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12 January, 2023

Zurich Airport: “Zone West” project to continue after Covid-induced break

Construction work in Zone West is resuming at Zurich Airport. Work was suspended for around two years because of the Covid pandemic. The planned 14 aircraft stands are now being constructed from mid-January at the western side of the airport.

The “Zone West” construction project is not new. Work commenced back in February 2020. The substrate at the western side of the airport was raised and levelled in 2020, and various pipes (wastewater, water and electricity) were laid. However, owing to the Covid pandemic and in order to protect the company’s liquidity, the project was suspended at the end of 2020. The reduced air traffic during the pandemic helped insofar as the stands were not yet needed. Now, with the resumed increase in passenger and flight volume and in view of the ten or so-year construction phase for the new Dock A, the aircraft stands will be needed already next year. 

Construction in Zone West will resume with further service systems from mid-January 2023, which will be integrated into the substrate of the future stands. The pavement of the new flight operations areas will then be laid, starting in early summer. A total of 14 stands for scheduled and charter aircraft and a parking space for business jets will be built on the western side of the airport. 

The redesign of Zone West will result in the skating and cycling path around the western edge of the airport being rerouted around the new area. This work will commence in March. The changeover from the old to the new route will be seamless. 

The new stands at the western side of the airport are set to become operational in autumn 2024. 

New viewing platform for plane spotters 

The plane spotters’ hill with the Heli Grill will remain at its old location during the first phase of construction. Owing to the changes in Zone West it will be replaced by a new viewing platform a little further to the north, probably in autumn 2023, which will offer a better view of flight operations and the runway intersection. A seamless transition from the plane spotters’ hill to the viewing platform should be ensured, based on the current planning status. 

15 June, 2022

Zurich Airport deploys self bag drop installation with German supplier Materna IPS


As the largest airport in Switzerland, Zurich Airport (ZRH) is an important gateway in and outside the country. To offer its passengers the best possible travel experience, ZRH has decided to integrate an automated baggage handling system to streamline the baggage drop process. The self-service kiosks are the latest in progressive technology coming from ZRH, which was named Europe's Leading Airport (25-40 Mio. Pax) at the World Travel Awards for the 19th time in 2022.

Since April 1st 2022, a total of 20 self-service units are available to passengers at the airport. The first self bag drops (SBD) are located in check-in area 2, the other half went into operation in check-in area 3. The double units in front-loader design resemble regular counters where the baggage is placed on the belt from the front. Materna IPS systems are able to decrease the average passenger transaction time and therefore significantly reduce waiting times during check-in. The first airlines to make the new technology available to their passengers are SWISS, Edelweiss, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines, other airlines will follow in the coming months.

In order to meet ZRH security requirements, Materna IPS has developed a highly secure intrusion detection at the SBDs. This system prevents children or unauthorized persons from entering the SBD system by monitoring the insertion area as well as the scanning tunnel and tunnel exit. If an intrusion – or any unnecessary object movement - is detected, the SBD system immediately stops to prevent injury.

"The self bag drop service allows different airlines to operate at the same counter. This increases flexibility in the check-in process and enhances passenger convenience by providing additional bag drop points," says Roman Jung, Project Manager Self Bag Drop, Flughafen Zürich AG

With implementing this major project at Zurich Airport, Materna IPS extends its business activities in the European market and is expanding its international growth. The introduction of self-service units at ZRH marks a new chapter in improving the passenger journey at the airport and we're proud to be part of this development!

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03 April, 2022

Zürich - the gateway to your Alpine adventure in Switzerland...........

Alpine adventure in Switzerland

Make some memorable memories in Switzerland. In winter, around 150 ski resorts, and more than 5,500km of cross-country ski trails await you. When pastures turn green, grab your boots and keep exploring Switzerland's ravishing landscapes: glittering lakes, glacier-encrusted mountains and picturesque towns.

Zurich  - Recognized as one of the world's most livable cities, Zürich is more than a financial centre and reveals a rich culture accented by numerous opportunities for fine dining, nighttime entertainment, shopping and much more. The cosmopolitan city by the water combines creative urban life with nature in all its glory. Zurich is abuzz with activity day and night with its countless events, diverse museums, its own food festival and Switzerland’s most vibrant nightlife. And if you’re after rest and relaxation, you can be in the Swiss mountains in less than an hour. Admire the famous stained-glass windows of the Fraumünster Church during a stroll through the picturesque Old Town, then enjoy the fresh breeze by Lake Zürich before savouring a hot chocolate at a terrace. Whether you prefer the outdoors or the dance floor of a trendy nightclub, there is not much you cannot find in Zurich.         Book here for Zurich Hotels

Zurich is Switzerland’s centre of economic life and education. Located in the heart of Europe, the city offers all the modern amenities of a cosmopolitan metropolis, without sacrificing its natural side. Zurich has for years ranked among the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life. It is a boutique city that offers everything that implies, albeit in a small and exquisite format.

Zurich is avant-garde: it was not only home to Dada, but also the place where the Freitag bag and world-renowned Helvetica typeface originated. Researchers at the revered Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and companies such as Google and Disney Research produce one innovation after the next. Creativity is also in abundance thanks to one of the biggest universities in Europe devoted to the arts – Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) – while establishments such as the Kunsthaus Zürich, Haus Konstruktiv and Museum für Gestaltung ensure that it all doesn’t fall into oblivion.

