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29 February, 2024

Magellan Aerospace gets multi-year contract for Airbus single aisle aircraft components

Wrexham Machining an Airbus A320 spar.
Magellan Wrexham facility's leading-edge long bed machining centre. (Photo: Business Wire)
Magellan Aerospace Corporation announced an agreement between Magellan Aerospace (UK) Limited and Airbus to continue to supply major structural wing components for Airbus’ single aisle family of aircraft. The high-strength, lightweight components will be delivered from Magellan’s leading-edge long bed machining centre in our Wrexham facility from January 2024.

The agreement focuses on the production of precision-machined wing spars for use on the A320 family of aircraft. Wing spars are large machined components that provide support and strength to the wing structure. Magellan will expand its industry-leading long bed machining capability at the Wrexham facility to ensure continued delivery of quality products that meets the expectations of the customer.

Mr. Haydn Martin, Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Contracts said, “This scope of work with Airbus demonstrates our commitment to align with our customer’s requirements through continuous improvement and infrastructure investment.” “The long-term nature of the contract allows Magellan to make investments that offer our customer a competitive and reliable source during Airbus’ ramp up for the future production of single aisle aircraft,” he concluded.

Magellan Aerospace Corporation is a global aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defence and space agencies worldwide. Magellan designs and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and components for aerospace markets, advanced proprietary products for military and space markets, and provides engine and component repair and overhaul services worldwide. Magellan is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MAL), with operating units throughout North America, Europe, and India.

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30 May, 2023

Magellan Aerospace inks deal with Boeing for exhaust systems

Magellan Aerospace confirmed a contract extension with Boeing to manufacture large and complex nacelle exhaust systems for the 767 programme has been signed. The fabricated metallic assemblies will be produced and delivered from Magellan’s facility in Middletown, Ohio.

The continuation of this agreement with Boeing will ensure the supply of Magellan’s acoustic plug and nozzle exhaust assemblies for the 767 programme. Magellan utilizes internally manufactured metallic honeycomb in the production process. The metallic honeycomb is manufactured utilizing materials suitable for higher temperatures and offers advantages in weight savings and acoustic attenuation.

“We have developed a great working relationship over the past 40 years and look forward to continuing to support this foundational program at our Middletown operation”, said Haydn Martin, Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Contracts at Magellan.

Magellan has decades of expertise in the design, manufacture, and certification of nacelle exhaust systems. This experience is demonstrated by a lineage of programs where Magellan has collaborated with commercial customers to supply unique exhaust systems for engines on different aircraft platforms. Magellan’s Middletown facility has been a continuous supplier for Boeing for 70 years.

Magellan Aerospace Corporation is a global aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defence and space agencies worldwide. Magellan designs and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and components for aerospace markets, advanced proprietary products for military and space markets, and provides engine and component repair and overhaul services worldwide. Magellan is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: MAL), with operating units throughout North America, Europe, and India.

12 January, 2023

Magellan Aerospace celebrates Royal Canadian Air Forces order 88 F-35 fighter jets

Magellan Aerospace Corporation applauds the Government of Canada's announcement that it has reached a final agreement to acquire 88 F-35 fighter jets for the Royal Canadian Air Force. By selecting the F-35, Canada is continuing a relationship that was established between the original partnering nations for the development of the F-35.

The announcement secures significant benefits to the Canadian aerospace industry. To date, Canadian companies have been awarded high value contracts as part of the F-35 global supply chain amounting to $2.7 billion USD as a result of Canada’s partnership in the F-35 program. The Canadian economy is anticipated to benefit by more than $16.9 billion CAD over the life of the program. The actions taken by the government on the F-35 program will continue to deliver economic and technical advantages to Canada for decades to come.

As an international partner on the program, Canada’s aerospace industry has had many first-of-a-kind opportunities to work directly on F-35 production and provided companies the leverage to adopt some of the most advanced technologies in the world. The formal F-35 selection secures Canadian industry’s investment in the program and is expected to facilitate access to future sustainment opportunities.

