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18 December, 2019

IAA Aireon ALERT Wins Global Air Traffic Management Award

Irish Aviation Authority Operates World's First Global Emergency Aircraft Locating Service from its North Atlantic Communications Centre in Ballygirreen, Co. Clare.

Aireon ALERT technology can identify the last known position of any aircraft globally, provided the aircraft is equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast.
Previously only 30% of the Earth's surface was monitored. With Aireon ALERT the exact location of aircraft in distress or experiencing loss in communication can be found.
This service is free, but all users must register to avail of the 24/7 operations facility

The Irish Aviation Authority has won the prestigious Global Air Traffic Management Award (ATM) for Service Provision 2019. The IAA facility in Ballygirreen, Co. Clare provides the Aireon ALERT service 24 hours a day, every day to airlines, air navigation service providers and search and rescue organisations from around the world, making the skies an ever-safer place.