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27 January, 2024

ATSG names new president of airline subsidiary ATI

Air Transport Services Group, announced the retirement of James O'Grady, President of Air Transport International, Inc., an airline subsidiary of ATSG, and the appointment of his replacement, Mike Betson.

O'Grady served as President of ATI since January 2016. Prior to that he had been Chief Operating Officer since September 2014. Before joining the airline, he held management positions in other ATSG subsidiaries, including serving as Managing Director of Global Flight Source, a subsidiary of ATSG subsidiary Airborne Global Solutions. O'Grady began his career with the company at ATSG subsidiary ABX Air in 1983.

"Jim's unwavering dedication to the corporation's success has been nothing short of extraordinary," said Joe Hete, chairman and chief executive officer of ATSG. "Throughout four decades of service, Jim consistently demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment, vision, and passion for executing ATSG's strategic mission. We wish him the very best for the future."

"As we go forward," continued Hete, "ATI will be in good hands with Mike, whose leadership has already proven decisive in continuing the airline's record of success."

Betson has overseen the day-to-day operations of the airline as Chief Operating Officer since 2021. Prior to joining ATI, he was Vice President of Industrial Engineering for United Parcel Service, where he was responsible for global planning, execution, and service results for over 17,000 employees including airline pilots, mechanics, package handlers and vendors. Betson holds a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Cabrini University.