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21 July, 2022

GE Digital’s Airspace Insight to Help Qantas Improve Airspace Efficiency

-Data-driven collaboration with air traffic agencies helps airlines to burn less fuel, emit less carbon, and travel fewer miles
-Graphical depiction of what is going on at a single airport, or across the world, could result in changes in airspace design, pilot decisions
-Flight path designs, coupled with Airspace Insight, can further increase benefits

GE Digital confirmed this week that Australian airline Qantas has chosen to implement Airspace Insight
GE Digital confirmed this week that Australian airline Qantas has chosen to implement Airspace Insight™ as a tool designed to answer complex “what if” questions to improve airspace operations and identify opportunities to help drive more sustainable, efficient, and safe operations.

Airspace Insight is designed to help identify and quantify airspace inefficiencies to reduce overall flight time, fuel burn, and carbon emissions. It is estimated that a typical flight emits 900 to 1,000 kg of excess carbon per flight due to inefficient airspace design and air traffic control practices1. Airspace Insight is the first tool of its kind enabling a collaborative approach among  the necessary stakeholders -- Air Traffic Control (ATC), airlines, airports, airspace designers, and communities) to not only identify inefficiencies in an airspace, but also to recognize unnecessary flight paths over environmentally sensitive areas, helping reduce the impact of noise and pollution. ​

Airspace Insight is designed to better enable Qantas to understand what is happening in their airspace from a safety and efficiency perspective with more detail than they had access to before. This information enhances Qantas’ already industry-leading safety program with data they can use to collaborate with air traffic control organizations around the world. In addition, this data can ultimately help Qantas reduce carbon and other Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions while simultaneous decreasing aircraft noise footprints with optimal routing and more efficient climb and descent profiles.

20 July, 2022

Airbus and CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, are collaborating to flight test CFM’s cutting-edge open fan engine architecture.

Airbus and CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, are collaborating to flight test CFM’s cutting-edge open fan engine architecture.

The Flight Test Demonstrator aims to mature and accelerate the development of advanced propulsion technologies, as part of CFM’s Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engine (RISE) demonstration programme, on board an Airbus A380. The flight test campaign will be performed in the second half of this decade from the Airbus Flight Test facility in Toulouse, France. Ahead of the A380 test flights, CFM will perform engine ground tests, along with flight test validation at GE Aviation’s Flight Test Operations centre in Victorville, CA, USA.

The flight test program will achieve several objectives that could contribute to future engine and aircraft efficiency improvements, including: enhanced understanding of engine/wing integration and aerodynamic performance as well as propulsive system efficiency gains; validating performance benefits, including better fuel efficiency that would provide a 20%* reduction in CO2 emissions compared to today’s most efficient engines; evaluating acoustic models; and ensuring compatibility with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). 

“New propulsion technologies will play an important role in achieving aviation's net-zero objectives, along with new aircraft designs and sustainable energy sources,” said Sabine Klauke, Airbus Chief Technical Officer. “By evaluating, maturing and validating open fan engine architecture using a dedicated flight test demonstrator, we are collaboratively making yet another significant contribution to the advancement of technology bricks that will enable us to reach our industry-wide decarbonisation targets.”

27 April, 2022

Connect Airlines has chosen asset records management software from GE

GE Digital has advised that Connect Airlines has chosen asset records management software to streamline the new airline’s management of maintenance work orders and help them to achieve a smarter, near paperless operation within their first year of operation. The operator will be the first airline operator to use unique QR code technology to speed adoption and connection to other tools and platforms within their operations.

Connect Airlines is a new regional airline based in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts area and part of Waltzing Matilda Aviation, a fast-growing private jet operator. Connect Airlines is starting its service with daily flights from Toronto, Canada to Philadelphia, and Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

GE Digital’s asset records management software, Asset Records®, is designed to help operators to streamline aircraft records management. With cloud-based solutions, operators can digitize, index, and archive all maintenance records as well as effectively connect the records and data of internal and external IT platforms making them easily accessible for record search, administration, support, and processing.

Asset Records is a robust records management system that manages all the documents associated with aircraft lifecycle. Powered by Microsoft® Azure’s technology, it requires minimal IT infrastructure: organizations can simply connect through secure web-based access. Asset Records is ideal for anyone that needs better solutions for maintaining service records for their aircraft, whether owners, operators, lessors, or MROs.

