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13 March, 2024

BRA's reorganisation plan complete.....

Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) Airbus A319 takes off from Bromma
The reorganisation plan that Swedish regional carrier, Braathens Regional Airlines (BRA) has been working on since 19th October last year was approved by the creditors and decided in Solna District Court on 16th February this year. The judgment has now gained legal force. The purpose of the reconstruction has thus been achieved and the company has created long-term sustainable financial conditions to secure the business. This good news means that BRA is now putting the reconstruction behind it and returning to normal operations.

Ulrika Matsgård, CEO of BRA said "The fact that we have reached the goal of the company reorganisation is very gratifying news for customers, employees and partners who have been both supportive and patient throughout this process. We now look forward to continuing our important work to offer more sustainable, punctual travel opportunities with a high level of service, both domestically in Sweden and throughout Europe together with tour operators and other partners." 

During the reconstruction process, BRA has had a strong focus on developing and improving its operations and strengthening its long-term financial conditions. Both customer and supplier agreements have been renegotiated, while measures to strengthen profitability have been initiated. In addition, the owners contribute a new share capital of SEK 114 million.

Per G. Braathen, Chairman and owner of BRA, said: "We are proud to have flown passengers and contributed to keeping the whole of Sweden alive for over 25 years – the ambition is to continue to do so for at least another 25 years. Braathens Regional Airlines now has very good opportunities to continue to preserve the aviation infrastructure and accessibility in Sweden, while at the same time actively driving our important sustainability work forward. I would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who has supported us in this process."

22 April, 2023

BRA to launch direct flights from Visby to Aarhus and Oslo this summer

BRA, Braathens Regional Airlines, the Swedish regional airline is launching two new routes from Visby with flights starting just in time for the holidays. 

From Monday 3rd July, the airline starts a direct route between Visby and Denmark's second-largest city Aarhus, operating on Mondays and Fridays

From Thursday 6th July, BRA starts a service between Visby and Oslo, which departs on Thursdays and Sundays.

Martin Erkenborn, Chief Commercial Officer at BRA said:  "We are very pleased to now launch even more direct routes from Visby this summer. Gotland and Visby are an incredibly important region for us and it, therefore, feels extra good that we now connect Gotland with other parts of Scandinavia. This investment is fully in line with our strategy to consolidate our position as an airline on Gotland and our long-term plan for expansion beyond Sweden's borders."
Gunnar Jonasson, Airport Manager Visby Airport said:  "It feels great that BRA is now starting two new routes that put Gotland on the map even outside Sweden's borders. This creates opportunities for new visitors from both Norway and Denmark, two target groups that are very important for Gotland. From the perspective of Gotlanders, it will be easy to fly directly to Norway and Denmark this summer."

12 April, 2021

BRA to start flying again in 12 May. Currently hiring cabin crew

BRA - Braathens Regional Airlines is getting ready to get back in the air,  the Swedish regional airline will be recommending operations on May 12th. The airline will operate flights to and from Bromma, Malmö, Gothenburg, Visby, Ängelholm and Umeå. Week 26 (ie 28 Jun-4 Christmas) we open up Kalmar, Halmstad and Östersund as well as Visby-Malmö and Visby-Gothenburg.

As the airline is Soon to start flying again its is looking for more dedicated colleagues for Cabin Crew Bromma, Visby and Gothenburg.

Applications and details

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07 April, 2020

BRA seeking reorganisation

Sweden-based airline BRA said on Monday it had applied for court-administered reorganisation as it sought to avoid bankruptcy after the rapidly spreading new coronavirus caused a collapse in demand.

The small privately held airline had said only days ago it was temporarily discontinuing all traffic between April 6 and May 31 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, of which there have been more than 6,000 confirmed cases in Sweden.

Applying for company reorganisation is a form of administration where a court appointee is charged with restructuring the firm with the aim of avoiding bankruptcy.

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02 April, 2020

Braathens Regional Airlines stops all flights

The Swedish regional carrier Braathens Regional Airlines -BRA  has announced that it would be halting all flights due to the falling demand for air travel as the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow. 

“With the government’s and the Public Health Authority’s strong call for the Swedish population not to travel within the country, we have no customers left that fly with us and we therefore need to further adapt our traffic to the new conditions,” the airline confirmed and was cancelling all flights between April 6 and May 31.

Domestic routes cancelled from April 6 - May 31: 
  • Malmö - Stockholm Bromma 
  • Göteborg - Stockholm Bromma 
  • Visby - Stockholm Bromma 
  • Umeå - Stockholm Bromma 
  • Ängelholm/Helsingborg - Stockholm Bromma
  • Östersund - Stockholm Bromma
  • Östersund - Gothenburg 
  • len - Stockholm Bromma
  • Sälen - Malmö
  • Sälen - Ängelholm / Helsingborg

International routes cancelled from April 6 - May 31: 
  • Stockholm Bromma - Tallinn 
  • Stockholm Bromma - Riga 
  • Stockholm Bromma - Torp / Oslo 
  • Stockholm Bromma - Helsinki
  • Gothenburg - Berlin 
  • Gothenburg - Lyon 
  • Malmö  Berlin 
  • Växjö - Berlin 

18 October, 2019

New Airline Riga-Stockholm: BRA World Premiere for Carbon Offsetted Flights for Everyone

BRAND NEW................Swedish Braathens Regional Airlines will open a new direct route from Riga International Airport to Stockholm City Airport Bromma, from 30 of March 2020. 

Flight are on sale now and fares start at just €60 including full carbon offset, beverages and a snack onboard. Braathens Regional Airlines is the only commercial airline in the world to include carbon offset for everyone in the ticket fare - at no extra charges.

It is the demand for sustainable international flights, followed by the flight shame in Sweden, that makes Braathens Regional Airlines expand into new, international markets.

10 November, 2017

Finnair adds capacity to Stockholm, expands cooperation with Swedish regional airline BRA

The fantastic Finnair will be adding connections to Stockholm’s Bromma airport, and further extend its cooperation with the Swedish regional airline BRA, the airline confirmed this week.

With the new frequencies, Finnair boosts capacity between Bromma and Helsinki by a whopping total of 40%, offering up to 7 connections per day between both cities.  The new connections to Stockholm’s convenient downtown airport further enhances  Finnair’s offering for the Swedish market, which is one, it is fair to say,  of Finnair’s key markets. Finnair also flies to Stockholm Arlanda airport with up to 8 connections a day.

Starting from January 2018, BRA will operate an additional afternoon flight for Finnair from Bromma in Stockholm to Helsinki and back during the weekdays, offering Swedish customers an additional connection to Finnair’s extensive Asian network. Finnair will also operate an additional morning flight from Helsinki to Bromma five days a week, and an evening flight from Bromma to Helsinki six days a week, giving Finnair customers an improved schedule and quick transfers to BRA's regional network in Sweden via Bromma. BRA offers connections from Bromma to Malmö, Umeå, Sundsvall, Växjö, Visby, Ängelholm, Halmstad, Ronneby, Östersund and Trollhättan.

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