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12 October, 2023

Beond Airlines Takes Flight as the World's First Premium Leisure Airline


The new airline unveiled its first aircraft in the unique Beond livery and perfectly appointed cabin with events in Malรฉ and Dubai

Passenger flights begins in November from Munich, Zurich and Riyadh

New routes were announced to Milan and Dubai

A new airline took flight this week, as Beond — the world's first premium leisure airline — unveiled its sophisticated and unique aircraft livery. With events in Malรฉ, Maldives attended by dignitaries, investors, supporters and employees, and at a global media event broadcast online and in-person in Dubai, the airline showcased its first aircraft, an Airbus A319 seating 44 passengers in a luxurious all lay-flat configuration.

"Welcome to Beond. Our aim is simple: to fly our customers to the most unique and unspoiled destinations where they can release their inner explorer on the most memorable vacation of their lives," said Tero Taskila, CEO of Beond, and a founder. "Today is but the beginning of our vision for our customers, embodied by this beautiful aircraft — inside and out. We could not be more pleased to showcase it in Maldives, our home, and Dubai. We wish especially to thank the government of Maldives and our supporters there, the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority, and SIMDI Group — each of whom believed in our vision for a new airline in Maldives. Our team will do its best to bring tourists to this beautiful nation."

Beond's inaugural flights are scheduled for November 2023, with the Riyadh inaugural departing November 9, the Munich inaugural departing November 15, and the Zurich inaugural departing November 17. Between today and the scheduled service launch, early bird customers have chartered the aircraft to experience the Maldives. In addition, the airline announced new routes from Milan and Dubai, beginning in late March 2024.

Beond will fly a fleet of state-of-the-art Airbus A320-family aircraft in a unique luxury, lay-flat configuration, bringing passengers to Maldives from Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. This first Beond aircraft will be on display at the Dubai Air Show in mid-November. Additional Airbus aircraft will join the Beond fleet in late 2023 and early 2024.

06 September, 2023

Beond Airline announces Munich and Zurich as its first European launch cities to the Maldives

The world's first premium leisure airline offers all-lay flat seating and a premium travel experience from start to finish

Service from Munich and Zurich begins in mid-November 2023

Beond, which claims to be the world's first premium leisure airline, has released details that Munich and Zurich will be the initial origin cities for the airline, flying to Malรฉ, Maldives. The inaugural flights are scheduled for November 2023, with the Munich inaugural departing on 15th November and the Zurich starting two days later on 17th. 

Beond's Chief Commercial Officer, Sascha Feuerherd said: "We are thrilled to announce Munich and Zurich as launch cities for Beond. Our customers there will enjoy an incredible premium leisure experience on their way to Maldives, a beautiful destination. Our team is hard at work preparing for service launch with a goal to exceed every expectation of our first customers from the moment they book with us."

Beond will begin operations this fall with Maldives as its first hub. The service launch from Europe will begin with an Airbus A319 aircraft with 44 state-of-the-art lay-flat configurations and a premium on-board experience including fine dining. The airline recently received its Air Operator's Certificate in Maldives from the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority.

Beond is the world's first premium leisure airline offering unique and tailored experiences for today's modern travellers. Beond will initiate flights from a variety of destinations with the latest aviation and luxury travel innovations.

Enjoy the flying experience with extra room, comfort, and state-of-the-art interior technology. You'll have a great time flying with the high service quality, privacy, and personal attention to your needs and preferences.