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05 April, 2024

Astrolab wins NASA contract worth up to $1.9 billion.......for the development of Artemis campaign’s Lunar Terrain Vehicle

Venturi Astrolab, Inc. confirmed that NASA has awarded the company, together with its teammates Axiom Space, Inc., and Odyssey Space Research, a contract to advance the development of the Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) which will help Artemis astronauts explore more of the Moon’s surface on future missions. 

The Astrolab team is one of three teams to win contract awards. Astrolab’s contract is worth up to $1.9 billion. Collectively the three contract winners may be awarded task orders over the next 13 years with a total potential value of $4.6 billion. The contracts allow for two additional years for the completion of services.

“Astrolab is honored to have its FLEX rover selected by NASA to participate in the development of creating a Lunar Terrain Vehicle for the Artemis Campaign,” said Jaret Matthews, founder & CEO, Astrolab. “Our entire team, together with our business partners, are committed to delivering to NASA an LTV that serves as a critical tool in the agency’s efforts to establish a long-term human presence on the Moon.”

"We're excited to work with Astrolab and the entire team to revolutionize lunar operations," said Russell Ralston, Vice President of EVA, Axiom Space. "We look forward to offering our expertise in the design of vehicle interfaces for both the crew and spacesuits, ensuring astronaut safety and mobility on the surface of the Moon. This partnership showcases a collective commitment to pushing boundaries and driving advancements in space exploration."