. Additional United States origins including Chicago and the Miami area are available for a set premium. Sentient Jet’s new transatlantic routes are guaranteed with 14-days’ notice and feature complimentary Wi-Fi.