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10 June, 2024

Sirius Aviation AG to Unveil Revolutionary SiriusJet at MOVE Expo in London

Sirius Aviation announced the official global unveiling of the SiriusJet, a groundbreaking hydrogen-powered luxury business jet will occur at the MOVE Expo in London on Thursday, June 20, 2024. As the world's premier tech mobility event, MOVE Expo unites innovators and leaders shaping the future of mobility.

Sirius Aviation AG's CEO Alexey Popov will spearhead the presentation alongside co-speaker and design partner BMW Group Designworks, highlighting the groundbreaking jet's cutting-edge features and unveiling the official promotional video.

Event Highlights:

Official Presentation: The SiriusJet will be officially introduced to the world on June 20, 2024, at 2 p.m., during the MOVE Expo in London. The event will take place on the main stage, featuring a comprehensive presentation by Sirius Aviation AG's CEO, Alexey Popov.

Historic Partnership with BMW Group Designworks: This launch marks a significant partnership between Sirius Aviation AG and BMW Group Designworks, blending state-of-the-art technology with elegant design.

Innovative Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft: The SiriusJet sets a new standard in aviation with its hydrogen propulsion system paired with luxurious business jet features. This pioneering approach signifies a major leap towards sustainable aviation.

01 February, 2024

Sirius Aviation AG debuts world's first hydrogen powertrain with Sauber F1.....

Pioneering Swiss aerospace startup Sirius Aviation AG, proudly announces the historic unveiling of its groundbreaking Hydrogen-Electric Ducted Fan Propulsion System for the Sirius Jet, alongside esteemed partners BMW Group Designworks and Sauber Group F1. The momentous event took place on January 17, 2024, at Payerne Airport in Switzerland; marking the first public exhibition and inaugural ignition of the revolutionary propulsion system.

This historic occasion marked the inaugural firing of an aviation engine within a presentation room, releasing only water vapour and zero pollutants, an epoch-making moment in aviation technology. The event also showcased the Sirius Jet, a high-performance, zero-emission vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft, propelled by a hydrogen-electric propulsion system; poised to reshape the future of global air travel.

"This marks a new chapter in sustainable aviation and we are presenting a vehicle that will completely transform the aviation industry," said Alexey Popov, CEO at Sirius Aviation AG. "We express the utmost gratitude to our partners and trailblazing team for their continued support on this historic journey."

World-renowned industry leaders and partners of the Sirius Jet project attended and spoke at the landmark event, including:

John Schoenbeck, Director of Strategic Partnership at BMW Group Designworks
Tommy Forsgren, Lead Designer at BMW Group Designworks
Jonathan Herzog, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Sauber Group F1
Giuseppe Sernicola, Senior Vice President at Leonardo Aerostructures
Zigmund Bluvband, President of ALD Service

Collaboration partners expressed optimism about the hydrogen era in aviation and recognized the Sirius Jet as a pivotal player in regional hydrogen flight.

"This project is about innovation, transportation, and mobility; making it the perfect realm for Designworks," said John Schoenbeck, Director of Strategic Partnership at BMW Group Designworks. "Our work spans across exterior and interior design, color material, user interface, and experience design. We are very proud to be part of the journey of this pioneering company that sets out to revolutionize air travel."

11 January, 2024

World's First Hydrogen VTOL Aircraft... Sirius Jet

Swiss aviation startup Sirius Aviation AG, proudly unveils the revolutionary Sirius Jet – the world's first hydrogen-powered Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft; crafted and designed in collaboration with BMW's Designworks and Sauber Group. This marks a major milestone in sustainable aviation and highlights Sirius Aviation AG's steadfast commitment to innovation, sustainability, and safety.

The Sirius Jet, an aviation game-changer, is a high-performance, zero-emission VTOL aircraft, propelled by a hydrogen-electric propulsion system. Leveraging jet aerodynamics with airplane and helicopter versatility, it achieves extended flight distances, impressive speeds, and high altitudes at near-silent levels. The Sirius Jet redfines excellence with unmatched cutting-edge technology, unique design, and precision engineering, setting a new industry standard.

In 2025, the Sirius Jet will take flight in two versions: Sirius Business Jet, tailored to private jet needs, and Sirius Millennium Jet, crafted for commercial aviation. A revolutionary leap that will reshape the global transportation industry.

Sirius Jet Specifications: 

Sirius Business Jet: A zero-emission, hydrogen-powered VTOL business jet, featuring an 1150-mile flight range, cruise speed of 323 mph, altitude capability of 30,000 feet, ultra-quiet noise levels of 60dBa, and accommodates 3 passengers.
Sirius Millenium Jet: A zero-emission, hydrogen-powered VTOL commercial aircraft, offering a 650-mile flight range, cruise speed of 323 mph, altitude capability of 30,000 feet, sound footprint of 60dBa, and accommodates up to 5 passengers.

Sirius Aviation AG proudly announces partnerships with global leaders BMW Group's DesignWorks, Sauber Group, renowned for its Formula 1 excellence, along with Alfleth Engineering AG, and ALD Group. This powerful collaboration sets a pioneering benchmark for sustainable, efficient, and high-performance aviation.

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, Sirius Aviation AG will host a monumental event at Payerne Airport in Switzerland, unveiling the aircraft's groundbreaking Hydrogen-Electric Ducted Fan Propulsion System with the first public inaugural ignition. The event will feature a press conference and insightful remarks from esteemed global leaders.