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Saturday 14 October 2023

Wiggins Airways Appoints Paul Halter as New President

Ameriflight, the nation’s largest Part 135 Cargo airline, announces the appointment of Paul Halter, Vice President of Airline Operations at Ameriflight, as new President for its wholly-owned subsidiary, Wiggins Airways. This leadership change comes on the cusp of current Wiggins Airways President, Donna Nixon, announcing her retirement after 36 years with the company.

Halter will continue to report to Chief Executive Officer Alan Rusinowitz and will retain a portion of the responsibilities of his current role. As Wiggins President, he will also be responsible for planning and executing current and future business operation strategies at the airline.

“Paul knows our niche of the airline industry inside and out, and he has a proven track record of effective leadership, delivering value to both customers and employees,” said Ameriflight Chief Executive Officer and President Alan Rusinowitz. “He is a well-established leader, and I am confident that he will guide Wiggins through many successes. We are pleased to have him in this new role.”

As one of Ameriflight’s most senior employees, Paul has an extensive background in airline operations with a focus on safety culture, network planning, and customer support. He brings over 29 years of experience to the position. Paul joined the Ameriflight team in 1994 as a Dispatcher and has since held several positions within Ameriflight, including Operations Manager, Director of West Region Base Operations, Director of Airline Operations, and, most recently, Vice President of Airline Operations.

“I have worked alongside our Wiggins colleagues for nearly a decade, and I am thrilled to now be at the helm of this long-standing company that has continuously and strategically evolved to maintain success over the years,” said Halter. “I have inherited a great group of people with a familiar mission, delivering priority cargo quickly, safely, reliably, and on time. As President, my intention is to strengthen Wiggins through innovative solutions for our customers while ensuring safety stays at the top of everyone’s mind. I believe we have a great future in front of us and I’m excited to get started.”

Nixon will stay on until the end of the year, working closely with Halter to ensure a smooth transition.

Wiggins Airways is a long-time leader in regional freight operations in the Northeast US and, with Ameriflight, is the nation's largest Part 135 cargo airline. Founded in 1929, the company is headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire and has 100+ employees and operates 250+ weekly departures totalling 10,000 flight hours annually with its 30+ aircraft. Wiggins provides feeder services from small airports to regional hubs for the world’s largest package delivery companies.

Thursday 1 June 2023

Ameriflight gets exemption to operate drones

Ameriflight Receives FAA Approval to Operate Matternet M2 Drone, Offering Solution for Unmanned, On-Demand Small Package Delivery

Ameriflight has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate drone aircraft, making Ameriflight the first existing Part 135 Cargo airline in the U.S. to receive such exemption. 

The newly granted exemption allows Ameriflight to conduct UAS operations and approval to add the Matternet M2 to its fleet, enabling the launch of the first fully operational, large-scale drone operation in the United States.

Through its partnership with Matternet, the developer of the world’s leading urban drone delivery system, Ameriflight intends to operate the Matternet M2 drone for commercial delivery, focusing on health care and e-commerce deliveries to customers located in dense urban and suburban environments across the country. 

Ameriflight will deploy the M2 fleet of drones using Matternet's software platform from a central remote Network Operations Center, allowing the company to safely expand its network, while maintaining the highest level of pilot operator supervision and flexibility. Ameriflight intends to operate its uncrewed aircraft as a supplement to its crewed operations, not replacing the current flying operation, aircraft, or pilots.

“Adding this state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly aircraft and launching our UAS division allows us to expand our service offerings to off-airport alternative sites for time-sensitive small package needs,” said Ameriflight President and CEO Alan Rusinowitz. “Matternet’s technology is at the forefront of autonomous innovation and provides a revolutionary solution for customers. We’re looking forward to launching our first M2 flights very soon, and, as we move forward into future flight, developing additional areas of drone delivery.”

Wednesday 26 April 2023

ATSG delivers its first Boeing Converted Freighter to Amerijet


                               Air Transport Services Group, the world's largest lessor of freighter aircraft, recently announced the addition of two newly converted Boeing 767-300 freighters to their leasing fleet, one of which is the company's first Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF). The second aircraft was converted by Tel Aviv-based Israel Aerospace Industries.

ATSG's leasing subsidiary, Cargo Aircraft Management, will lease both aircraft to Miami-based Amerijet International, which currently leases nine other aircraft from CAM. This dual delivery is a demonstration of ATSG's successful supply chain diversification in meeting market demand for full freighter conversions.

“Today we acknowledge an important milestone in the history of our company,” said Paul Chase, the chief commercial officer of ATSG, “a milestone that signifies not only our ability to execute on a clear corporate vision, but also demonstrates yet another step we’ve taken to establish ourselves as the global leader in freighter leasing.”

The leadership teams of ATSG and Amerijet addressed employees of ATSG subsidiaries, thanking them for their accomplishments and referencing the companies' shared histories.

