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28 September, 2023

Global Airlines to contract Hi Fly to accelerate A380 Entry into Service Programme

Under the agreement, Global Airlines will benefit from Hi Fly's expertise to accelerate the Entry into Service (EIS) programme for the airline's new fleet.

Hi Fly, based in Lisbon, has significant A380 technical and operating experience.

First Global aircraft expected to fly to Europe in the months ahead, with a new registration of 9H-GLOBL

In a significant operational development, Global Airlines and Hi Fly have signed an agreement to work together on the development and maintenance of the four A380 aircraft the new airline has agreed to acquire.

Hi Fly, who were the first to operate the A380 in the secondary market, will use their extensive experience of the aircraft, to work with Global on not only preparing it for service, but on helping the new carrier realise its ambition to provide customers with the best way to fly on commercial services, as it prepares for operations.  

The short-term focus for both organisations are the EIS and Return to Service (RTS) processes for Global's first aircraft, expected to commence in the months ahead. However, both companies will explore further ways to broaden their collaboration, united by a passion for the aircraft, and a shared belief in its enduring potential and appeal.

James Asquith, CEO and Founder of Global Airlines said: "This announcement has been a long time in the making, and I've said from the start, we at Global want to work with the best, most experienced partners, and Hi Fly are exactly that.

"The great news for us is that the team at Hi Fly know the A380 inside-out and will be invaluable in helping us with their industry knowledge around the maintenance and technical acceptance required for our first aircraft – all crucial steps before work begins on introducing our new interiors and other vital elements of the Global service and passenger proposition.

"We're proud to be working with Hi Fly and I place no limits on the potential of this collaboration."

10 March, 2023

Latest addition to Hi-Fly fleet

The wet-leasing specialist airline Hi-Fly has released more details of the latest aircraft to join its fleet, an Airbus A330-200, with the registration 9H-HFG.

This aircraft seats 268 passengers in a three-class configuration - 18 high-comfort business class seats with flat beds, 36 Premium Economy with extra space and 214 Economy.

The A330 is the most modern and reliable family of aircraft in the sky, providing a quality solution for every route, with an operational efficiency of 99.4%. Is an efficient, modern, state-of-the-art aircraft inside and out, offers comfort to passengers and is a smart choice for customers.

30 December, 2021

HiFly scores a record flight time between Madeira and Lisbon

Commander Carlos Mirpuri registers record flight time between Madeira and Lisbon with 2 members representing FAI (World Air Sports Federation) on board; the wheels up time was 70 minutes.

The aircraft used was the A330-900neo, registration CS-TKY. The distance covered was 565 NM.

Commander Mirpuri commented: “Achieving a record flight time on this route requires a set of conditions that rarely come together. This means strong southwesterly tailwinds enroute and northeasterly winds in Lisbon.  It is also convenient to depart from runway 05 in Madeira, not normally feasible with southwesterly winds, and land on runway 03 in Lisbon. Today we had a reasonable tailwind enroute, far from ideal, and were forced to use runway 23 in Madeira, and runway 21 in Lisbon, which means the worst combination possible. But against all odds and with good support from Air Traffic Control, we still managed to cover the 565 nautical miles of this route in a record time of 70 minutes, which becomes now an official figure in the presence of FAI judges.

The choice of a cruise flight level offering the highest TAS (true airspeed), and proper point of descent initiation and deceleration played an important factor. Also, a positive ISA deviation helped us achieve a True Airspeed of 500 Kts. For much of the cruise, we had tailwinds averaging 35 Kts”

Previously, Commander Mirpuri had achieved on the same route 64 minutes with an A320, and 59 minutes with an A330. But then he had the good choice of runways and better tailwinds. These times were not however observed by FAI judges, as were not planned, but rather pulled out of existing environmental conditions on the day.

