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05 March, 2024

American Airlines to retrofit Airbus jets to add more seats...

For the past decade, the A321 and A321neo aircraft have flown American’s customers across the U.S. and to short-haul international destinations. American continues to be the largest single-carrier operator in the world of A320 family aircraft.

“The continued investment in the A321neo is a testament to the unprecedented value of the world’s most versatile and capable single-aisle aircraft,” said Benoît de Saint-Exupéry, EVP Sales, Commercial Aircraft, Airbus. “For nearly two decades, American Airlines has used its A320 family of aircraft, some of which have been produced in the U.S. in Mobile, Alabama, to grow its domestic and short-haul international network and provide an exceptional experience for its passengers and crews.”

The carrier will start retrofitting its A319 and A320 aircraft beginning in 2025. The retrofit will refresh the interior with power at every seat, larger overhead bins and new seats with updated trim and finish.

American’s A319 fleet will be outfitted with more premium seats for a total of 12 domestic first-class seats. The A320 fleet retrofits will increase the aircraft’s domestic first-class seat count to 16.

With the planned refresh of existing aircraft and the expected deliveries of new aircraft, premium seating in American’s fleet is expected to grow by more than 20% by 2026.

04 March, 2024

Another big Airbus order from American Airlines.

American Airlines orders 85 additional A321neo aircraft

American Airlines’ first A321neo was delivered in February 2019.
The U.S. mega carrier American Airlines, has signed a big firm order with Airbus for an additional 85 A321neo aircraft, this new order will mean the carrier has commitments for 219 of the type. 

“Over the past decade, we have invested heavily to modernise and simplify our fleet, which is the largest and youngest among U.S. network carriers,” said American’s CEO Robert Isom. “These orders will continue to fuel our fleet with newer, more efficient aircraft so we can continue to deliver the best network and record-setting operational reliability for our customers.”

“The continued investment in the A321neo is a testament to the unprecedented value of the world’s most versatile and capable single aisle aircraft,” said Benoît de Saint-Exupéry, EVP Sales, Commercial Aircraft, Airbus. “ For nearly two decades, American Airlines has used its A320 Family of aircraft, some of which have been produced in the U.S. in Mobile, Alabama, to grow its domestic and short-haul international network and provide an exceptional experience for its passengers and crews.”

American Airlines took delivery of its first A321neo in February 2019, and 70 have been delivered as of January 31, 2024. The airline is the world's largest operator of A320 Family aircraft, the world’s largest A321 operator (CEO and NEO) and the largest customer for the A321neo in North America.

20 December, 2023

157 more Airbus A320neos for easyJet....

The budget carrier easyJet has confirmed an order for 157 more Airbus A320neo Family aircraft. The deal comprises 56 A320neo and 101 A321neo aircraft and also includes the upsizing of an existing order for 35 A320neo into the larger A321neo as demand has picked up far more rapidly than expected. 

“We are very pleased to be able to confirm this significant order which not only enables easyJet to replace its older aircraft with more efficient aircraft, a core component of our net zero roadmap, but also provides us ability for disciplined growth, including the significant opportunity that upgauging brings, “ commented Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet. “With this order easyJet will be able to continue to cement its leading position at Europe’s primary airports and so we look forward to working in partnership with Airbus in the years to come.”

“Airbus is delighted to be accompanying easyJet in its fleet growth and renewal. Its Airbus fleet allows easyJet to differentiate its offering in its competitive market with the most state-of-the-art, modern and comfortable aircraft,” said Christian Scherer, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of International at Airbus. “easyJet and Airbus both are strong advocates for the aviation sector to de-carbonise. This significant investment into the most fuel efficient and SAF-capable aircraft is a testimony to our joint commitment in this respect. Bravo easyJet, and thank you!”

