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26 March, 2020

State of emergency in place in Thailand will make travelling very difficult

In accordance with the decree of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand, a state of emergency is imposed on the territory of the state from 00:00 on March 26. 

Thus, the government of Thailand declares that entry to Thailand by air, sea, road or other means of transport is prohibited, except for the people listed below:
 1. Employees of embassies, employees of international organizations, representatives of the government, who have duties in Thailand, including their family members, issuing a letter guaranteeing entry to the Kingdom of Thailand at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
2. Foreign citizens, who have work permits in the Kingdom of Thailand.
3. Thai citizens are subject to receiving a letter of guarantee and a certificate of health when returning to Thailand.

This decree does not apply to foreign citizens travelling in transit until March 31, 2020. Persons aged 4 to 6 years must have a certificate of sufficient health to fly issued no later than 72 hours before departure.

So far over 350 police checkpoints have been established around the country and restrictions will be enforced.  “People can still travel, but there will be measures imposed on travellers which will make travel more difficult and eventually discouraging them from doing so,”  Wissanu Krea-ngam Thailands Deputy Prime Minister said. “Police and soldiers will set up checkpoints at provincial borders to see whether the measures are followed.”

13 April, 2019

Ticketing specialists add more airlines to its global network

Hahn Air, the German airline and ticketing specialist already integrated ten new carriers into its global network of more than 350 air, rail and shuttle partners by the end of March of this year.

Among the new partnerships, two are new interline agreements. The flights of the Thai low-cost airline Nok Air (DD) and of Precision Air (PW) from Tanzania can now be issued on the insolvency-safe HR-169 ticket. Travel agents can find and book their flights under the airlines’ own two-letter-codes in selected GDSs even in markets where the carriers are not members of the local payment systems (BSPs).

21 September, 2017

Nok CEO resigns - as refinancing begins

The low-cost Thai carrier Nok Airlines and its  Chief Executive Officer Patee Sarasin, have parted company they've announced. In fact,  Patee Sarasin resigned from the position on the 14th September and has been replaced with the former Deputy Chief Executive Officer Piya Yodmani 

However, despite resigning as the CEO, Sarasin will actually remain with the budget airline, he'll still be a director of the company but has also been appointed as Vice Chairman. He is largely considered to be the driving force behind the inventive way the airline has branded itself as a fun, playful airline with sometimes tongue-in-cheek videos and commercials as well as creating music videos.

Nok Air may well be one of the leading budget airlines in the region, however, it is trying to transition itself as a high-quality price conscious airline.  They currently operate a mixed fleet comprising of 31 aircraft in total,  21 Boeing 737-800s, 8 Q400Next Gen's and a couple of ATR72-500 aircraft.