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28 March, 2024

Hainan Airlines plans to resume the Brussels to Shanghai (Pudong) flight route on 18th June.

Hainan Airlines has confirmed it plans to resume direct flights between Brussels and Shanghai Pudong from 18th June this year.  

After Brussels-Beijing and Brussels-Shenzhen, this is Hainan Airlines' third route to China from Belgium, now double Daily flights from Belgium to China by Hainan Airlines. With additional options for travel between Europe and China, the Brussels-Shanghai (Pudong) route's resume will promote deeper cultural contact and collaboration between the two regions, the airline affirms.

Hainan Airlines reportedly intends to operate four international flights per week between Brussels and Shanghai (Pudong) on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The outbound flights are expected to take 11 hours to complete, take off from Brussels International Airport at 12:00 local time and landing at Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 5:00 local time the following day. The inbound flights are scheduled to depart from Shanghai Pudong International Airport at 02:10 local time and arrive at Brussels International Airport at 08:10 local time, with an estimated flight duration of 12 hours.

08 September, 2022

Brussels Airlines and Brussels Airport launches new baggage drop off

At Brussels Airport, passengers of Brussels Airlines
can make use of a new system to check in their baggage themselves. Since this summer, passengers who are checked in online can use their boarding pass to print the baggage label for their suitcase at one of the 16 kiosks at the airport and then place the baggage on one of the six luggage belts. The “Baggage drop-off" results in considerable time-saving for the passengers. The new system was gradually taken in use over the summer holidays and is now fully operational.

This summer, Brussels Airport introduced a new system to allow passengers to check in their baggage themselves at the airport. Using their boarding pass, passengers for short and medium haul destinations operated by Brussels Airlines and the other companies in the Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian), can now print out their own baggage label and check in their suitcase themselves. For this, a new zone has been installed near check-in row 4, featuring 16 label kiosks and 6 bag drops where the suitcase is weighed and placed on the belt to the baggage hall. Agents of Brussels Airlines can help the passengers if assistance is desired.
​This Baggage drop-off offers significant time savings for passengers as more passengers can present their bags at the same time. Since more than 75% of the passengers of Brussels Airlines already check in at home and have their boarding pass with them, they can check in their suitcase and continue their journey quicker using this system. With this Baggage drop-off, up to 400 passengers per hour can check in their baggage. Passengers can of course also still make use of the manned check-in desks.
​This system was systematically deployed during the summer holidays and is now fully operational. During the months of July and August, already 35.000 suitcases, or almost 10% of the suitcases of the short and medium haul flights of the Lufthansa Group, were checked in using the Baggage drop-off. This is an extensive pilot during which the system will be closely monitored, with a view to expansion possibilities in the future.

13 July, 2022

More than 1.7 million passengers passed through Brussels Airport in June

Almost 66,000 tonnes of goods were transported 

Brussels Airport welcomed more than 1.7 million passengers in June, an increase of 168% compared to June 2021 and 72% of the number of passengers in 2019, before the Covid crisis. Brussels Airport continues its momentum as these are again the highest monthly figures since the crisis began in March 2020. On the cargo side, volumes are down on last year (-12%), but up 23% on 2019. 

In June, 1,733,933 passengers passed through Brussels Airport, an increase of 168% compared to June 2021, but also a decrease of 28% compared to June 2019, before the crisis. These are again the highest figures in absolute numbers since the beginning of the Covid crisis. However, passenger numbers could have been even higher if it hadn’t been for the industrial actions Brussels Airport was faced with in the week of 20 June. Several airlines also experienced occasional cancellations due to capacity problems at European airports. 

The number of departing passengers is higher than the number of arriving passengers due to the start of the summer holidays, for some, during the last part of June. The share of departing transfer passengers is 14.5% and thus remains 3 percentage points lower than in 2019. This can be attributed to the stronger recovery of originating departures and a decrease in transfers within Europe in particular. 

The top 10 most visited countries from Brussels Airport in June were Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, USA, France, the UK and Morocco respectively. The top ten destinations in June were Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Milan, London, Istanbul, Vienna, Malaga and Frankfurt. 

16 April, 2022

1.1 million passengers passed through Brussels Airport in March

In the month of March, more than 1.1 million passengers passed through Brussels Airport, an increase of over 500% in comparison with March 2021 which is impressive, however, it is still 44% less than prior to the COVID pandemic. The Easter holidays have not yet had an impact on the figures for March, since the holiday exodus only began on Friday 1 April. 

