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11 August, 2018

Opps we've landed at the wrong airport. Wings Air ATR lands at closed airport in June 2018

The National Transportation Safety Committee of Indonesia released its preliminary report earlier this week into an incident that occurred on 19th June this year that saw a Wings Air ATR72 land at a closed airport.

The aircraft an ATR 72-600, registration PK-WHF of on Wings Air was performing a normal scheduled flight from Pontianak to Sintang, with thirty-two passengers, two cabin crew and two pilots onboard.

The aircraft flew a normal routing and subsequently landed at an airport that had been closed for almost three months. It should have been landing at Tebelian airport but instead went to Susilo airport, in Sintang, West Kalimantan, Indonesia  The National Transport Safety Committee report indicates that the flight crew contacted the Tebelian using the ‘Susilo Info’ callsign as they started their approach. They reported they were 84nm from Sintang and read through the planned arrival procedure.