The A320neo Family is the world’s most popular single aisle having won over 18,000 orders from nearly 140 customers in all markets. The A321neo is the largest member of Airbus’ A320neo Family, offering unparalleled range and performance. By incorporating new generation engines and Sharklets, the A321neo brings a 50% noise reduction and more than 20% fuel savings and CO2 reduction compared to previous generation single-aisle aircraft, while maximizing passenger comfort in the widest single-aisle cabin in the sky. As with all Airbus aircraft, the entire A320 Family is already able to operate with up to 50% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Airbus aims for all its aircraft to be capable of operating with up to 100% SAF by 2030.

18 December, 2023

Aviation Capital Group has confirmed the lease of an Airbus A321ceo aircraft to Viva Aerobus

Aviation Capital Group has confirmed the lease of an Airbus A321ceo aircraft to Viva Aerobus

Aviation Capital Group has confirmed the delivery of one Airbus A321ceo aircraft on lease to Viva Aerobus. This is the eighth Airbus A320 family aircraft currently leased by ACG to Viva Aerobus.  “We are very pleased to continue growing our relationship with such a valuable partner as Viva Aerobus,” said Armando Belchior Nunes, ACG’s VP of Marketing, Latin America.

Aviation Capital Group is one of the world’s premier full-service aircraft asset managers with over 490 owned, managed and committed aircraft as of September 30, 2023, leased to roughly 90 airlines in approximately 45 countries. It was founded in 1989 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo Century Corporation.

November  traffic performance

Viva Aerobus’ passenger traffic increased 13.0% compared to November 2022, reaching 2.2 million passengers, driven by an increase of 14.1% and 3.2% in domestic and international traffic, respectively. Load factors reached 86.8% compared to 85.9% in 2022, with a load factor mix of 88.1% and 80.2% in domestic and international, respectively.

Viva Aerobus grew its total capacity in available seat miles (ASMs) by 12.0% compared to November 2022, reflecting an increase of 13.5% and 4.8% in domestic and international, respectively.

“November traffic was robust, with passenger demand outpacing capacity growth, allowing us to maintain a healthy load factor of 86.8%. As we close the year, demand trends remain positive in domestic and international markets, supporting our disciplined growth. Moving forward, we are managing the variables in our control to partially mitigate the impact of Pratt & Whitney GTF engine inspections on our operation, with the second phase starting in early 2024.” said Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO of Viva Aerobus.

15 November, 2023

Air Samarkand gets ready for launch with the delivery of second aircraft.

 Airbus A321 arrives for Air Samarkand

Photo Air Samarkand
Air Samarkand continued its preparations for the launch of new services with the delivery on Saturday 11th November of a second aircraft, an Airbus A321.   

The Uzbekistan-based carrier welcomed the new arrival at Samarkand International Airport, a week after receiving its first A330-300 long-haul wide-body aircraft. By the end of 2023, the airline expects to receive and have up to five aircraft.   

The Airbus A321 is one of the most popular narrow-bodied airliners for short and medium-haul routes and is designed to carry 182 passengers in Economy Class and 12 in Business Class on routes with a range of up to 6,000 km. Air Samarkand will offer an Economy Class seat pitch of at least 31 inches (78.7 cm), providing comfort for even the tallest of passengers.   

The A321 aircraft, like others in the Air Samarkand fleet, is equipped with an in-flight entertainment system with built-in seat-back screens.   

A full-service carrier, Air Samarkand will provide hot meals on all flights, with pillows, blankets and other amenities provided to its customers.   

Air Samarkand will provide those living in one of the oldest cities in Asia and its neighbouring regions with the opportunity to travel direct to popular destinations – beginning with services to cities in Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. There will be further expansion into Europe over the next 12 months.   
Photo Air Samarkand

Air Samarkand will support the further development of the Samarkand region, which is a rapidly emerging tourist and business destination for visitors from all over the world. It forms an essential part of new infrastructure and amenities being developed in the ‘New Uzbekistan’, including the multi-faceted Silk Road Samarkand tourist centre – the first international tourism resort in Central Asia including four and five-star hotels. Neutral 


24 October, 2023

Air Canada shows off newly upgraded Airbus A321 with new interior and cabin technology

Customers on board Air Canada flight AC692 operated by C-GITU on Saturday shared a pilot's eye view of the take-off due to new exterior cameras connected to the aircraft's seatback entertainment system. The new camera feature, a first for a narrow-body aircraft, is one of several innovations unveiled with the airline's first upgraded Airbus A321, which has been redesigned from nose to tail.

