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29 July, 2019

North Korean airline to head to Macau

The end of this week will see something unusual in the international aviation world, North Korean national carrier, Air Koryo will launch a new international route.

Flight International is reporting that the carrier will commence the new service on the 2nd August to Macau from its home base of Pyongyang. At this stage, it is unclear what aircraft will operate the route which is scheduled to run twice a week. However, it will most likely be flown by one of the carriers Tu 204s.

This is the first time in four years that Air Koryo has introduced an international route, it currently operates flights to Vladivostok in Russia and Beijing, Shenyang and Shanghai in China.   

The Civil Aviation Authority of Macau (AACM) confirmed Air Koryo had applied to them to operate the route on 17th July

We have reached out to Air Koryo for a statement, as yet no reply has been received. 

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23 November, 2017

Air China halts North Korea flights as tension mount

The isolation of The Democratic People's Republic of Korea or North Korea as most of us know it, has reached new heights as the Chinses state-owned airline Air China has put a halt on all flights between Beijing and North Korea from Tuesday.  The airline cites a lack of demand for the suspension of air services - including humanitarian supplies and comes as UN sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs start to take effect on the North Korean population.  

Many see Air China's actions as a direct response to the US President Donald Trump’s decision to add Pyongyang to a list of governments that support terrorism despite this being denied by the local authorities, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said he had no information.

The suspension of Air China's operations leaves only Air Koryo - the national airline of North Korea, as the only airline with regularly scheduled service from the North to the outside world. Its regular destinations include Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang and Dandong in China and Vladivostok in Russia.

Beijing has supported UN curbs on North Korean exports designed to increase pressure on Kim Jong Un to drop his pursuit of nuclear and missile technology but has argued against measures that might harm the country’s public. However, cutting off flights from Beijing greatly impedes the import of humanitarian and medical supplies to North Korea.