Magellan sends congratulations to the Lockheed Martin team. Magellan has provided complex structural assemblies and other components for the global F-35 program since the initial system design and development phase.

Magellan is excited to continue its participation on the F-35 program that includes eight international partners — the U.S., United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Denmark, and Canada. Nine Foreign Military Sales customers are also procuring and operating the F-35 ­— Israel, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Belgium, Singapore, Finland, Switzerland, and Germany.

23 November, 2022

Magellan Aerospace Signs Multi-Year F-35 Lightning II Contract

Magellan Aerospace Corporation announced this week, the award of a multi-year contract from Lockheed Martin Corporation (“LMCO”) for complex machined titanium components for all three variants of the F-35 aircraft. This multi-million dollar contract will be carried out at Magellan Aerospace’s facility in Kitchener, Ontario over the period of 2023 to 2027. The contract is for shipsets of machined wing tie bars for the aircraft’s leading edge flap.

Magellan’s Kitchener facility has industry-leading expertise in titanium machining operations and world-class machining capability, with an emphasis on high-speed machining of hard metals such as titanium, Inconel and stainless steel.

This latest contract is a continuation of a long-established relationship with LMCO on the global F-35 fighter aircraft program. Magellan’s Kitchener facility was the first international partner on the F-35 program to deliver parts to the program in late 2003. Prior to these deliveries, Kitchener had made a significant investment in both equipment and technology that proved to be pivotal in securing its role on the program.

12 February, 2022

Magellan Jets grew gross revenue to $80 million in 2021

Magellan Jets thrived throughout 2021, helping private travellers navigate the challenges of business aviation in COVID’s “new normal.” As a result, Magellan grew gross revenue to $80 million in 2021 and is projecting $115 million for 2022.

The year also saw Magellan expand jet card ownership and private jet membership while simultaneously guiding customers through a difficult period of high demand, limited aircraft availability, and evolving federal, state, & international COVID-19 safety regulations. Magellan not only kept all programs open, but also actively onboarded new clients to all products while still maintaining a strict dedication to a historic Trip Perfection Rating—the percentage of trips flown with zero issues whatsoever—of nearly 100 percent.

Combining its proprietary in-house customer support team with the industry-leading Magellan Jets Preferred Network of owner-operators, Magellan was able to achieve growth when others in the market retrenched. These efforts, along with a detailed focus on execution and a commitment to exceptional service, helped Magellan exceed its 2021 financial forecast. This performance was greatly attributed to an increase in jet card revenue by 156 percent and the growth of new customer jet card sales by 38 percent.

“Our growth and execution this year is a direct result of our seasoned staff and owner-operator partners working together to exceed customer expectations” said Magellan Jets CEO Joshua Hebert. “The challenges we faced—unprecedented demand, ongoing pandemic, supply chain crisis—are the same problems facing the entire private aviation industry, but Magellan has been able to stand out and succeed by tailoring ourselves to customers’ needs and over-communicating every step of the way.”  

With zero debt, strong revenue, and long-standing relationships with operators, Magellan was able to provide flights for customers while maintaining a leading commitment to safety. Magellan also continued to develop and invest in COVID-19 protocols, including the development of the 5x5 Puresky Safety Standard, a new, multilayered safety protocol to ensure the wellbeing of guests and crew. The company increased sales, marketing, and customer support staff while investing more heavily than ever in customer access technology.

“We are extremely grateful to our Magellan Jets family and to our partners across aviation as a whole, all of whom worked tirelessly throughout a pandemic and a busy holiday season to guarantee exceptional service for guests through some of the most difficult conditions the industry has ever faced,” said Magellan Jets President Anthony Tivnan.

Explorer and Premium membership revenue grew by 434% in 2021, and the Explorer membership won Robb Report’s 2021 “Best of the Best” award.