Air Canada is continuing to invest in customer comfort across its fleet of Airbus A321s and A320s which will feature a new cabin interior, new technologies and services such as Bluetooth audio, and free high-speed internet sponsored by Bell.

"We're proud to welcome customers on board to experience the comfort, convenience, and connectivity of our latest cabins. These upgraded fleet interiors will align the A320s and A321s to the highly popular A220 experience, further strengthening our industry-leading product offering," said Mark Nasr, Executive Vice President of loyalty and Products at Air Canada. "Additionally, new features such as our inflight entertainment system streaming exterior aircraft camera feeds, Bluetooth connectivity, and free, fast internet connectivity will be extremely popular with travellers. We will continue advancing our product leadership by trialling more new in-flight experiences with this A321 and expanding those learnings to additional aircraft in our fleet."  

Highlights of new cabin features:

Larger overhead bins – Latest Airbus Airspace XL design, the largest overhead bins in-class that will also be installed on the Airbus A321XLRs.
Upgraded seating – Presents a standardized product across the Air Canada narrowbody fleet in both Business Class and Economy. The new seats are designed to optimize passenger personal space, improve ergonomics, and provide more storage giving customers a more comfortable experience.
Bluetooth audio – Air Canada's newest IFE system will feature a Bluetooth-enabled seatback monitor. Customers will be able to connect their personal headsets while watching video on demand, live TV, or listening to podcasts or music. This initiative helps reduce usage of single-use headphones and supports Air Canada's sustainability objectives in reducing waste.
New exterior cameras – Customers can now watch their flight live thanks to a new first-in-class narrowbody tail and belly camera system providing high-resolution, real-time video of the aircraft exterior. 
Full colour LED mood lighting – New cabin lighting system will allow different ambiances to be set depending on time of day and phase of flight.
Fast and reliable Wi-Fi – Upgraded satellite-based connectivity.
Power options at all seats – All customers have access to power outlets, USB-A, and USB-C.
The new IFE system being installed on the Airbus A321 and A320 fleets will feature Air Canada's award-winning in-flight entertainment via screens at each seat, offering the most extensive content overall of any airline in the Americas. Customers will also enjoy live TV on their flights with this new cabin, featuring BNN, CTV, LCN, RDS, TSN1 and TSN2 available on all flights operated by this aircraft, including when flying over the US.

Air Canada's remaining 14 Airbus A321s and its eight A320s will be retrofitted starting this fall through to the end of 2025.  With these upgrades, customers will benefit from an elevated narrow-body cabin experience, in line with the cabins of the Airbus A220 and Boeing 737 MAX aircraft that comprise the majority of Air Canada's narrowbody fleet.  

The new cabin also reduces the overall weight of the A321 by approximately 240 kilograms, which will reduce fuel consumption for the entire fleet once the work is completed by more than 2.4 million litres and reduce GHG emissions by 6,256 tCO2 equivalent per year, or the equivalent of the electricity used annually by 4,185 Canadian homes.

26 May, 2023

Man arrested after opening door of A321 as it was coming in to land.....

A man in his 30s has been arrested after opening the door of an Airbus A321-200 jet of 
 Asiana Airlines as it was coming in to land earlier on Friday.

Reports indicate the aircraft was around 200 metres above the ground when the man opened the door and looked at getting off the plane as it approached Daegu International Airport at 12:45pm local time.

The aircraft landed safely and all 194 passengers were safe, although some were taken to local hospitals with breathing issues or difficulties. According to local media reports,  the cabin crew were unable to try and stop him as the plane was coming in to land, however, an investigation has begun into if Asiana Airlines were in compliance with aviation regulations.  



