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06 November, 2019

Brazil launches a mega cultural contest for international tourists - The King of Rolê - 30 Days In Brazil For Free

The newest promotional campaign from the Brazilian Tourism Board -Embratur has just been launched. It is named as "The King of Rolê" and is directed exclusively to the international travelling public. The campaign works as a reality show to promote Brazil as a tourist destination for the world.

"Rolê" is a Brazilian expression that loosely translates to "going for a walk". Going for a "rolê" means to have fun, to make friends, to enjoy life. "This is an international Internet contest to choose a foreigner willing to spend 30 days travelling around Brazil", explains Embratur's President, Gilson Machado Neto.

The action will have the support of Brazilian airlines and hotel chains. The estimated production cost is R$ 3 million.

How to take part....