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20 June, 2024

New Finnair Lounge on the Schengen side of Helsinki Airport will open on 9 July 2024

Finnair continues to invest in customer experience as the airline announces the opening of its brand-new Finnair Lounge on 9 July. Located on the Schengen side of Helsinki Airport, near gate 21, the lounge is designed to bring unparalleled comfort and convenience to travellers. 

"We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Schengen lounge, providing even more space and comfort before take-off. Responding to the feedback from Finnair Plus tier members, the lounge features also an exclusive Finnair Platinum Corner for Finnair Plus Platinum and Platinum Lumo members to enjoy," said Ole Orvér, Chief Commercial Officer at Finnair. 

Business Class Classic and Flex ticket holders, and Finnair Plus Gold members can access the new Finnair Business Lounge. Lounge access can also be purchased as a travel extra during ticket booking, via Manage booking, or through the Finnair app. 

11 March, 2024

Helsinki Airport named as the best airport in Europe

Photo Helsinki Airport/ Finavia
Passengers have selected Finland’s Helsinki Airport as the best airport in Europe in terms of customer experience in the 15–25 million passenger size category. The ASQ Award (Airport Service Quality) given to airport company Finavia is based on an annual international survey involving 400 airports in 95 countries.

“We are extremely grateful for this award and proud that our work for a first-class customer experience is recognised internationally. We have succeeded in raising the level of customer satisfaction at Helsinki Airport over the long term, and the ASQ survey result for 2023 is the best in the airport’s history,” says Finavia’s CEO Kimmo Mäki.

Customer experience was at the heart of the most extensive development programme in the history of Helsinki Airport, which resulted in the airport being completely revamped. Finavia successfully completed the ten-year development last year, when, among other things, the amount of liquids allowed through security control was increased to two litres, a total of 26 shops, restaurants and cafés opened at the airport, and baggage logistics was modernised with new equipment and facilities.

11 April, 2023

The world’s first second-hand concept store located at an airport to open at Helsinki Airport

Finavia and the Finnish family firm Relove are bringing a unique second-hand concept store to Helsinki Airport. The concept combines recycling culture with a popular café.

“We are constantly developing the airport’s selection, following trends and the wishes of passengers. We have now signed an agreement with the Finnish company Relove that will introduce a second-hand concept store to Helsinki Airport. It’s one of this year’s most anticipated new services,” says Nora Immonen, Finavia’s VP and Director of the Commercial Services Business Unit at Helsinki Airport.

This is the world’s first second-hand concept store at an airport. The concept store combines high-quality second-hand clothing and accessories with a café that has become very popular.

“We are delighted with this unique and historic collaboration with Finavia. It gives us an opportunity to promote the circular economy with a larger target group. At the airport, we will also reach international customers. We will bring an enjoyable oasis to Helsinki Airport, where second-hand shop and café services are intertwined in a fantastic way that has never been seen before in an airport environment,” say Relove’s entrepreneur couple Noora Hautakangas and Eero Ukkonen.

10 March, 2023

Helsinki Airport to update security scanners to allow liquid in the summer

Finavia, the airport operator in Finland,  is making hand baggage security control easier at Helsinki Airport. At the beginning of the summer, the airport’s remaining old security control equipment will be replaced by next-generation technology that makes it possible to carry also liquid containers of over 100 ml in hand baggage.

“A year ago, we introduced advanced security control technology at Helsinki Airport. These devices eliminated the need to remove liquids and electronics from hand baggage, which has made security control faster,” says Ari Kumara, Vice President - Security at Finavia.

During summer 2023, travelling via Helsinki Airport will become even easier as Finavia installs more ultra-modern security control equipment at the airport. It allows passengers to carry liquid containers exceeding 100 ml in their hand baggage.

“This is a significant step forward since the worldwide adoption of the EU liquid regulations in 2006. We are at the forefront of security control development as similar new technology is currently used only at a very limited number of major European airports and at some airports in the United States.”

