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24 November, 2014

LIAT About to Axe Staff.

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Nearly 200 employees of the Caribbean airline, LIAT, could get the axe if proposed job cuts go ahead. 

Local media is reporting that the colourful regional carrier is looking to lay off about 185 of its staff who are stationed in every country in which it operates.
The company has presented several options to reduce the number of staff it employs, including early retirement, voluntary severance, normal retirement, lay off's and termination.
Based on the internal proposals, the customer service and cargo divisions would be the most effected  areas of the company with an estimated 21% reduction in personnel. In addition it is believed that LIAT will also axe up to 50 workers from the flight operations section. 
Another 50 are expected to go from engineering and 26 administrative posts will become redundant in a last ditch attempt to steer the company away from bankruptcy.  
LIAT's cargo division looks likely to be completely closed to save the company money, although accordingly to insiders, many staff will be re-employed elsewhere with the airline. 
The airline’s CEO David Evans had told media earlier that the airline was reviewing all its operational costs and could not confirm there would be no job losses.