 Incident Airbus A321-231 HL8256, 26 May 2023 (

11 May, 2023

Delta celebrates 100th U.S.-produced Airbus A321 arrival

U.S. mega-carrier Delta celebrated the production of its 100th Airbus A321 aircraft at the Airbus production centre in Mobile, Alabama.    

Airbus launched its first U.S. production facility in 2015, with just under 400 employees and Delta received its first aircraft from the Mobile facility in 2016. Because of Delta’s strong partnership with Airbus, the Mobile facility now supports more than 1,600 jobs.  The A321 is central to Delta’s fleet strategy, which focuses on delivering next-level customer service and some of the most fuel-efficient aircraft made today.  

“I am grateful for the ongoing partnership between Delta and Airbus, which continues to support good-paying jobs that help families live their American Dream, bolster local communities, and strengthen the regional economy,” said U.S. Senator Katie Britt. “This landmark achievement is only possible because of the hard work, dedication and skill of Airbus employees across Alabama.” 

Though the production of Delta’s 100th A321 from Mobile is a milestone celebration, Delta received its actual 100th aircraft from the facility last autumn.   

“Delta’s premium travel experience on our state-of-the-art fleet is made possible by manufacturing partners like Airbus,” said Kristen Bojko, V.P. -- Fleet for Delta Air Lines. “Delta’s 100th U.S.-produced A321 aircraft is a significant milestone that reinforces our commitment to flying more fuel-efficient aircraft while investing in quality U.S.-based jobs.”   

02 March, 2023

The first ”Mallorca Airbus” has arrived for Eurowings

Airbus' largest medium-haul jet, with 230 seats, now serves popular holiday destinations such as Mallorca, Crete and the Canary Islands.
Eurowings to receive delivery of ten Airbus A321 aircraft in the next few months
Fleet swap with Lufthansa: The first A321ceo is already wearing Eurowings colours

Eurowings is relying heavily on Airbus A321 aircraft in the summer, internally nicknamed the ”Mallorca Airbus”: Germany's No. 1 holiday carrier will deploy Airbus' largest medium-haul jet specifically to top holiday destinations in order to better serve the high demand to Palma de Mallorca, Crete or the Canary Islands, for example. With around 230 seats, the A321 can carry about a third more passengers than its A320 family relative.

Four brand-new A321neo join the Eurowings fleet in summer
First travel season without restrictions generates strong catch-up effects
A321 brings significantly more capacity per flight to top holiday destinations

The first A321ceo, which is coming from Lufthansa as part of a fleet swap, is already wearing Eurowings colours. After the end of the transformation work, six A321ceo are to be successively deployed in Eurowings flight operations from May 2023. In addition, four brand-new Airbus A321neo will join the fleet by the end of 2023. They are part of a roughly 1.5-billion-euro investment package in 13 jets of the Airbus ”neo” family. The ”neo” are considered the most modern, efficient and by far the quietest medium-haul jets in the world. All A321s will be operated by Eurowings in a 16-seat BIZclass configuration.

2023: Comeback of the freedom to travel

With the additional capacity, Eurowings is responding to the noticeably strong pent-up demand – especially for holiday travel. For the first time, there will be a year without travel restrictions, and there will no longer be a test and mask requirement. For many travellers, a reliably plannable and, above all, relaxed holiday was not possible for years – this is different in 2023 with the comeback of freedom to travel and also reflected in the increasingly long-term bookings showing confidence in air travel.

With more than 140 destinations in 37 countries, Eurowings offers an attractive flight programme with a total of more than 380 different routes, seamlessly continuing the pre-Covid travel season 2019. Holiday favourites in 2023 will again be Greece, Italy and Spain: Eurowings offers direct flights to around 50 regions in these countries only. The clear front-runner remains the Balearic Island of Mallorca, which Eurowings flies to more frequently than any other destination, with around 400 flights a week from over 20 airports.

14 February, 2023

Aircraft leasing firm AerCap has transported approximately 13 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Turkey on Monday 13 Feb

Aircraft leasing firm AerCap has transported approximately 13 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Turkey, following the devastating earthquake, the firm confirmed on Tuesday. 