The share of transfer passengers is 14%, which is 4 percentage points lower than in 2019 due to the strong increase in local outgoing traffic and the decline in the number of transfers between the European destinations. 

The ten most visited countries in March were, respectively, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Turkey, the United States, the United Kingdom and Morocco. The ten most popular destinations were Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Rome, Geneva, Milan, Istanbul, Malaga, Dubai and London.  

Cargo declines by 3%  

In March, the total cargo transport at Brussels Airport decreased slightly by 3% compared to March 2021. The air cargo volumes remained stable with +0.1%. The full-cargo segment showed a decline of -10% while belly cargo rose by 81.4% due to the increase in the number of passenger flights. The express services saw a decline of 10% due to the weakening growth of the e-commerce market in Western Europe and the temporary shift of DHL flights to other regional hubs. The trucked volumes declined by 13%. 

Asia remains the largest export region and is the second-largest region for import. Africa is, for the second consecutive month, the largest import region, with volumes that are 30% higher than last year. 

In March, the milestone of 1 billion handled Covid-19 vaccines was reached at Brussels Airport. Since the start of the worldwide distribution of vaccines in November 2020, Brussels Airport has been the preferred hub for this important and delicate pharma transport. 


In March 2022, the total number of flight movements rose by 154% compared to 2021, with 13,129 flight movements (compared to 18,126 in 2019). The number of passenger flights increased by 348% compared to 2021, which is 61% of the number of passenger flights in March 2019. Each flight had an average of 119 passengers onboard compared to 129 in 2019. The number of cargo flights decreased this month by 2.5% compared to 2021.  


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09 November, 2021

Brussels South Charleroi Airport and EMMA Systems Collaborate to Implement an Airport Operations Management Platform

This AI platform will help the airport comply with EUROCONTROL’s A-CDM requirements and will provide extensive functionality for the real-time monitoring of operations.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport (BSCA), Belgium’s second-largest airport in terms of passenger traffic, and EMMA Systems, a provider of operations management solutions for airports, have agreed to collaborate to jointly configure, test and commission an airport operations management platform (with A-CDM functionality) at BSCA. EMMA System’s platform will help BSCA increase the predictability of operations, reduce delays, conserve fuel and decrease operational costs.

“We look forward to working closely with EMMA Systems to develop a best-in-class A-CDM approach and leverage the power of EMMA’s cutting-edge technology towards reaching new levels of efficiency and sustainability within our operations,” stated Philippe Verdonck, Chief Executive Officer at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

17 May, 2021

SKY express starts Athens - Brussels route

Photo Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport welcomed the first scheduled arrival of SKY express over the weekend. The airline operated its first flight between Brussels and Athens on Sunday and will operate the route 3 times a week, until June when their A320neo will operate the route 6 times a week.

“We are very happy to welcome a new airline for this summer season. It’s a much-needed positive sign towards the market. Furthermore, Greece is one of our top destinations in the summer for our Belgian leisure market. Belgians will have more opportunities to fly to Athens and beyond to 34 destinations in Greece thanks to the arrival of SKY express.” says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport Company.

SKY express was founded in 2005 and is now one of the fastest-growing airline companies in Greece. It even has awards for it from the International Airport of Athens and is a member of the IOGR Group of companies, a group that boasts vast experience in the areas of tourism and aviation

Photo Brussels Airport
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13 April, 2021

New logistics building at Brussels Airport

Construction News from Brussels Airport -  The airport has unveiled its newest logistics building at Brucargo West. The new complex with 50,000m² of warehouses, 10,000m² of office space and direct airside access is quite impressive.

The driving principle in the building’s design? Sustainability! The building is energy & water efficient. Part of the roof surface is laid out as a green roof while the entire surface is designed to be fitted out with solar panels in the future and the building is equipped with LED lighting. Rain gardens and infiltration wells improve rainwater infiltration and rainwater pits were installed for harvesting and reusing rainwater. Furthermore, depending on the usage and orientation, rooms are heated or cooled by heat pumps, which also supply the climate ceilings in the offices.

The new logistics building is also especially suitable for the handling of pharma, and in particular vaccines, which is one of the niche markets we have specialised in and for which Brussels Airport is recognised as one of the leading airports in the world.

The new building that accommodates the offices & warehouses of Expeditors, Kuehne+Nagel and Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), is a true landmark on the Brussels Airport site, with a sleek, modern and eco-friendly architectural touch!

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