He also added: “70 minutes wheels up time with this runway combination is an amazing time”, and becomes now official. Normally the distance between Madeira and Lisbon is covered by airliners in a flight time of 75 to 80 minutes for a 05/03 runway configuration, and 85 to 90 minutes for a 23/21 runway configuration.”

It is interesting noticing that Commander Mirpuri also holds the record of maximum number of passengers out of Funchal (Madeira) to Lisbon. With an A330-300 in high-density configuration, the impressive number of souls on board was 410.

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04 November, 2020

Hi Fly won't renew lease for Airbus A380 - tribute

The wet-lease specialist Hi Fly has confirmed that when the lease from their second hand Airbus A380 comes up for renewal,  they won't be renewing it. 

Hi Fly is planning the phase-out the double-decked giant Airbus A380 at the end of the lease term later this year, following almost three years of successful operations worldwide.

This sad decision is, the firm says, a direct consequence of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, that has drastically reduced the demand for very large aircraft. Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways are just three A380 operators that have either parked all or some of their A380 fleets because of the pandemic. 

Hi Fly belongs to the very exclusive club of only 15 airlines to ever operate the A380, the largest and most advanced aircraft of all times. This aircraft was a testimony to how far human being can go in developing something so extraordinary.

13 April, 2020

Infected Antarctic cruise passengers return to Australia on Hi Fly A340-300

Photo James Ross/AAP Image via AP
More than 100 Australian and New Zealand passengers of the Antarctic cruise ship the Greg Mortimer, most of whom infected by the coronavirus, arrived in Melbourne early Sunday on an Airbus A340 flight from Uruguay.

The plane with 112 passengers, including 96 Australians, was boarded immediately after arrival by medical staff in hazmat suits. Thirteen of 16 New Zealanders were transferred to a charter flight home.

06 April, 2020

Hi Fly aircraft arrived in Lisbon with medical supplies to help boost Portuguese Coronavirus fight

Photo Hi Fly
                                      One Hi Fly A340, carrying much-needed medical equipment, touched down in Lisbon last Saturday evening, after flying from Shanghai, China, on a mission to help Portuguese efforts to battle the global Corona (COVID 19) virus outbreak.

The non-stop flight from Shanghai to Lisbon was flown by Hi Fly Vice President, Commander Carlos Mirpuri: “I had the privilege to once again see how exceptional our crews are. They helped in every way they could to expedite the aircraft turnaround. I am immensely proud and deeply thankful. With me I had Captain Ruben Morais, Captain Rui Alves, First Officer Bruno Barreiros, Purser Gonçalo Romão, Flight attendant João Covas, Engineers Hugo Jerónimo and Pedro Cunha,  and Loadmasters Nuno Vasconcelos and Paulo Catanho. What a team!”

08 September, 2019

Norwegian leasing HiFly's Airbus A380

The low-cost long-haul airline Norwegian has been wet-leasing in the super cool looking Airbus A380 fro HiFly to operate services from key European cities to New York JFK.

The airline has been struggling with aircraft availability for a few weeks now and has bought in the double-decked beauty to fly to the big apple from Oslo, Stockholm, London and mostly Paris since late August. It has also been operating a few of the rotations to Boston last month. The current schedule sees the A380 operating some slights until 12th September and then Norwegian is also leasing in aircraft from Spanish charter carriers Evelop and Wamos.  Indeed, flying from London Gatwick to New York, it's a 50/50 chance you'll be flying with Evelop.

03 September, 2019

Airbus delivers first A330neo in Hi Fly livery

Hi Fly, the privately-owned Portuguese wet-lease specialist operating an exclusive all-Airbus fleet, has taken delivery of a new A330neo on lease from Air Lease Corporation (NYSE: AL). The aircraft is configured with 371 seats in a two-class layout, with 18 high-comfort lie-flat business class seats and 353 economy seats. All seats are equipped with the latest-generation in-flight entertainment system, and mood lighting is available throughout the aircraft.