The freight, which was flown from Rotterdam to Antalya in Türkiye on board an Airbus A321 aircraft, includes clothing, baby food and power generators, and will be distributed by several humanitarian aid organizations who are on the ground providing assistance in the region.

Aengus Kelly, the CEO of AerCap said: "AerCap is proud to play its part in transporting emergency humanitarian aid to support the global response effort following the earthquake. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Türkiye and Syria at this very difficult time and all those impacted by this tragedy," 

AerCap transports 13 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Turkey

Aircraft leasing firm AerCap has transported approximately 13 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Turkey, following the devastating earthquake, the firm confirmed on Tuesday. 

The freight, which was flown from Rotterdam to Antalya in Türkiye on board an Airbus A321 aircraft, includes clothing, baby food and power generators, and will be distributed by several humanitarian aid organizations who are on the ground providing assistance in the region.

Aengus Kelly, the CEO of AerCap said: "AerCap is proud to play its part in transporting emergency humanitarian aid to support the global response effort following the earthquake. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Türkiye and Syria at this very difficult time and all those impacted by this tragedy," 

17 November, 2022

Airbus Final Assembly Line Asia assembles its first A321 aircraft

Photo Airbus
Photo Airbus

Airbus has announced the commissioning of the first A321 aircraft to be assembled at its Final Assembly Line Asia (FAL Tianjin) in Tianjin, China. The breakthrough expands and deepens the collaboration with China’s aviation industry, and demonstrates Airbus’ commitment to enhance its long-term strategic partnership with China.

The FAL in Tianjin officially started the adaptation work to become A321 capable in August 2022. It is the first major upgrade of the assembly line since operations commenced in 2008. FAL Tianjin’s first A321 aircraft is scheduled for delivery in early 2023.

“Since we announced our plans to expand the capability of FAL Tianjin to A321 production last November, I am proud that the Airbus Tianjin team has successfully completed the relevant adaptation work on schedule by working closely with European experts and our suppliers to overcome the impact of COVID-19” said George Xu, Airbus Executive Vice President and Airbus China CEO. “The commissioning of the first A321 aircraft underlines Airbus' commitment to China, marking a new milestone in the industrial cooperation with our Chinese partners.”

Airbus has four A320 Family assembly facilities around the world: Toulouse, France; Hamburg, Germany; Tianjin, China; and Mobile, United States. By the end of 2022, all commercial aircraft assembly sites will be A321-capable, as part of the industrial strategy to de-risk the ramp up and to meet the rising share of A321 production.

Inaugurated in 2008, FAL Tianjin was the first Airbus commercial aircraft assembly line outside Europe. In the same year, the first aircraft sections arrived on site. Since its first A320 delivery in 2009, FAL Tianjin has delivered more than 600 aircraft over its 14 years in operation. It has become a role model of successful Sino-European cooperation.

The A321neo is the longest-fuselage member of Airbus’ best-selling, single-aisle A320 Family, comfortably seating as many as 244 passengers in a higher-density arrangement, with a longest range reaching 4,700nm/8,700km. Featuring the widest single-aisle cabin in the sky, the A320neo Family offers a 20 % reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 as well as a 50% noise reduction compared to previous generation aircraft, thanks to incorporating the very latest technologies including new generation engines and Sharklets. By the end of September 2022, the A320neo Family has received over 8,500 firm orders from more than 130 customers worldwide.

30 August, 2022

Lufthansa Cargo to enhance its intra-European route network with additional A321 freighters

 From October 2022, Lufthansa Cargo will offer its customers additional capacities in its medium-haul network on specially converted Airbus A321 freighters.

Second A321 freighter enters service in October 2022
· Expansion of the European network with inclusion of Birmingham, London and Madrid
· Daily weekday service to the UK and Ireland will deliver attractive Same-Day and eCommerce solutions
· Two additional A321 freighters to complement medium-haul services in the first half of 2023

From October 2022, Lufthansa Cargo will offer its customers additional capacities in its medium-haul network on specially converted Airbus A321 freighters. The first cargo flight of its kind took off from Frankfurt to Dublin in March 2022. Due to the positive response from the market and the continuing high demand from the eCommerce and Same-Day segments, a second aircraft of this type will enter scheduled service from October.

