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14 January, 2019

15 dead after cargo plane crash in Iran

At least 15 people have been killed by in the crash of a Boeing 707 cargo aircraft near the Iranian capital, Tehran. 

According to local reports, the vintage Boeing 707 veered off the runway, went through a wall and collided with a house near the airport.  The aircraft had been trying to land at Fath airport in Karaj, some 25 miles west of the Iranian capital of Tehran.  The weather is reported to have been considered 'poor' at the time of the incident.

It is understood the aircraft was carrying meat and other supplies from the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps controlled Fath airport base.  

Local TV is reporting that the aircraft's black boxes have been found at the scene and that that out of 16 people onboard the aircraft, only one had survived - said to be the flight engineer. Also reported by the local media is that aircraft was confirmed to be owned by Iran and all onboard were of Iranian nationality. 

Images from the scene seem to show the aircraft was adorned with the civilian airline livery of the Iranian Air Force. It is unclear at this stage if the 707 was supposed to be landing at Fath or had mistaken the airport from the nearby commercial Payam International Airport, which has a much longer runway. 

Some Iranian and local regional commentators believe the US imposed sanctions have had a negative impact on the Iranian aviation industry, forcing airline and operators in the country to fly aircraft long after their airworthiness could no longer be assured. 

 (Photos EPA).