The A330 will be deployed to further expand Hi Fly’s long-haul wet lease and charter operations worldwide. Hi Fly operates an all-Airbus fleet of 20 aircraft including four A320 Family aircraft, 15 A330/A340 Family aircraft and one A380.

30 May, 2019

London Stansted welcomes dozens of extra football flights to Madrid and Baku, including first ever A380 superjumbo passenger flight

Photo Stansted Airport
London Stansted is on course for what is likely to be one of the busiest weeks of the year as thousands of fans jet out to three major sporting events.

The airport’s first Airbus A380 passenger flight is just one of 40 additional football flights, taking supporters from Arsenal and Chelsea to the Europa League final in Baku, while Liverpool and Spurs meet in the Champions League Final in Madrid on Saturday.

With most schools on half term, Ryanair has added extra flights to satisfy the huge demand among fans, as regular scheduled services to popular holiday destinations in Spain and southern France are already fully booked.

04 February, 2019

The future of the the giant of the skies heading into the sunset?

Emirates A380 order in doubt                 Photo Emirates
The long term future of the superjumbo, double-decker Airbus A380 aircraft has been called into doubt, following much media speculation that Dubai based Emirates wants to switch outstanding orders to A350 and other smaller types.

Whilst there has been no public statement from Emirates on the latest rumours and speculation, it's been no secret in the past they have been less than happy with Airbus for the European plane-makers refusal to update the design, engines and efficiencies of the superjumbo. Airbus, however, has made the briefest of brief statements "Airbus SE confirms it is in discussions with Emirates Airline in relation to its A380 contract. The details of Airbus’ commercial discussions with customers remain confidential." the firm rushed out in a press release published on the last day of January.

29 January, 2019

Single-use plastic free flights a success for Hi Fly

The wide-body wet-lease specialist airline Hi Fly recently completed a series of special flights where single-use plastic was banned. The airline trialled the single-use plastic-free flights over the Christmas and New Year period where it replaced plastic cutlery with bamboo and cups, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, packaging for bedding, dishes, individual butter pots, soft drink bottles and toothbrushes were switched with compostable alternatives crafted from recycled material.

The flights have been hailed as a rip-roaring success by passengers, travel industry executives and environmental campaigners alike. They have been seen as a wake-up call to the airline industry, demonstrating what is possible

4 flights 100% single-use plastic free
700 passengers participated in the experience
350 kg of plastic saved
500 gr of plastic saved per passenger
Destinations: Lisbon and Natal

12 flights with significant plastic reduction
3700 passengers participated in the experience
1150 kg of plastic saved
300 gr of plastic saved per passenger
Destinations: Lisbon, Oporto, Fortaleza, Recife, Maceió and Salvador

10 September, 2018

Hi Fly's A380 has a prang in Paris

The Hi Fly Airbus A380 is having a bit of a bumpy baptism with its first few clients,  first, there were massive delays in New York when the delightful double-decked superjumbo had been wet leased by Norwegian for its LGW to JFK route. 

The delays were not really of Hi Fly's making, more to do with the congestion at the departure gate configured for use by Airbus A380 aircraft which was already in use at the time of Norwegian's JFK flights. It seems the New York port authority wouldn't allow passengers to board the aircraft manually, via old-fashioned stairs, so they had to wait to use the departure gate.  

Now the brightly painted aircraft has been hired by Air Austral to operate its flights to Reunion.  Indeed, the A380 was operating the longest non stop domestic flight in the world, the airline said on  1st September, flying the St. Denis, Reunion to Paris. The double-decked plane carried 506 people over the 5,809 miles in 11 hours on the 1st. Everything was going well, until Friday last week, when one of the A380's engine cowlings was damaged by a jetbridge at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.  It has been reported that the aircraft was being towed by airport staff when the prang happened, although this hasn't yet been confirmed. According to FlightRadar24 the aircraft is still in Paris and undergoing repairs, although it isn't clear when the jet will be back in the air, we hope it will be soon. 

More on the A380 from Hi Fly and its special 'save the coral reefs livery here.

