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Tuesday, 2 August 2022

Brussels Airlines launches new eye-catching safety video

Belgian band creates a catchy song with the lyrics of the safety instructions

Brussels Airlines has issued a new eye-catching safety video to draw the attention of passengers to the important safety briefing as well as giving them a true taste of Belgium. From now, the video will be rolled out on all of the airline's long-haul aircraft.

The national airline took the iconic Belgian band Hooverphonic under its wing for this special collaboration that saw the group write a catchy song based on the exact lyrics of the instructions. The result is a unique clip, in which the song is mixed with surrealistic images including an artistic homage to Magritte, another example of Belgian excellence. 

For years now Brussels Airlines has been a flying ambassador for Belgium, offering a selection of Belgian beers, wines and chocolates on board. And, now,  with the new video, it will bring music too! 

Hooverphonic creates a unique song for Brussels Airlines

​In order to keep drawing the attention of its passengers to the crucial safety instructions on board, Brussels Airlines has for many years now created creative videos instead of the classic safety videos. Until recently, the safety instructions were presented with a humorous animated film. Earlier the Red Devils also gave the instructions. 

The video was directed by Jan Boon and the technical part was handled by virtual reality production house Studio Regie in Merelbeke.

“The safety instructions we give on board at departure are essential. Safety is our priority but that is not a synonym for bland at Brussels Airlines. For years we have tried to attract the attention of our passengers with humour and creativity. The result of the unique collaboration with Hooverphonic is the perfect example of this. We are very happy that our Belgian pride has taken up the challenge and pulled out all the stops to create a surprising song and clip that will be going around the world from today.”
​Michel Moriaux, Head of Marketing, Brussels Airlines

Hooverphonic reveals the new song to passengers at Brussels Airport

​On 1 August Hooverphonic surprised departing passengers at Brussels Airport with a short and intimate set at one of the gates. During that set, they performed, apart from two of their own songs, the song they created for the Brussels Airlines safety video, see below. 

“When Brussels Airlines asked Hooverphonic to write a song with the text of the safety instructions, I really thought it would be impossible. But at the same time, I love that kind of challenge and we went for it. I'm glad I persevered. After a few tries, we are now ready for take-off!”
​Alex Callier, Hooverphonic