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03 October, 2023

Air Partner Business Travel Charter Solutions: Beyond Business as Usual

With up to four classes of seating, from economy to business, to first, squeezed into their cabins, commercial aircraft would appear to offer something to accommodate every level of corporate clientele, but not quite. There is much more than leg and elbow room for corporate travel planners to consider when sending employees under their care far and wide for their companies.

“While private charter is not the solution for every individual trip or group movement, given the right circumstances, the benefits of private aviation for business travel justify the cost,” said Erica Merrill, Director of Business Development at Air Partner, whose extensive background includes experience managing corporate travel accounts across multiple industries. “Too many companies try to cut costs on transportation for business travel, with potentially detrimental results, including decreased productivity and missed opportunities. Among the biggest regrets are lost time and lost opportunity. It is time for them to rethink the equation by focusing instead on how the comforts and conveniences of private aviation can maximize employee performance both on the road and back at the office.”

Nothing makes sense in business unless it makes money. From that perspective, travel pays off, even at a time when video-conferencing services are accessible on every laptop, desktop, and mobile device. According to a 2021 report from American Express and American Express Global Business Travel, for instance, 85% of decision-makers surveyed said that business travel leads to higher profit and revenue, while 90% agreed that it helps advance the professional growth of their employees*. More recently, according to a study by Oxford Economics, each dollar invested in business travel produces $12.50 in revenue and $3.80 in profits.

With the above in mind, for companies presented with frequent travel across the globe, private aviation offers wide-ranging benefits beyond the security and privacy that come with sharing a cabin with colleagues. Indeed, travelling with fellow workers alone is much more encouraging for meetings, strategy sessions, and preparation for the business matters that will be at hand after landing.

27 January, 2022

Wheels Up Announces Agreement to Acquire Air Partner

Proposed Acquisition Accelerates Wheels Up's International Expansion and Positions the Company as the Leading Private Aviation Brand

Provides Connections to International Aircraft Supply as Global Demand Accelerates

Air Partner's Diversified Platform Expands Wheels Up Suite of Services and Business Offerings into Group Charter, Freight, Specialist Services, Safety, Security, Emergency Planning and Incident Response, and Managed Services 

Wheels Up Experience the leading brand in private aviation has announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Air Partner PLC, the U.K.-based global aviation services group with operations in 18 locations and across four continents. 

The news came as a massive shock to some staff at Gatwick HQ who had no idea the firm was up for sale and fear a raft of redundancies will soon be announced. According to the latest information Wheels Up will buy all the share capital of Air Partner for 125 pence per share, valuing the firm at $107 million.  

"Today's announcement marks an important new chapter for Wheels Up as we systematically build the leading global, private aviation company that creates unparalleled value for our customers and shareholders," said Wheels Up Chairman and CEO Kenny Dichter. "This acquisition will allow us to offer existing and future customers even more compelling and seamless options for private travel, expand the reach of our marketplace in key markets around the world, and add important operational capabilities to our network. Air Partner has tremendous heritage, leadership expertise and unique capabilities that will allow us to accelerate our global strategy and credibly expand our offerings in a meaningful way. We look forward to sharing more details on the transaction and our go-to-market plans after the deal formally closes."

Founded in 1961, Air Partner rapidly became a global aviation services company providing private jet, group and freight charter and aviation safety & security solutions to industry, commerce, governments and private individuals, across civil and military organizations. The UK firm was the supplier of choice for many top concierge companies including American Express Centurion Card, who are, we're told watching the take over developments with interest. 

"This proposed acquisition has a compelling strategic rationale, bringing together two businesses with complementary offerings and values for the benefit of their customers. I am extremely proud of Air Partner, we have built a fantastic team and a highly attractive business and Wheels Up's offer is a clear acknowledgement of this," said Air Partner CEO Mark Briffa.

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12 October, 2021

Air Partner Unveils New App for JetCard Membership Programme

Air Partner, world-leading global aviation services group offering aircraft Charter, Safety & Security training, and consulting solutions, this week announced the launch of its new mobile app for members of the exclusive JetCard programme. 

Available for iPhone and Android users, the JetCard by Air Partner app allows members to conveniently access their account details and begin the booking process via smartphone. With 24/7 access to the app, members can price, plan, and submit booking requests for trips as well as view statements online and trip history at any time.

“Air Partner is transforming the way both corporate and leisure travellers fly private by making our private aviation services more accessible and convenient than ever been before,” says David McCown, President of the Americas for Air Partner. “At our core, we are about service and meeting our customer’s needs where they are. Our new mobile app does just that. Providing an even more seamless experience to our JetCard members and helping them save time, effort, and money when arranging their private charter needs.”

Along with the ability to begin the booking process online or via their smartphone, the Air Partner JetCard programme app allows users to:

17 July, 2021

Strong growth for Air Partner's JetCard product.....

Air Partner’s Private Jets business has seen a 56.8% increase in JetCard bookings globally from 1 February to 30 June compared to the same period last year, indicating that leisure travellers are increasingly looking to secure flexible and safe travel now that travel restrictions have been eased. The number of new members is also up 36.8% year-on-year, while customer deposits are up 85.2%.


Global JetCard bookings up 56.8% and number of new members up 36.8% YoY
US bookings up 152.9% YoY and the number of new US JetCard members up 225.0%

UK JetCard bookings up 6.3% and customer deposits up 82.4% YoY, despite downward market trend
This growth has primarily been driven by the strong performance in the US, where the large domestic market has enabled high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) to continue flying. This has led to a 152.9% year-on-year increase in bookings and 225.0% increase in new JetCard members. The value of JetCard customer deposits in the US is also up 112.8% year on year.

Momentum is starting to build in the UK Private Jets business, with activity now back at pre-COVID levels, and this is expected to continue as the vaccine roll-out drives the return of business and leisure travel. JetCard bookings are up 6.3% and customer deposits are up 82.4% year-on-year, despite the wider downward market trend.