29 August, 2018

Hi Fly A380 goes to Reunion

Photo Fabrice Villenfin
Last week the Hi Fly A380 arrived at Reunion Island, flying from Paris as the wide-body wet lease specialists proudly operated the first commercial service of an Airbus A380 to this beautiful region of France, in the Indian Ocean on for Air Austral.

The double-decked passenger plane has been wet leased by Air Austral and prior to that, it had been deputising for a Norwegian 787 aircraft on the London Gatwick to New York JFK route. 

This first A380 for Hi Fly is powered by one of the most reliable engines in the world, the Rolls Royce Trent 900 model. The aircraft is fitted out with 471 seats distributed between three classes. The main deck has the First class for 12 passengers and Economy class for 311 passengers while the upper deck has Business and Economy class seats carrying 60 and 88 passengers respectively. The configuration and seats are the same as its former operator Singapore Airlines, although Hi Fly also offer a high-density version which could carry up to 853 passengers.

Hi Fly’s A380 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and truly luxurious cabin interiors. Each seat will have its own in-seat IFE system by Panasonic eX2 providing the passengers with great in-flight entertainment options and an optimised user experience. Moreover, the performance of the A380 goes in line with Hi Fly’s environmental commitments. By producing only about 75 grams of CO2 per passenger kilometre, the A380 minimises greenhouse gas emissions being capable of carrying more people with less impact on the environment. Apart from its incomparable efficiency, it also has the quietest and smoothest ride making it a true favourite for both airlines and passenger.

06 August, 2018

Air Austral using Hi Fly's A380

As previously reported, Air Austral is going to be wet-leasing Hi Fly's super Airbus A380 during the months of August and September.  Air Austral will be deploying the double-decker on its route between Paris Charles De Gaulle and St. Denis de la Reunion.  Between 24th August and 08th September, the aircraft will operate the route three times a week.

The flight is scheduled to depart Paris CDG at 1700 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to arrive Reunion 0600 the next morning.  On the way back the flight departs Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 2340 and landing back in Paris at 0855 the following morning,

Hi Fly's Airbus A380 has already operated flights for Thomas Cook Scandinavia and is currently flying between London Gatwick and New York JFK for Norwegian.  It is also understood that Norwegian have been in talks with Hi Fly to again wet-lease the A380 for part of the winter period from October onwards. 

04 August, 2018

Norwegian uses Hi Fly's A380 for LGW to JFK until 12 August

For a limited time, the worlds best low-cost long-haul airline, Norwegian is wet leasing Hi Fly's super double-decker Airbus A380 superjumbo for flights between London Gatwick and New York.

The airline is using the A380 on flights DI7015 which departs Gatwick at 1705 landing in New York's JFK airport at 2005 local time.  The return, flight DI7016  departs JFK at 2300 and comes back into Gatwick at 1100 the next morning. The A380 is replacing a 787 Dreamliner on the flight between now and 12 August. 

Whilst this is only a limited period, sources tell us that Norwegian has been in talks with Hi Fly to wet lease the worlds first second-hand A380 on a longer-term basis after the A380 completes its prebooked work for Air Austral. 

Passengers that had booked a premium ticket to New York, thinking they were going to be on a Dreamliner will, I'm sure be pleasantly surprised by the additional space, luxury and comfort of the replacement. Hi Fly has kept the same seating and configuration of the aircraft's previous operator - Singapore Airlines.  

01 August, 2018

Hi Fly's first A380 customer is Thomas Cook Scandinavia

The first airline to lease Hi Fly's superjumbo Airbus A380 double-decker is.....not one anyone in the aviation industry was suggesting and guessing, it's Thomas Cook! 