The second A321F with registration D-AEUA is currently undergoing conversion in Singapore. The twin-engine, technically advanced narrow-body aircraft is powerful and fuel-efficient at the same time. It is identical in design to the first A321 freighter (D-AEUC, 'Hello Europe'): A total of 28 tons of payload is available on 14 pallets and container positions on the main deck and ten on the lower deck. Lufthansa Cargo can continue enlarging its footprint by offering the known quality service and product in the fast growing eCommerce segment.

06 July, 2022

SmartLynx Airlines increasing fleet to 60 aircraft to cope with growing demand.....................

SmartLynx Airlines provides Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance services to help several European airlines deal with a resource crisis caused by the rising passenger numbers, lack of spare parts, and labour shortages. The company currently operates a fleet of 44 aircraft, which is expected to increase to 60 by the end of the summer, making SmartLynx Airlines the operator of the largest aircraft fleet in the Baltic countries.

“The aviation market has experienced great fluctuations in the past three years – from the best year in history in terms of passenger turnover to 2020, when this business almost ceased to exist. Currently, airlines around the world are seeing a huge increase in passenger numbers, struggling to meet the demand. Due to disruptions in supply chains, spare parts for aircraft repairs arrive late, there are labour shortages at both airlines and airports, and fuel prices have increased significantly. At the moment, the biggest problems can be observed at the large airports in the Netherlands and Great Britain, where people have to wait in long queues as the airports are short-handed,” says SmartLynx Airlines CEO Žygimantas Surintas.

In most cases, Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance is a short- or medium-term solution so that airlines could ensure the necessary number of flights during the high season. Airlines that have large fleets also use this service when an aircraft has technical problems and a quick solution is needed, which also comes with excellent service. SmartLynx Airlines is currently one of the largest ACMI operators in Europe with a 30% market share, and the largest in Great Britain (69%). The expansion in the British market is due to the fact that, in the wake of Brexit, airlines are short of employees as crews of UK-registered aircraft must have British visas, which is why airlines prefer to lease aircraft with crews.

“Buying new aircraft means enormous investment, and for the purchase to be profitable, the plane needs to be up in the air all year round, carrying cargo or passengers. That is why airlines do not purchase additional aircraft for crisis situations, but rather lease aircraft from other airlines when necessary. ACMI operators, or Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance companies, offer airlines an alternative to the financial burden associated with long-term aircraft ownership by providing temporary access to aircraft, crews, maintenance, and insurance," explains SmartLynx Airlines CEO Žygimantas Surintas.

Using the crisis as an opportunity

28 April, 2022

Sustainability themed Turkish Airlines aircraft is in the skies

Turkish Airlines has introduced a special design element adorned with leaves on its Airbus 321 type TC-JSU tail numbered aircraft, which was used for its environmentalist fuel operation. 

The global carrier operated its first flight with the new themed aircraft, flight TK1795, to Stockholm. In line with efforts to lead towards widespread use of environmentally friendly fuel, the flight used biofuel during its operation and was also undertaken with the zero-waste principle.

In addition to providing information on the sustainability actions with the Green Class concept of this first flight, the flag carrier also took new environmentally conscious actions. While kraft tissues, paper cups and wooden salt and pepper shakers were used on the flight, all passengers were served complimentary, healthy green tea. Other special measures included environmentally-friendly pillow covers and blankets, which were produced with 100 percent recycled certificated threads in order to save on water and FSC certified wooden toys gifted to child passengers.

On the environmentally friendly aircraft, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee, Prof. Dr Ahmet Bolat stated: "As the national flag carrier of Turkiye, our newly designed aircraft is now in the skies to underline the importance of sustainability for us. With the biofuel expression on our aircraft, we wish to emphasize the significance of using sustainable aviation fuel as it is one of the biggest hurdles in the aviation industry's struggle against carbon emissions. Thus, we are supporting the biofuel manufacturing efforts and aim to increase our flights which use biofuel during their operations."