12 December, 2022

Brand-new Duty Free shop opened at Helsinki Airport

“We are excited about the opening of the new duty-free shop. The shop is centrally located in the heart of the gate area of the airport. We believe that the new concepts will delight our air passengers,” says Nora Immonen, Finavia’s Director of Commercial Services at Helsinki Airport.

Finavia and Dufry have developed their product range together, taking into account the preferences of both Finnish and international passengers.

“We are delighted that at Helsinki Airport we are opening this new shop, which offers a perfect combination of local and international brands. Our excellent collaboration with Finavia and these brands has allowed us to create a new shopping experience that will add to customer satisfaction while travelling,” says Margareta Le Calvé, Dufry’s Managing Director for the Nordic Countries.

Dufry will open its first Mind.Body.Soul well-being concept in Europe in the nearly 1,400-square-metre shop. Only two similar concepts have been opened in the world, in Brazil and Jordan.

“Well-being, a natural lifestyle and domestic products are important to our passengers. Our goal is to develop our product range to meet their needs,” says Immonen.

The shop focuses on products for the well-being of the body and mind.

The opening of the duty-free shop is part of a wider upgrade in the gate area, which is included in Finavia’s development programme at Helsinki Airport. The development programme will be completed in 2023.

23 November, 2022

Architectural design award for Helsinki Airport

The lower ceiling of the expanded Terminal 2 at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is a proud achievement for Finnish wood design and construction and has received the International Award for Wood Architecture 2022. To keep this award-winning design looking its best for many years, both the inside and the outside wooden ceilings are coated in Teknos AQUATOP 2600-90 translucent topcoat in a matt finish.

In describing the winning entrant the award judges praised the design for its ambition and craftsmanship commenting “visually, the ceiling has a unified feel due to the uncompromising finishing and uniform surface treatment” (Wood Award, Puuinfo). They also acknowledged the calming effect of wood and its use as a building material in the hectic environment of an airport.  

A challenging construction in wood

Manufactured by Raision Puusepät Oy, a total of 7700 m² of wood was used in the roof of the departure hall, the outside box and around the skylight of the terminal. The wavy shape of the roof is made of thousands of curved wooden elements and was one of the most challenging assignments for Raisio Puusepi.

28 September, 2021

Finavia to start using a coating that destroys viruses and bacteria at Helsinki Airport

Airport company Finavia will start using Finnish technology company Nanoksi Finland Oy’s coating solution at Helsinki Airport. The coating can be used to remove viruses and bacteria from airport surfaces and furniture.

“We are continuously keeping track of new methods and products to ensure a high level of hygiene at the airport. This nanotechnology-based coating, which is sprayed on contact surfaces and furniture, makes it easier to keep surfaces clean. The coating destroys pathogens with the help of light and air,” says Sami Kiiskinen, Finavia’s Vice President, Airport Development for Helsinki Airport.

The coating is sprayed on targets such as check-in counters, machines, departure gates and toilet facilities. The coating lasts for a long time, even though the furniture is wiped several times a day.

The Nanoksi solution has been tested at the
airport since early summer and, thanks to the good results, Finavia has decided to start using it in September 2021.

24 January, 2021

Helsinki Airport Development Programme moves forward faster than planned due to the low passenger volumes

In 2020, a total of 5 million (2019: 21.9) passengers travelled from Helsinki Airport, of which 4 million on international routes. The number of passengers at Helsinki Airport fell by a total of 77 per cent from the previous year. In spite of the COVID-19 crisis, Finavia has decided to continue Helsinki Airport Development Programme.

International transfer travel, which has enabled the airport's rapid growth in recent years, fell by 80 per cent. The number of passengers with connecting international flights was 713,000 (3,571,900).

The number of passengers at Finavia's 21 airports remained at a record low in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During 2020, airports served a total of 6,4 million passengers, which is almost 20 million less than in the previous year. The number decreased by 75 per cent compared to 2019.