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26 June, 2023

Paladin AI and Avion join forces to revolutionise pilot training

Paladin AI, a frontrunner in implementing Artificial Intelligence in flight simulators, has partnered with Avion to accelerate the enhancement of pilot training. 

This collaboration will see the integration of Paladin AI’s groundbreaking machine-learning training platform, InstructIQ®, into all Avion Full Flight Simulators.

Personalised training has become crucial for airlines and pilots in today’s aviation industry. Recognising this, Paladin AI has developed the most advanced competency inference engine for aviation training. InstructIQ seamlessly connects to existing training devices and leverages training media such as lesson plans and grading sheets to provide invaluable insights into proficiency and competency levels.

InstructIQ is a web and mobile platform for adaptive pilot training. Flight instructors install the application on iPads, while Paladin AI supplies the training centre with a data collector. Using the platform, flight instructors can access training analytics, electronic grading sheets, briefing and debriefing tools, and training recommendations. InstructIQ enables airlines and training centres to implement competency-based training at their organisation, saving money through more efficient training based on the individual pilot’s needs.

The integration of InstructIQ into Avion Full Flight Simulators will result in safer pilots and enhanced airline operations. This cutting-edge technology optimises training efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging data-driven pilot competency analytics while minimising costs and resources.

“We are thrilled to partner with Avion to transform pilot training and bring a new era of excellence to the aviation industry,” said Adolfo Klassen, CEO of Paladin AI. “By combining Paladin AI’s expertise in AI implementation with Avion’s state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulators, we will empower airlines to deliver personalised and data-driven training that ensures safer skies and more competent pilots.”

Manoj Pandey, CEO of Avion, added, “Our partnership with Paladin AI marks an exciting milestone in the evolution of pilot training. By integrating InstructIQ into our Full Flight Simulators, we can provide our customers with unparalleled training capabilities, enabling them to achieve higher proficiency levels and operational efficiency. This collaboration will redefine the future of pilot training.”

The Avion A320 Full Flight Simulator, located at the Luton-based Avion Flight Training Centre UK, will be the first device fully equipped with Paladin AI’s InstructIQ module. Paladin AI and Avion invite industry professionals to witness the module in action at London Luton Airport.

Paladin Ai is a pioneering company with state-of-the-art adaptive learning technology. It is a leader in applying the power of artificial intelligence to the complex learning environments present in aerospace. Paladin AI has built the first independent, device-agnostic training tool – InstructIQ – that integrates with flight simulators to provide insights to pilots and instructors about the skill and readiness demonstrated in each flight.

Avion is a renowned Full Flight Simulator manufacturer that provides realistic and immersive training experiences for pilots. With a commitment to excellence, Avion delivers industry-leading solutions that enable airlines and flight training centres to achieve the highest pilot training standards. Avion’s solutions 

10 March, 2022

Location of Avion Flight Training Center Greece unveiled

Location of Avion Flight Training Center Greece unveiled

Dutch full flight simulator manufacturer Avion Group has unveiled Koropi as the location of its newest training centre in Greece. The facility in Koropi is located within ten minutes of Athens International Airport. The new centre will feature the Avion A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator, the only one of its kind in Greece.

Avion has started construction work preparing the existing facility for pilot training. Starting from August, Greek airlines and approved training organizations no longer have to send their crew abroad for Airbus A320 flight training. "Being able to train at your home base means huge savings on travel expenses," explains Erik Varwijk, CEO of Avion Group. "We are thrilled to open our Athens flight training centre this summer and feel warmed by the support we have received." The state-of-the-art facility will house briefing rooms, classrooms, and a crew lounge. 

The Avion A320 Full Flight Simulator has the Airbus Standard 2.0 CEO and NEO configurations available. The simulator will be EASA qualified. With energy savings of up to seventy percent, Avion's training device is the most sustainable full flight simulator available worldwide.

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19 August, 2021

Avion Flight Training Centre opened at London Luton Airport IAGO, Avion Group, and Wizz Air sign training agreement

 Avion Group has opened a new flight training centre in Luton to support the start of a new long-term cooperation agreement with Wizz Air and IAGO Flight Training. The agreement will see the largest Central European A320 low-cost airline utilise the Avion A320 Level D Full Flight Simulator, based at London Luton Airport, creating a strong foundation for future collaboration.

"London Luton Airport is the home base of Wizz Air and continues to see steady growth. We are opening the Avion Flight Training Centre in Luton to meet the needs of Wizz Air and other A320 customers", says Avion CEO Erik Varwijk. "The industry is looking for training solutions that are cost-effective, risk-reducing, and at the same time bring flight training to the highest possible level. Avion is breaking new ground in aviation by addressing these needs locally to companies of all sizes." 

"The new LTN centre will add additional flexibility and capacity for Wizz Air training in the London area", explains CEO IAGO James Kingdon Leach. "Taking the training solution to the customer enables us to further support improved cost and resource benefits for the airline training function. Our partnership with Avion continues to strengthen, providing a new perspective for market differentiated, value-based, exceptional flight training."

The full-motion simulator has been thoroughly tested and positively evaluated by Wizz Air's training management. Andrรกs Sebล‘k, Wizz Air's Chief Central Operations Officer says it's an excellent opportunity for the future: "Wizz Air is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its network of destinations and offer low-fare flights paired with high quality services. London Luton Airport is, for us, a perfect location to perform crew training. Not only for our UK crews but also for other crews based elsewhere in Europe. The combined strengths of IAGO and Avion Group make it a win-win situation." 

"Together IAGO with Avion Group aims to provide Wizz Air with 'next level' pilot training", explains Ian Ratcliffe, Director of Training IAGO. "By using the latest technologies combined with effective training methodologies and strong collaborative working, Wizz Air crews will continue to benefit from the highest quality training services and standards." 

The simulator has been qualified by both CAA UK and EASA. Designed to ensure effective and industry-leading UPRT capabilities, Avion has developed an innovative, best-in-class full flight simulator. 

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