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Zurich was already a prosperous centre of commerce in the Early Middle Ages. The 1519 Reformation gave the economy such a boost that the city rapidly became Switzerland’s financial centre. This has remained unchanged to the present day and is why you’ll find the Swiss National Bank in Zurich along with the world-famous Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most luxurious shopping strips around.

Zürich Card – Your city travel pass

With the Zürich Card, city explorers can enjoy Zurich in all its diversity and save time and money.
The Zürich Card offers the following for 24 or 72 hours:
Unlimited 2nd class travel by tram, bus, train, boat and cable car in the city of Zurich and surrounding region
Short boat trips and Limmat river cruise
Free or reduced admission to 43 museums
50% discount on the Zurich Old Town Walking Tour
And many more experiences

24 hours     Adult  CHF27   Child CHF19
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Zurich has some of the top places to eat in the whole of the country, these include: 

Igniv by Andreas Caminada: Marktgasse Hotel Zürich.
Restaurant Schlüssel
HATO – Fine Asian Cuisine
Restaurant Didis Frieden
Hiltl Langstrasse
Chalet Züriberg
Restaurant Die Waid
Restaurant eCHo

Lindt Home of Chocolate

A tour of the Lindt Home of Chocolate covers every aspect of this Swiss cultural asset chocolate, including a chocolate fountain over 9m tall and the biggest Lindt Chocolate Shop in the world, spread over 500m2. In the CHOCOLATERIA, you can create your very own masterpieces under the expert guidance of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers while learning many interesting things about the origin, history and manufacture of Lindt chocolate. In the first Lindt café in Switzerland, you can also spoil yourself during your visit with a range of sweet and savoury treats.

Prices for individuals

AdultsCHF 15.-
AdolescentCHF 13.-
AHV, IV, students
(from 16 years)
CHF 13.-


Lucerne  -  Lucerne's idyllic landscapes and preserved medieval architecture make it the perfect gateway to central Switzerland. On Lake Lucerne and surrounded by mountains, Lucerne's setting is simply breathtaking. Journey through the remarkably preserved Old Town. Experience boat tours, cycling, eye-catching murals, skiing, covered bridges, and a lively nightlife. Venture to the top of Mount Pilatus, Titlis, or Rigi for spectacular views.  Book here for Radisson Blu Lucerne

St. Gallen   -   Visit the historic Abbey Cathedral and Library of St. Gallen. Enjoy the stunning scenery on the shores of Lake Constance or from the lookout point atop Säntis.
Steeped in history and beautifully set between Lake Constance and the Säntis Alps region, St. Gallen makes an instant impression. Learn about the city's history as "the writing room of Europe." Explore the World Heritage-listed Abbey of St. Gallen. The Abbey Library contains many books dating back to early Medieval times.

Basel  -   Basel is the cultural capital of Switzerland with its thriving art scene, historic sites, and cosmopolitan vibe.    
This Swiss city on the Rhine is bursting with culture and great shopping experiences. It is also a global centre for the pharmaceutical industry. Whether you are here for work or leisure, Basel will enamour you with its charms. Home to 40 museums, a beautiful Old town, a buzzing shopping street, a historic zoo, and fantastic food markets – Basel leaves you spoilt for choice.   -

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11 January, 2021

Enders Diagnostics and Swissport Open Pre-Departure PCR Testing Facility at Zurich Airport

Swissport subsidiary Checkport Schweiz AG have opened a PCR testing facility at Zurich Airport. The novelty: Enders Diagnostics’ PCR tests are carried out by saliva sample and not by nasal swab and the test result is available within only 5 hours, instead of 24 to 48 hours as with previous PCR tests.

Ender Diagnostics, offers a PCR test innovation at the newly opened pre-departure testing facility operated by Checkport at Zurich Airport in Switzerland. The sample is not taken by nasal swab as with conventional tests, but on a saliva basis, which is much more convenient for those being tested. The tests are sold as self-test kits on site and can be performed in test boxes independently, with no assistance required by medical personnel. The test boxes are cleaned after each traveler. The samples are transported to the Swiss Analysis AG laboratory four times a day by a dedicated courier service.

15 February, 2019

Fresh new look for SWISS check-in at Zurich Airport

The SWISS concourse in Zurich Airport’s Check-in 1 has been given a fresh new look with a new check-in desk concept, waiting zones and screen displays all in the SWISS design to enhance the airport experience for departing SWISS customers in all travel classes. SWISS First guests can also look forward to a modernized and exclusive check-in lounge.

The SWISS concourse in Zurich Airport’s Check-in 1 was unveiled yesterday in a fresh new design. The improved zonal structure and clear design elements, all in the familiar SWISS style, should help travellers optimally find their bearings and enhance the comfort and convenience for departing SWISS customers in all seating classes.

With such strong design accents as the quality light oakwood and the atmospheric lamps that are familiar from the SWISS airport lounges, the modernized SWISS check-in concourse is both practical and appealing. The check-in desk concept for groups, families and premium travellers has also been revised. And new waiting zones have been created at the concourse’s northern and southern ends in which customers in any class of travel can rest and relax in comfortable armchairs by Swiss manufacturers Vitra and DeSede before passing through security.