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Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Wright Electric Announces Details of Powertrain Development for the Wright Spirit Aircraft

Wright has taken another key step in the development of the world’s first zero-emissions regional jet. On the heels of the Wright Spirit launch announcement, the company has announced the launch of the Joint Technical Assessment Phase (JTAP). The JTAP will build on the work Wright has performed on its megawatt-class propulsion system and with partners.

“The JTAP is an important phase in an aircraft development program,” says Jeff Engler, CEO of Wright Electric. “The role of the JTAP is to define a firm system architecture and operations plan for the megawatt-class powertrain.”

Key deliverables of the JTAP include:

Determining the ultimate architecture, aircraft and technology path for the development aircraft and market entry.
Development & test facilities and location.
Evaluation of the system architecture including selection of energy storage and generation solutions for the power system.
Technical Readiness Level (TRL) of critical path components and working with Wright's Airline Advisory Board (AAB) to determine the best fit for their market requirements.
The JTAP team includes some of the most innovative names in zero-emissions technology including Honeywell and EaglePicher. “Wright is proud of the advances we have made with our megawatt-class system and excited to build on this strategic collaboration,” says Jeff.

Innovation Partners: