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21 July, 2020

AirTanker is the latest airline to join Airlines UK

AirTanker joins Airlines UK
Photo AirTanker
You might not be familiar with the name AirTanker, but you've almost certainly seen at least one of their aircraft flying high in the skies over the UK in recent weeks.  This British airline is perhaps best known for operating the RAF Voyager aircraft.

Since signing a 27-year contract with the MoD in 2008, AirTanker’s primary role has been to ensure the safe and effective operation of the RAF’s fleet of A330 MRTT Voyager aircraft, with responsibilities ranging from aircraft delivery and fleet management to crew training and a full maintenance capability.

As well as supporting the Voyager military operation, AirTanker is a civil airline and operates the South Atlantic Air Bridge, which provides a vital scheduled connection between the UK and the Falkland Islands. AirTanker has also continued to expand its commercial leasing business, operating a number of Airbus A330-200 aircraft on ad-hoc, damp and wet lease contracts on behalf of other carriers in the UK and Europe.

Photo RAF /Crown Copyright

20 July, 2020

UK airline industry wants a year long break from air passenger duty tax.

The UK's airline industry wants a year-long break from the government imposed air passenger duty tax or the consequences could be dire, warns industry campaigning body, Airlines UK.

The trade body says without the emergency tax break,  UK airports will lose around 600 routes initially and in 12 months’ time, around 80% of the lost routes will be in the UK regions.  

Yet,  with a 12-month waiver, it could save 45% of the air routes out of the UK that would otherwise be lost due to the impacts of the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, a new report has found. In addition, the support could potentially save 8,000 jobs and contribute an additional £7 billion in GVA.

The study carried out by York Aviation and commissioned by Airlines UK, the industry association for UK-registered airlines, shows:

With an emergency 12-month Air Passenger Duty waiver in place, the situation improves with the number of routes that would immediately return at around 35. This grows steadily as the market recovers, with an APD waiver supporting an additional 56 routes by July next year. In other words, by July 2021 it would have saved around 45% of routes that would otherwise be lost;
The APD waiver would boost passenger demand by around 12% over the next 12 months. This equates to around 21 million passengers over the 12 months against a baseline of 170 million passengers.
An APD waiver could potentially save 8,000 jobs over the next 12 months and enable the sector to support an additional £7 billion in GVA. This GVA saving is around 3.3 times greater than the expected revenue from APD over the next 12 months.
Read the full report here.