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01 August, 2018

103 people survive Embraer 190 crash in Durango, Mexico - Aeromexico issue statement

Looking at the news reports and photos, it is remarkable that anyone got out of the wreckage of the Aeromexico Connect Embraer 190 aircraft alive, yet astonishingly, all 103 people on board survived the crash.

The aircraft, registration XA-GAL, had just taken off from Guadalupe Victoria International / Durango International Airport operating flight AM2431 to Mexico City when the crash happened.

According to state Governor Josรฉ Rosas Aispuro the aircraft was hit by a gust of wind, which caused the sudden descent. Its left wing then came in contact with the ground and both engines came off.  The Governor also said the cabin crew were able to deploy the evacuation slides shortly after the crash when the aircraft came to a halt, which allowed those still on board to leave the plane safely before the flames spread and many of the passengers were able to walk and run from the aircraft.

It is understood that the pilot is one of two people that were seriously injured in the crash and is said to have had a spinal operation. A young girl was the other seriously injured person, sustaining burns.  Ninety-seven other people were taken to hospital, yet the vast majority had only "very light" injuries, officials have said.

(Photo  AFP)

Jacqueline Flores a passenger on the E190 has been telling local media of her ordeal,  "When we were already aloft, up high, it felt like the plane was going to level out but just then it plunged to the ground," she said. "I think we fell back on the runway because it was a hard surface, then we skidded on the ground until it stopped,"