“The GE Digital Asset Records software will allow us to organize, view, search, retrieve, download and transfer documents digitally to facilitate regulatory compliance within the leasing industry accepted ATA SPEC 2500 document structure,” said Dave Marcontell, Chief Operating Officer for Connect Airlines. “The modern, forward-thinking use of QR codes to transfer data among different IT platforms is meeting our objective to operate smarter and with a light footprint; critical for managing costs and compliance for a rapidly growing airline.”

The project management module within the system enables users to create aircraft transaction projects, view dashboards to see project status, view status of multiple projects in parallel, and interactively manage the lessor checklist status of required documentation. The module has a modern interface that will provide clear identification of stakeholders, documentation management status, and a digital master issues list to give an “at a glance” view of the project. Included in the tool is an administration module that provides users the ability to manage permissions, assets, and checklists.

“Our software enables customers like Connect Airlines to make data-driven decisions regarding real-time fleet health,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager of GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “From the airport to the back office, and everything in between, our software gives customers access to the data and expertise needed to run a successful world class operation.”

More information about GE Digital’s Aviation Software.

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15 February, 2022

More than 1,000 engines from GE Aviation - BOC Aviation

BOC Aviation Limited announced this week that it has taken delivery of more than 1,000 engines from GE Aviation since its inception.

 BOC Aviation is a leading global aircraft operating leasing company with a fleet of 521 aircraft owned, managed and on order. Its owned and managed fleet was leased to 86 airlines in 38 countries and regions worldwide as of 31 December 2021. BOC Aviation is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and has its headquarters in Singapore with offices in Dublin, London, New York and Tianjin.

Robert Martin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, BOC Aviation, said: “We are thrilled to celebrate this achievement, and are proud of our long-standing relationship with GE Aviation that dates back to 1995. This milestone is testament to the strong cooperation we share with one of the world’s top aircraft engine suppliers and reflects our disciplined investment strategy of building our portfolio with the latest aircraft technology. We look forward to building on this partnership and providing our airline customers more fuel-efficient and technologically advanced aircraft solutions in the future.”

“We are excited to extend our long-term relationship with BOC Aviation," said Kathy MacKenzie, president and CEO of GE Aviation’s commercial engine operations. “This milestone is a significant one, and we are proud to have a strong relationship with them built on passion, capability, and a commitment to drive toward a more sustainable future with technology that improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions.”

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01 February, 2022

Qatar Airways Signs Order for GE9X Engines

Qatar Airways today announced a new order for GE9X engines as part of its global launch order of up to 50 Boeing 777-8 Freighters. The commitment includes 30 GE9X engines and four GE90-115B engines, plus GE TrueChoice™ services. This order is in coordination of Qatar Airways’ agreement for 34 firm 777-8 orders with an additional 16 purchase right options, and an additional order of two Boeing 777 Freighters.

The total value of the order with GE is more than U.S.$6.8 billion list price, including spare engines and a TrueChoice™ services agreement to cover the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) of the engines.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said: “With our status as the world’s largest airfreight carrier, Qatar Airways has ambitious plans for the future of its cargo operations.

“As operators of the Boeing 777 family, including the global launch customer of Boeing’s 777-8 Freighter aircraft, we are delighted to have GE as our partners and these contracts for GE engines further cement the strong relationship between Qatar Airways and GE.

15 June, 2020

David Joyce to Retire from GE; John Slattery to Become President and CEO of GE Aviation

GE  announced today that David Joyce, vice chair of GE and president and CEO of GE Aviation, will retire from the Company after 40 years of service.

GE Chairman and CEO H. Lawrence Culp, Jr., said, “Over his remarkable career, David’s leadership has established GE Aviation as the world’s foremost aircraft engine franchise. An icon in the aerospace industry, David has been a driver of innovation, and the decisions made under his leadership will continue to manifest for decades. His greatest legacy may be the thousands of leaders he has mentored and developed throughout his career. I’d like to thank David both personally and on behalf of the Company for his countless contributions and service. GE Aviation’s foundation is strong thanks to his long-term vision to position our business and customers up for success.”