The global carrier will continue its efforts to lower its carbon emissions with new generation aircraft added to its already young fleet of 8.5 average age, while planning to add new cities that are served with operations using biofuel including Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Paris and London.

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09 March, 2022

Cargo Aircraft Management Inducts Its First A321 to Freighter Conversion

Cargo Aircraft Management has begun its first Airbus A321 aircraft for passenger-to-freighter conversion. PEMCO Conversions, a division of wholly-owned ATSG subsidiary Pemco World Air Services, Inc., inducted the aircraft today for conversion at its Tampa, Fla. facility.

The aircraft will undergo the A321-200PCF freighter conversion developed by 321 Precision Conversions, a joint venture of ATSG and Oregon-based Precision Aircraft Solutions. The supplemental type certificate (STC) for the conversion received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration in April 2021.

“The induction of this aircraft is significant because it encapsulates the execution of our strategy to offer 360 degrees of service for the aircraft we lease,” said Rich Corrado, president and chief executive officer of ATSG. “We are able to purchase a passenger aircraft, convert it to freighter configuration in-house using the STC developed through our joint venture, then lease it to a customer along with options for ongoing maintenance support, ground support and airport operations, and CMI services for seamless, turn-key operation. This convenient bundled services approach allows our customers to introduce new aircraft quickly to meet the demands of the growing e-commerce segment.”

The A321-200PCF delivers the highest available payload with unmatched versatility, offering the flexible TELAIR main deck cargo loading system and a lower lobe compatible with bulk, sliding carpet, or containerized systems. It has an operating empty weight over 2,000 lb (900 kg) lighter than its closest rival and has been optimized for maximum revenue loads, profitability, fuel efficiency, and room for supernumeraries.

“The A321-200PCF is very well suited for global air-express service and e-commerce fulfilment over shorter routes,” said Mike Berger, the chief commercial officer of ATSG. “It combines next-generation efficiency with best-in-platform cargo capacity, crew amenities, and efficiency. It represents an opportunity for Boeing 757 operators to modernize their fleet, offering, for example, a 13 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over a Boeing 757-200 series freighter. Additionally, switching to the A321-200PCF allows operators of the Boeing 737-800 to expand their air cargo capacity to meet additional market demand.”

CAM’s first A321-200PCF conversions are under LOI to Malaysia-based Raya Airways, which provides air cargo service to more than 10 locations across the Asia-Pacific region.

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28 December, 2021

C-Check for Air Astana Airbus A321.

In Nur-Sultan Air Astana engineers performed a C-Check on an Airbus A321. This is a deep and extensive safety check of individual systems and components on the aircraft which is carried out every 2-3 years, depending on the number of hours flown. 

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03 October, 2021

Alaska unveils Giants-themed aircraft at San Francisco International Airport

Alaska Airlines, the official airline partner of the San Francisco Giants, has unveiled a new Giants-themed livery on one of its Airbus A321 aircraft, just in time for the Giants' upcoming playoff run.

The aircraft's first revenue flight transported sports fans from San Francisco (SFO) for Seattle (SEA) on Wednesday 29th September. 

"Few things are as exciting as seeing this big, colorful giant fly across our beautiful state as we go into our playoff run. My hope is that this aircraft gives Giants fans a way to feel part of the team, every time they travel," said San Francisco Giants CEO and President Larry Baer. "Partnerships like we have with Alaska Airlines offer critical support of local community, youth and education programs like the Willie Mays Scholarship Fund and the Giants Community Fund, which in turn is helping change the lives of our youths."

This is the second livery dedicated to the San Francisco Giants. The plane, tail number N855VA, will fly throughout Alaska's network now through 2022. The new Giants-themed livery is one of many ways guests can celebrate the team's playoff run. Alaska just announced that fans who wear Giants' apparel can board early for all San Francisco departing flights for the duration of the team's postseason play.

