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06 April, 2022

Air Corsica selects NAVBLUE's RNP AR and improves the efficiency and environmental impact of its operations

Air Corsica, the flag carrier of the French insular region of Corsica, selected NAVBLUE's RNP AR services to allow them to operate in diverse weather conditions while reducing their environmental footprint.

Required Navigation Performance with Authorization Required, is a Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) specification based on the satellite positioning system.

Authorizing a navigation accuracy from 0.3NM down to 0.1NM and turns after the final approach point, the RNP AR concept offers significant operational and safety benefits, positively impacting fuel consumption and pilot workload.

Air Corsica, has performed the inaugural RNP AR APCH flight on Monday, April 4th on flight XK773 from Paris Orly, to Runway 20 in Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (IATA: AJA, ICAO: LFKJ). NAVBLUE supported Air Corsica in obtaining their Operational Approval, delivering the ops package and Flight Operations Safety Assessment (FOSA). In addition, NAVBLUE provided training for pilots with an RNP AR e-learning and a FFS (Full Flight Simulator) training.

RNP AR on runway 20 at Ajaccio is an instrument procedure that follows a similar trajectory as the visual approach, allowing Air Corsica to operate in more diverse weather conditions.

Compared to existing circle to land instrument procedures the RNP AR provides several benefits:

Greatly improves the published minimas
Enhances safety by providing a fully managed and repeatable procedure
Reduces distance flown (by 10 nautical miles), and consequently fuel burn and emissions at each flight
Overall by using RNP AR, Air Corsica significantly reduces the likeliness of weather diversions, while improving the efficiency and environmental impact of its operations.

NAVBLUE had collaborated with the French authorities to produce the original procedure design of the RNP AR APCH procedure into Ajaccio.

"NAVBLUE is proud to have supported Air Corsica with its adoption of RNP AR operations", said Fabrice Hamel, CEO at NAVBLUE. "With the growing number of RNP AR procedures around the world, NAVBLUE has unmatched experience assisting airline operators obtain the necessary approvals from regulatory authorities."

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