The holiday airline is having to charter in the A380 at very short notice to operate a flight from Denmark's Copenhagen Airport to Larnaca in Cyprus for its Scandinavian subsidiary as they had sent the aircraft scheduled for the flight to a different destination to bring home passengers stranded by an IT issue. The A380 will also bring passengers back from Larnaca that had been scheduled to fly into Stockholm's Arlanda airport but is expected to return them to Copenhagen which is more suited to A380 operations. Tomorrow, Thursday the double-decker beauty is scheduled to cover another Thomas Cook Scandinavia flight from Oslo to Palma, Majorca. 

This change of aircraft will be a massive advantage for all of those lucky passengers, who were expecting to fly on an Airbus, but one of the A321 variety, now they will have the luxury of flying in the splendour of a former Singapore Airlines A380. 

“It has been important to find a solution for our customers. We have been bending over backwards to find a plane, the Airbus A380 was the only option. But we do not let the economy decide when it comes to our customers.” A spokesperson for Thomas Cook Scandinavia said.

Hi Fly's A380 positioned to Copenhagen early this morning, arriving at 4.11am  

25 July, 2018

A European carrier will be the first to lease Hi Fly's A380

It didn't take the team at Hi Fly long to find a carrier wishing to lease the shiny colourful A380 the wet lease specialists recently added to its all Airbus fleet.  Indeed, less than 24 hours after the presentation of the Airbus A380 to the industry at the Farnborough International Airshow and the start of related marketing activities, Hi Fly has agreed its first wet lease contract for the A380 with an undisclosed, but well established European Carrier. 

There is no indication on the which airline has snapped up the first lease for the double-decked beauty, complete with its beautiful new paint job. All we know at this stage is that aircraft will be flying long-haul sectors during the summer period with possible extension into winter. Hi Fly also remain tight-lipped as to which direction those long-haul flights would be operating in from Europe, would it be transatlantic or the Far East? However, one aviation correspondent told us she thinks the first client for Hi Fly's A380 is Norweigan!

21 July, 2018

HiFly's colourful entry into A380 operations

This is perhaps a bright new era for the double-decker Airbus A380 jet aircraft as the first 'second hand' example starts its operational life with a new operator.
Hi Fly's first A380 formerly flew with Singapore Airlines  Photo Hi Fly

Hi fly, is the European wide-body wet lease specialists, flying an all-Airbus fleet and are now the new operators of an Airbus A380 that previously flew with Singapore Airlines for 10 years.  It is the first of the type to enter 'second hand' service and makes the start of a new era for Airbus and the A380 programme. 

The whole Airbus A380 programme is relatively young, the first of the type entered into in October 2007, so when MSN006 finished its lease with Singapore Airlines, the leasing company looked toward Airbus for support in finding a new operator.  “From the beginning, we knew it would be good for us to help build a market for second-hand aircraft,” said Catherine Bras, Airbus’ A380 business development platform leader. “We think this is a great opportunity to show what the aircraft can do. There may be some airlines that were hesitant to commit long-term who can now try out an A380 and see what it can do for them. This could help create new routes and expand the market base.”

13 July, 2018

Hi Fly to show A380 at Farnborough Air Show.

The wide-body wet lease specialists Hi Fly, have confirmed it will be showcasing its first Airbus A380 at this year's Farnborough Airshow 2018.

The airline will be at the event along with Airbus, from the 19th to the 22nd of July showing off its latest feet acquisition to the industry. During the Farnborough show, people will be able to enjoy the A380's new livery as well as experience the aircraft’s optimized interiors.

The inclusion of the A380 in Hi Fly’s fleet is a major event not only for the airline but for the industry as it becomes the 4th European airline to operate this model, and the 14th global operator and first Wet Lease airline to fly the aircraft.

05 July, 2018

Hi Fly's first A380 arrives in Malta for painting

The first Airbus A380 aircraft for wide-body wet leasing specialists, Hi Fly has arrived in Malta for painting before it starts its new flying operations for the company.

The aircraft, with its new registration of  9H-MIP flew from Singapore, home of former operator, Singapore Airlines, to Malta International Airport on Thursday evening. It is the first of the type to go on the Maltese register and is an impressive sight.