Magellan was first in the industry to begin communicating openly about the challenges that were approaching in Q4, kick-starting a series of direct video messages to customers regarding market conditions in 2021. In these updates, Tivnan walked guests through exactly what to expect during unprecedented times, and recommended steps they could take to ensure the best experience.

“As customer advocates, we’re honoured to sit on the same side of the table as our guests and look out for their best interests,” said Tivnan. “We knew it was important to keep customers apprised of the difficulties across the industry, set realistic expectations, and show what we were doing to mitigate disruptions and ensure they had the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.”


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08 February, 2021

Magellan Aerospace and General Electric Aviation Canada Sign Memorandum of Understanding for F414 Engine Sustainment in Support of Boeing Super Hornet Bid for Canada Future Fighter Competition

Magellan Aerospace Corporation announced this week, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with General Electric Aviation Canada for the purpose of exploring an arrangement whereby GE Canada would support Magellan in establishing and delivering a Canadian-based sustainment solution for the GE F414-GE-400 engine, which powers Boeing’s F/A-18 Block III Super Hornet fighter jet. This initiative is in support of Boeing’s proposal to provide the Block III Super Hornet as a solution for Canada’s Future Fighter Capability Project. 

Under this MOU, with the selection of the Super Hornet for the FFCP, GE Canada and Magellan would develop an appropriate and competitive sustainment solution for Canada which would provide all aircraft engine sustainment services for the Royal Canadian Air Force (“RCAF”) on their F414 engine fleet. The in-country depot level sustainment support for the engines includes onsite maintenance, repair and overhaul (“MR&O”) support services, technical services, and engineering support and would be performed in Magellan’s facility in Mississauga, Ontario for the life of the program. This engine sustainment work for Magellan aligns with the objectives outlined in Canada’s FFCP ITB requirement and will continue to provide high-value, high-complexity jobs in Ontario, Canada.

14 March, 2020

Magellan boss sends an open letter to customers.

The following is a letter provided by Joshua Hebert, CEO, Magellan Jets.

"We’re seeing greater demand due to the inability of commercial airlines to deliver safety and service, culminating in a jump to private aviation. We are seeing a trend in businesses who traditionally flew their executives on first-class are now finding it safer and more economical to fly the same group of people on a private aircraft. Interestingly, we’ve also seen an influx in new charter customers from people who would have normally flown commercially.

06 March, 2020

Magellan Jets Goes Green with terrapass Carbon Offsetting Collaboration

Magellan Jets has announced its new collaboration with terrapass, the industry leader in the provision of audited and third party-certified, U.S.-based carbon offsetting projects. In addition to offsetting 100% of the company’s office operations, Magellan Jets will now offer carbon offsetting options for every solution in its private aviation portfolio.

All Magellan members will have the option to offset their memberships, while charter customers can choose to offset their travel on a per-flight basis.  The firm says people can also purchase offsets on all their business travel and private aviation trips, even if they are flying charter or have a jet card membership with another company.

“We are thrilled to join terrapass in leading the private aviation industry towards a greener, more responsible tomorrow,” says Magellan Jets Founder and CEO Joshua Hebert. “We believe this collaboration provides the best solution for our members and customers who are interested in offsetting the environmental impact of their travels. In addition, we’ve created a green travel toolkit to help guide our clients in researching sustainable solutions.”

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29 October, 2019

Magellan Jets ELEVATES their Corporate Membership Programme

Magellan Jets, an elite private jet travel provider for the country’s busiest executives, has ELEVATED their Corporate Membership Program. The updated membership comes in response to a surge in business travel among Magellan Jets customers.

ELEVATE is a risk-free private jet membership with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, the first of its kind in private aviation. Whether you need primary or supplemental lift, for a minimal initial investment. you can now access five categories of aircraft all at a fixed price, with as little as six hours’ notice. This includes flying multiple aircraft on any day of your choice if needed. The prices are all inclusive of fuel and catering. It’s a CFO’s dream program.