Friday 17 February 2023

Ameriflight signs intent to purchase agreement with sabrewing aircraft for 35 VTOL air cargo drones

Ameriflight, the US cargo airline, has signed a letter of intent to purchase 35 VTOL air cargo drones from Sabrewing Aircraft Company, Inc., a U.S. corporation designing and producing a new generation of regional cargo UAV that offers high-efficiency, all-weather operation with vertical landing and takeoff (VTOL) capabilities. The agreement is for the Rhaegal-A aircraft, also known as “Alpha”, the world’s best-in-class, highest fuel and maintenance efficiency cargo UAV on the market. Ameriflight expects to take delivery following type certification of the aircraft.

The Sabrewing partnership and Rhaegal-A purchase will enable Ameriflight to enter into new business opportunities in distribution center logistics. Using the VTOL capabilities to carry over a ton of cargo to off-airport alternative landing zones, the new cargo aircraft will allow Ameriflight to aid customers in developing a faster and more efficient warehouse distribution network. For Ameriflight, this will be a complementary service, not replacing their current flying operation, aircraft, or pilots. The company’s goal is to build diversified aviation services, and this fits well with that vision.

Friday 9 December 2022

Ameriflight names Alan Rusinowitz as New President and Chief Operations Officer

Ameriflight has confirmed the appointment of Alan Rusinowitz as President and Chief Operating Officer. This executive team addition comes on the cusp of Ameriflight Chief Executive Officer, Paul Chase, tendering his resignation.

Rusinowtiz will be responsible for planning and executing current and future business operation strategies. He will amplify Ameriflight’s vision as the unparalleled leader in scalable, outsourced aviation services to the regional express airfreight market.

“The board and I are confident that Alan is the optimal person to build on Ameriflight’s momentum,” said Ameriflight Owner and Chairman Jim Martell. “He is a well-established leader with significant experience working in our niche of the airline industry, delivering value to both customers and employees, and attaining key performance goals through effective asset utilization. We are pleased to have him on board.”

Rusinowitz joins Ameriflight as a results-driven business leader and a hands-on executive with a demonstrated record of growing shareholder value by leading companies through strategic operational improvements and development. He’s highly regarded for his successes in airline operation management, as well as his focus on safety culture and continuous improvement. His vast background and successes in leading a variety of extensive projects brought him to the attention of Ameriflight.

Friday 26 August 2022

Ameriflight Increases Pilot Pay to Support Growing Operation

Ameriflight announced significant changes to its pilot pay program. Pilots will receive an industry-leading compensation package, including substantial increases at all steps of the pay scale and a six-figure retention bonus plan. First-year, entry-level Captains will now earn $76,500 in base salary while flying for the nation’s largest Part 135 Cargo airline.

Details of the new compensation package include up to a 49% increase in first year, base pay and a retention-based bonus program which pays $100,000 over the course of four years. These valuable enhancements, which are effective immediately, apply to current and future Ameriflight pilots.

“As we prepare for the rollout of our new Saab 340B fleet and peak season, it is critically important to ensure we attract and retain the industry’s best pilots who will not only support our growth but ensure our customers continue to receive exceptional service for years to come,” said Ameriflight Chief Executive Officer Paul Chase. “We recognize that skilled pilots have many employment options available. Ameriflight is able to offer quality Turbine PIC time to pilots at just 1,000 TT. That combined with fast aircraft transition times, our industry-leading pilot pathway programs, and this new compensation package, I’m confident we will continue to remain an employer of choice.”

Current and future Ameriflight pilots will receive:

Immediate pay increases at all steps of the pilot pay scale, to include:
$76,500 base salary for first year BE99 Captains
$87,006 base salary for first year BE1900 and SA227 Captains
$97,091 base salary for first year EMB120 and SAAB340 Captains
Opportunity to opt-in to 4-year, $100k bonus plan:
$40k paid at 24 months of revenue service
$60k paid at 48 months of revenue service
In addition, current and future Ameriflight pilots will continue to receive:

Thursday 17 March 2022

Ameriflight Components and Exchanges Buys Major Aircraft Inventory

Ameriflight Components and Exchanges, the newly established parts and trading business of Ameriflight, LLC, announced today the procurement of a large Beechcraft 1900 inventory. The acquisition marks a multimillion-dollar inventory purchase for the company that opened its doors last November.

Ameriflight Components and Exchanges is an aircraft parts provider supporting the aviation needs of operators globally. The parts trader provides customers with reliable products on-time and at an affordable price.

Photo Ameriflight Components and Exchanges
The acquisition from GlobalParts primarily consists of Beechcraft 1900 parts and includes over 3,300 parts lines and over 80,000 parts. The parts team has begun the cataloguing process and has many of the items listed for sale already. Interested parties may contact the company directly or search the ILS and PartsBase marketplace platforms.

“We’re proud to have finalized this multimillion-dollar deal with the great people over at GlobalParts. This inventory listing is familiar to us; we have experience successfully selling and buying Beechcraft parts, so this was a great fit,” said Ameriflight Components and Exchanges General Manager Dawn Deitmen. “Our goal is to provide various services, including acquisitions like this, within the supply chain to respond to our customers’ diverse needs. We’re proud to be able to offer this variety of aircraft parts to the market and are excited for the growth opportunity it presents to our new company.”

“Our team is accomplishing a lot in this new space. Securing this transaction is another example of growth for Ameriflight Components and Exchanges,” said Ameriflight Chief Executive Officer Paul Chase. “I look forward to seeing the continued developments and achievements.”

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