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07 January, 2019

Wreckage did 'most likely' come from MH370

Photo  AFP
According to officials, small items of wreckage located on a beach in Madagascar last year are most likely to have come from the doomed Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

The debris had been handed over to Anthony Loke, the Malaysian Transport Minister at the end of November last year by a beaching combing amateur hunter, Blaine Gibson along with relatives of a few of the passengers on the aircraft when it disappeared.

According to an official Malaysian report from the MH370 Safety Investigation Team, the 5 items had come from an aircraft and a section of the floor had come from a Boeing 777, which was 'most likely MH370.'

The small section of floor has part of a white label on it which bears half of a serial number WPPS61, which researchers have found would match that found on a Boeing 777 aircraft. Where the bulk of the wreckage of the aircraft is, still remains a mystery, with many people believing it was just outside the official search area. 

03 September, 2018

MH370 message logs were modified claims new investigators.

It is being reported this week that independent investigators looking into the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that was operating flight MH370 in March 2014, says parts of the report and data logs have been modified.

The investigators have said they believe that the official report might have been modified and Malaysia Airlines is withholding information. These investigators are claiming that the message logs released by the airline that were given to the official investigation and contained in the official report are not complete, some have been taken out or in some cases changed. 

The group of independent investigators, lead by Victor Iannello reports he's 'found some anomalies in the message logs that were included in factual information released by Malaysia', as well as the safety report. "It is disappointing that more than four years after MH370's disappearance, we are still asking Malaysia to release withheld data,'" he claimed on a blog last week.

13 August, 2018

MH370 was flown and crashed by a theory suggests

According to an international aviation 'expert,' the latest theory into the disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370 is that it was flown by a stowaway who then crashed the plane.  

Philip Baum editor of Aviation Security International claims that someone evaded all airport security checks, managed to find a secret hiding place on the Boeing 777 and then somehow took over control of the aircraft and crashed it.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing in March 2014 while en route to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew on board. Its disappearance has sparked the biggest marine search for a civil airliner in history and so far officials have drawn a blank in finding it or what happened to it. Indeed the Malaysian investigation team of some 19 or so people failed to find a conclusion The team found no evidence of malfunctions, no malicious or suspicious behaviour from the flight crew, there was no evidence of someone other than the pilots flew the plane, but at the end of their investigation they concluded: “The team is unable to determine the real cause for the disappearance of MH370.”

26 May, 2018

The search for MH370 will end next week, but new PM opens the door for another search

Malaysian authorities have announced that the search for missing flight MH370 by private US company will finish next week.

On Wednesday the Malaysian transport minister, Anthony Loke said that the 90-day search deal with Ocean Infinity was due to end in April but had been extended twice until 29th May, following the firm’s request.  “There will be no more extensions. It cannot continue forever. Let’s wait until May 29 and we will then decide how to proceed."

The organisation Voice 370, which represents many of families of those onboard the vanished flight, issued a statement which urged the new government to review all matters related to the jet’s disappearance including “any possible falsification” or elimination of maintenance records and any omission that may have impaired tracking, search, rescue and recovery of the plane.

Loke advised that the new government, which realised power after the 9th May elections, is committed to transparency and will release details for public scrutiny in due time.

14 May, 2018

MH370 - It was murder says investigator

It was a murder-suicide that caused the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 according to Martin Dolan, the Australian investigator who led the search for the missing aircraft for two years. 

During an Australian 60 Minutes television, he and other investigators asserted that Captain Zaharie Amad Shah orchestrated the crash and did everything he could to ensure it went as planned. They claim the pilot had “deliberately evaded radar” and affected the crash of the aircraft in a drastic murder-suicide, murdering 239 people. 

The Boeing 777 had been flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it seemed to disappear causing a multimillion dollar search, which has, as of yet not succeeded in locating the aircraft or what debris is left of it

20 October, 2017

Malaysia Airlines Names New CEO

The Board of Directors of Malaysia Aviation Group have announced Captain Izham Ismail as the new Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO) designate with immediate effect, taking over the role vacated by Mr Peter Bellew.

Currently, Captain Izhamt is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and will take up his new role 1st December 2017 and has been integral to the airline’s massive ongoing turnaround effort. As COO, he was responsible for the operations division, which includes flight and airport operations as well as engineering. He led the restructuring of the engineering division for more efficient and leaner operations and was also responsible for the airline’s fuel savings initiative