Alaska employees dedicated the plane along with a $100,000 check to the Willie Mays Scholarship Fund, in honor of the 'Say Hey Kid's' 90th birthday. The fund assists in making college aspirations come true for San Francisco's Black youth and empowers them to pursue their goals to achieve success in high school, college and beyond. Terminal 2 flyers were also treated to a surprise celebration complete with DJ entertainment on-site, prizes, giveaways and a visit from the Giants' mascot "Lou Seal" joining in on the festivities.

"Alaska has been a proud partner of the Giants since 2017," said Natalie Bowman, Alaska Airlines managing director of brand and marketing communications. "We're thrilled to display our Giants pride from 35,000 feet with this unique looking plane, and we wish the team the best of luck as they hopefully make a deep run in the postseason."

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30 September, 2021

31 New Airbus aircraft for ITA...................... 15 A220s, 2 A320neos, 9 A321neos and 5 A330-900neos

The global aircraft leasing giant, Air Lease Corporation confirmed on Thursday 30 September that ITA, the new national airline of Italy, has agreed to lease 31 new ALC aircraft consisting of 15 A220s, two A320neos, nine A321neos and five A330-900neos on long-term lease from ALC’s orderbook with Airbus.  The 31 aircraft will deliver to the airline progressively beginning in the second half of 2022 through early 2025. 

In addition to these 31 ALC Airbus aircraft, ITA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Airbus for the purchase of 28 new aircraft: 10 Airbus A330neo aircraft for long-haul flights, seven Airbus A220 family regional jets and 11 Airbus A320neo family aircraft (deliveries for the latter to start after the completion of the business plan).

Overall, ITA will lease a total of 56 new Airbus aircraft over the course of the plan (13 long-haul jets, including the ultra-modern Airbus A350-900, and 43 short and medium-haul aircraft).

“Air Lease Corporation is pleased and proud to be the launch Lessor for ITA to supply the new airline 31 new Airbus jet aircraft, including the most modern A220 and A320/321neo family jets, as well the latest environmentally friendly widebody aircraft on long-term operating leases from ALC’s orderbook.  These transactions will allow ITA to operate the most technologically advanced new aircraft to cover ITA’s European and Intercontinental route network with great efficiency,” said Steven F. Udvar-Házy, Executive Chairman of Air Lease Corporation.  “We look forward to a long-term successful partnership,” he said.

The Executive Chairman of ITA, Alfredo Altavilla, said: “The strategic partnership with Airbus and ALC is crucial for ITA to jumpstart our Business Plan aiming at achieving our targets of a new environmental-friendly fleet with significantly lower operating and leasing costs.  I want to thank both Christian Scherer, CCO of Airbus, and Steven F. Udvar-Házy, Executive Chairman of Air Lease Corporation, for their trust in the future of our brand-new airline.” 

“ITA has done a thorough clean sheet aircraft evaluation and has chosen Airbus across all segments.  This is very gratifying and a testimony of the great value of the Airbus product range.  It sets a benchmark in driving the decarbonization and efficiency agenda.  From the start, we have been working closely with ITA, listening carefully to their requirements.  Today we are proud and grateful to be alongside ITA in building its future together.  Grazie Mille!" said Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International.

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28 October, 2020

First A321P2F enters into service with Qantas for Australia Post

Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), the joint venture created by Airbus and ST Engineering has achieved key milestones in the A321 passenger-to-freighter (P2F) conversion programme with the delivery and entry-into-service on 2th October of the first converted aircraft to Qantas. This new P2F version is being leased by aircraft asset manager Vallair to Qantas, to operate services on behalf of Australia Post. Last month, following its flight tests, the newly completed aircraft had been delivered by EFW to Vallair.

These milestones mark the completion and ‘birth’ of the world’s first A321 converted freighter. EFW had received the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the A321P2F from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in February this year, and the Validation STC from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in July. Operator-specific enhancements were subsequently incorporated into the freighter and certified prior to its delivery from EFW to Vallair.